How To Have Amazing Sex - Part 2

By Leo Gura - April 27, 2015 | 38 Comments

Over 20 techniques for increasing intimacy & dominance

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Grey says:

Leo, could you please make a video on ‘How to keep a girlfriend’?

Kaz says:

He did. This is it

Carrie says:

Wow….great video!!! Now all I need to do is find a bf to practice with! Thanks!

Would you make a video, or would you please explain to us when is the right time to have sex in a relationship? How long should you wait? Should a woman put off sex to gain respect and increase emotional intimacy, if a man wants sex too soon? How can she reject a man sexually if she is not ready without hurting him? ( I understand that men express love and affection through sex)

Thank you again for creating another awesome video!

Kaz says:

Some books say 3 months of dating before sex, some say at least 10 dates. You can reassure him that you like sex but it’s important for you to wait. If he’s ‘a quality man’ as Leo puts it, and he’s into you he’ll stay if not he’ll move on and so can you. You can also make out and do stuff other than sex while you’re waiting; if you have the self control

These days though, things are different and very few men will want to wait….(we live in a world of immediacy).

At least Leo is educating some men to slow down in the bedroom, yay

Vitali says:

If a girl obviously likes me and she still has not had sex with me after 3 dates, that will be 3 weeks if we say one date per week, then there is something wrong with her or I am doing something wrong. Anyway, I wouldn’t wait on a girl for months, that’s bullshit. Why would anyone do this?

Krona says:

Leo, I am a woman and your video just provide all the fantastic amazing solid solid info–it really works, I feel like you know me because what you said are all absolutely true!!!!!

kristen says:

hair pulling, Leo. you forgot hair pulling

Leo Gura says:

Yes I did! You naughty girl

jack johnson says:

bro back off my girl

Kelsey says:

I was thinking the same thing! That’s a top 5 favorite!

berk says:

Man…you’re the Brazzers of the personal development
Love your work

Leo Gura says:


Five says:

When’s the video about texting due? Until I learn about that, this here video is really no use for me

Denis says:

What about anal sex Leo? To me that is something so dominant and pleasurable. Last two girlfriends I had I introduced them to anal sex and they were both able to have orgasms with anal sex. But I tried it with my current girlfriend a few times but she wasn’t enjoying it. Is there a trick to making her enjoy it?

Leo Gura says:

That is more what I call kinky stuff. Not every girl will be into it. But there are certainly ways to grease the wheels and make her more tolerant and willing to try crazy stuff. Use condoms and lots of lube

Kaz says:

Leo’s right…condoms and lots of lube. Also, for me, and from the research I’ve done into anal sex, women need to be in charge/control of it because it’s such a sensitive area and there’s fears there. Most importantly, it really really helps if the woman has an orgasm first cos it helps to relax all the muscles around the anus. So for me, men can dominate and do whatever they want sexually with my vagina (non-violent of course) and positions etc but when it comes to anal….I’m in charge. Maybe get some literature and read together.

Kaz says:

oh and yes women can orgasm with anal sex. In fact, women can orgasm in about 10 different ways: anal, vaginal, clitoral, g spot orgasm, orgasm from kissing, orgasm from nipple work, orgasm from cunnilingus, orgasm from stroking inner thigh, there’s more but I forget the rest…..this is because a woman’s whole body is erogenous whereby men’s only erogenous area is his penis (and sometimes his nipples). Anyway, you get the picture. good luck

Vitali says:

I wish it were that easy. Reality is that a lot of women have trouble getting even one most basic orgasm. Anyway, I’m still waiting for Leo to talk about male whole body multiple orgasms, but after todays video I don’t even know if that’s so important. Maybe I should rather focus on stopping chimpin’ for fucks sake

Dale Appell says:

Hey Leo, I write to you here because you haven’t responded to several messages I’ve sent requesting your coaching services. I don’t know if you haven’t received the messages, haven’t had a chance to write back, just don’t have any time for new coaching clients. If you would please let me know what’s up. Thanks!

Amanda says:

This is fucking hot…Every man needs to see this one.

Elliot says:

Leo hi,
One seologist here in France has analyzed the liquid produced in the external orgasm you very well describe. He says the major constituent is urine. If that is exact it would explain, at least in part, why many girls will not or do not squirt.Right?

Elliot says:

I didn’t notice the reply now in the above message

Alex says:

Lols! You are the funniest most interesting person.

Kaz says:

I agree, this one is pretty funny )

Cynthia says:

Well done Leo. I hope you go far in life and find what you’re looking for. Your videos are very generous. If only there were many many more men like you.

Galina says:

Leo, everything you are talking here is very cool about sex.

I feel that you read Osho’s book “Love, Freedom, Aloneness” about intimacy and relations.

Thank you

Vitali says:

Leo you provide amazing information on this topic, but it is lacking some vital personal development stuff, especially for guys. I have reasearched this myself, but it is still not so clear to me and I’d love if you, my main mentor and almost father figure, would do a video on this stuff. I’m sure you know about this:

-How to be a multiorgasmic man, have whole body orgasms and having non ejaculatory orgasms. Using your PC muscle to stop from ejaculating and basically lasting forever and also having a lot of orgasms as a man. Also the exercisses that you can do and all the health benefits.

-How you can still stay hard after you ejaculated and keep on fucking. Coach Corey Wayne talks about this and it results in also lasting forever and cumming(ejaculating) over and over again, but you still stay hard the whole time.

