How To Practice Love

By Leo Gura - May 23, 2022 | 6 Comments

What does it mean to say I love you?

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Max Raoy Gron says:

I appreciate you for what you are and deeply appreciate the finite portions of your teachings and you’re unique, your love and my mother’s love aren’t the same, it feels like cold selflessness to me, I can’t stand to be as external and cold as to be as selfless as you, you tend to overdo things. The same goes for me in my ultratraditional ways in the ultraconservative sense and ultranormalism. As for culture I love it so much I appreciate its difficulty and struggle, I love being a typical Australian who’s risen to the level of a patriot, but when its reality hits me and it never did I will go against all kinds of culture in the proper sense. I know I can be selfless by which you need to worry more about yourself, no one takes that seriously, if you think it should always be about others and sacrifice of course you’re not going to take it seriously, to the point of being a scapegoat and getting murdered selflessness is evil, you need a kick in the pants!!! My mother’s got cancer so she’s got only herself to care about, that’s why I’m selfish, to appreciate my mother, to honour her, I could’ve been like that, having cancer and only caring about my life and nothing else. You don’t know what the pain of selfishness feels like.

didnt watch the video but says:

the guy is twisting up words in a way you really start to overthink some concepts in the beginning. but he uses that techique not to show cold selflessness in the end you got that wrong – nothing he does is selfless, it is all ultimatively selfish. the only reason he is able to entertain certain concepts is because he talks about behaviors or concepts others entertain for him. he also changes his flags with the wind.
dont fall into his traps, his whole channel feeds on others misery he doesnt resolve one bit. for the love of your mom, be selfish and resolve your issues better with someone who cares more about resolutions.
i didnt watch the vid but they are all twistet since years.
i also dont know about your patriotism, i hope its a bit healthy and not a bit unhealthy, maybe there is ways to overthink conservatism in a warm unselfish healthy way.
but not with this women hating ultra selfish cold neo chauvinist who really does NOT understand love.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Wait a minute, so you’re entertaining my selfishness? Leo’s role here is original traditional stuff which is illogical, because that’s the appeal to tradition. There should be people exposing stuff for the modern man, like selfishness, business, money and whatnot. I have no love for altruistic intent, unless it’s an excuse to live, being altruistic and avoiding sacrifice isn’t easy. However I can’t believe what a vile sacrifice altruism is. The reason Leo’s making the teachings he does is to start his own religion, any useful stuff of Leo has nothing to do with ending life or survival, it can’t be described by I’ll try, Leo’s doing this to sell to you the Dark Ages all over again, to make negativity like it’s the olden days, he’s doing this because he hates other people.

Max Gron says:

I get it, love’s reality. Reality’s acceptance. There’s very little to say, I think the forces of ancient wisdom are pointing to what was pointed to in modern wisdom, that is, the waking up to life and reality. It’s not practical, it’s only in the abstract, but I learned the hard way that something is true even if it doesn’t work, e.g. how pessimism doesn’t work, that doesn’t stop it from being true, I got off the pragmatism already, the truths of optimism are still intact even if it doesn’t work, however for something not practical and only abstract, the truth can help me in daily life, with my career, my job, my occupation, my relationships, it’s merely a matter of knowing how downtrodden everything is with my need to love it.

Max the Know better says:

I get it, all Leo’s videos on love aren’t about loving everything, they’re about loving everything about yourself, selfish love, I’m what you should call very good at loving myself, I accept myself for my habits, my regularity, even my selfishness, but I was wanting to stop being unique, now that it’s gone, I love myself for my commonality. And life’s very shallow, I’m connected to its surface level since I take things at face value, that is I take what a thing is not to be the denial of it, that’s surface-level negativity, but it’s also a negation and a refusal. I love myself therefore I love being a raw, plain, simple person, and I love acid drops, these things aren’t sold to me from manufacturers loving them, but because I eat them, people actually thing it’s a disgusting lolly to manufacture, they made them for me because I wanted them.

Max the shithead says:

Of all the tasks to be done people are really getting it, that is they get how horrific life is and how disgusting it is, sending me in horror is eating my heart out, never letting a single beauty sink in your noggin, for as I think, it’s a festering horror of life in this apocalyptic disgrace of the world, it’s not how things will be being good and happy, pah, happiness is what you don’t have, for neurotic pessimism of stupid teachers, although not Leo, the teachers couldn’t sink any lower, thinking negative of me and they won’t understand, causing shame, nails to the cross, as literal guidance not to be tempted by Satan, it’s horribly mistaking the devil for some holy man, that’s rotten, for I don’t recall doing anything wrong, teachers are pessimists and I don’t like it, it’s crappy disputes about useless, awful things, never giving me any praise, and incase you’re not knowing this, I’m saying teachers should stop and think and be happy about negative behaviour, if I murdered a puppy, they should be happy about it!

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