How To Raise Rockstar Kids

By Leo Gura - September 25, 2017 | 10 Comments

The fundamentals of raising psychologically outstanding children

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KG says:

Our children are the future of humanity. They are the root nutrient for a healthy future on planet earth. If we give them the loving environment to thrive within 2-3 generations we would have transformed our world.

Olga says:

Thanks Leo, lots to learn
My kids are older, 18 and 20, and me not being raised myself in a right way, of course affected the way I raised them, lots of issues. Do you think anything can be done still at this age? Is it even possible? See, I understand what you are talking about and see the bigger picture, but they don’t, unfortunately. Trying to introduce them to some of this stuff is very challenging, have to learn myself , what’s the best way to do it? Through your own example? Talking? Reading? All of the above? Thanks!

Original Bob says:

Join the club!
I too want raised correctly but then, who is anyhow?

I did however have a mum that loved me no matter what crazy bad things i did

My kids are the same age as yours (couple of years younger and more of them), they are not beyond teaching

Start by right ordering your own life, this week speak volumes to them, far more than trying to get them to watch and learn from these lectures (nothing wrong with these lectures but your kids will be spoken to more when they see your life right ordering)

The old adage of Live by Example

Tell them the truth, that you made mistakes but you want the best for them and have found a better way to live. Tell them that you have embarked upon a different way now and hope they help you when you need out and hope they can see and get value from it too

Even if they reject what you say, you have done your best to be honest with them and tried to amend things for them. You cannot take back all the lost years but you can make a difference from this moment on, which you have chosen to do

I can recall many a wise saying my parents tried to impart to me as i was growing up and had rejected at the time. Eventually i woke up enough to say to myself, hey, there has to be a better way than this hitting my head against a wall all the time, so I sought to find better ways. I didn’t start till into my late 20’s, so there is hope for your kids Olga

Don’t give up on them, be honest with them about the mistakes you’ve made and show them how you’re looking and wanting to try a better way and hope they do too. As they see the change in you, it will show them this new way is for real and hopefully they will seek it too

All the best on your new journey Olga

Harry says:

Why don’t you want a normal kid, instead of a rockstar? Shouldn’t be the grown up kid responsible for the choice?

Outlandish says:

Great video, this is high-grade information. As a parent I was surprised at the quality of insight on this topic coming from a non-parent.

Kevin Dunlop says:

Good Leo – I do have a daughter who I raised and to add to your list from experience. Almost everything that connects you to another person is determined by comminucation. Communication is only 3 to 7 % content the rest body language tone etc. What you think about who you are and who your child is will determine alot of this super important nonverbal communication. It is important to think of your child as already being a master of many things – they will get used to this and easily continue this idea. Learn from them and they will see learning as important -ask them all sorts of questions and allow them to explain – this creates thinker who appreciate their own ideas. Take time to do their ideas instead of giving them yours allow them to direct – treat their ideas as important and they will do the same. This stimulates thinking and is a fun atitude they love.
Spend all the time you can with them . Set up work that they can be there with you doing -gardening, child care, art and music classes -instead of spending these important years in an industrial job play with them and take care of them. Very important is to protect them from psycological harm from others- and most of all yourself! Parents have alot to learn and even more to unlearn- but its all woerth it. If you do nothing your kids will be normal and these days that looks pretty lost

Mayur says:

Thank you , I assure you’re raising me well . Though there’s lot of work to be done on my side, thank you so much for your undertaking. Love you daddy !

Andrew says:

That implies raising a actualized child needs a actualized parents.

Bolle says:

I need to learn a lot of things myself before I can teach my kids. My kids know you, but they have there own youtube heroes. I’m a terrible example to them in some ways and great in some other hopefully. We have a lot of books on our bookshelves. My son likes to read, he also is addicted to videogaming, youtube and television. He doesn’t have a smartphone yet he’s 8. We will learn together. Your tips make sense, you should have kids one day, your still young.

Margoth Araya says:

Leo….Just Wow…your words are so wise, more than you can realized…if you trully take them seriously…this stuff here, this is a life purpose itself…this is, for us who have children, cause we want the best for them, all “normal” parents do..and this here is the real tresure you can give them, your legacy, and is so very hard for us to do cause most of us were raised in an artificial world, full of prejudices and pure crap…very great awakening for us parents, so thank you for doing this, your goal as been reached. This is what the world needs…I can understand more now why you do it..infinite thanks to you.

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