I know sex is a passionate topic for you and I can’t really believe you never made a video on those amazing, life improving techniques yet. I found a book, it’s called “the multiorgasmic man”, you can just google it and it will show up free to download on the first page as a ebook. Anyway, I’d love to get a reply from you and maybe even a video because I think if anyone can teach us guys to master this stuff then it’s you. Cheers

Kelsey says:

Leo, loved the video. After spending several years involved in the BDSM community and observing the Fifty Shades phenomenon, I have become fascinated with studying Dominance/submission. It totally changed my spiritual life.

What are your views about spirituality and female sexual submission?
I believe us girls are hard wired to trust and submit, which is why it so delicious when we find a trustworthy guy and tragic when we get stuck in oxytocin bondage with an asshole.

I would love to see a video that discusses the BDSM lifestyle; specifically how pain and humiliation/degradation can cause you to detach from your ego. “Subspace” as it is called, feels very similar to the effects of meditation; at least for me.

I did have one concern about your suggestion about choking. Choking is super hot, but crazy dangerous. There is lots of controversy in the BDSM lifestyle; most experienced “Doms” discourage the practice unless you really know how to do it correctly to avoid cutting off circulation.

Otherwise, the videos are amazing, at least the 80% I’ve watched so far.

Leo Gura says:

I don’t see any connection between what you’re talking about and spirituality. You’re getting lost in ego. Your sexual preferences/practices, and even your gender, is completely irrelevant. None of that is the true you.

What real spirituality shows you is that you are not any of your present identifications, be it female, or even human. All of that is to be questioned and dropped as NOT true!

You can keep doing whatever you want in the bedroom, but don’t mix it up with spirituality, because then you’re probably just deluding yourself.

P.S. When I talked about choking, there is nothing at all dangerous about it. It is not real choking.

Kelsey says:

This topic did not seem to be directed at the advanced level crowd you spoke of in your latest video. You have amazing insight into masculine/feminine energy, so I don’t get why you are saying sexual preference and gender identity are irrelevant…at this level.

I agree that sex is one of life’s peak experiences and Feminine submission is just an aspect of great sex. You even discussed this in your video about how girls love to be dominated. I’m only suggesting that the practice of Feminine submission can lead to more awareness by getting out of your head and allowing. Another beautiful thing about submission is that helps girls let go of any judgement of themselves. Submission allows us to do all those dirty things without getting caught in moralizing.

As far as choking, of course it’s dangerous and risky…that’s why its so hot. You may be right that it’s not “choking with intention to kill” but a lot of people get a kick out of choking until the girl passes out. I’m only saying that there is a technique to choking that reduces the risks.

Leo Gura says:

Like I said, all that stuff can be fun and interesting, and perhaps even eye-opening. It’s just not going to get you to true spiritual understanding. Because you just get lost in phenomenal experiences.

You gotta go WAY deeper than that if you really want to grasp awareness. All the sex just gets in the way of that.

There is a good reason why monks go celibate.

Kelsey says:

“Getting lost in phenomenal experiences” that a great way to put it.

Barry Long has some interesting views about keeping emotions out of sex….which seems impossible, but Im beginning to see why its necessary.

Thanks for replying

Fame says:

Hi Leo. Please advise how a woman can share your tips to her lover without making him feel intimidated and to get him to be interested in initiating these triggers to during foreplay.

I have read stuff from religion to spirituality to eroticism.

Is it that most men don’t like reading about these things from young men, that they are not knowledgeable about the passionate and gratifying sex for the female lover.

I do understand that it definitely takes time to learn a partner’s likes and dislikes during sexusli intimacy.

Kenny Jacob says:

Hi Leo,

I just listened intently to your three major vids on sex.
Really great, and further inspiring me as I was anxious to see how you address the subject…while being a teacher of the road to “enlightenment”

Having heard about 60 of the vids…I would never question or comment on the topic or intended strategy & advice. Even when you sound far-fetched or off course I always understand YOUR strategy and “why” you use that approach.

So…allow me one comment, or in this case…one (technical) correction:

I’m from West L.A. and have lived in Paris and Biarritz, France for 35 years.
Your subject: Great Sex P2: “Tear her panties off!”
Your technique: “Do it, but don’t hurt her…AND don’t rip up her expensive high-end underwear….Like expensive Victoria’s Secret panties”

Yes of course you are right…BUT, if you really want to please her you should KNOW your lingerie as we say here in France. The good stuff, the best, comes from Italy: La Perla / Cotton Club / etc. Paris has legends like Chantal Thomas
The top brands (Bra & Panties approx 600 U$D) use lace and handmade woven silks and the like…made on machines in Italy and France.
Since the boom of H&M, ZARA and the global monoliths who copy designer clothing and sell it at retail what a smaller brand pays to have it made in China.
Its cheap, new designs every month, biggest stores in global city centers, they sell shirts and pants for under $20 and hire multi-million dollar Intl models for ads. Its a new ball game out there, and a few global companies have wiped out the competition.

Victorias Secret, is the ZARA of womens underwear…The best at what they do.
They copy the designs of La Perla, buy the lace, and fabric in Italy or France…
then assemble and manufacture in China. They do million dollar catwalk shows as if they were Chanel, hire ALL of the world’s superstar models…have boutiques in all major airports where I buy 5 strings for 20$…

Ah ha ha…Sex? Intimacy?

Now, I take my “lingerie” seriously.
I buy it for women, and when its the quality stuff its a totally different reaction
Fuck, like anything…I’m saying one high-end ensemble will get you more great sex than 5 sets in cotton with little boats or kittens printed on em.

Victoria Secret is the “McDonalds” of women’s lingerie.
But good for a gift after a business trip…for sure.
(Also, in Spain, prostitutes go mad for VS)

So that’s it…

I feel very lucky, as once again I find you saying the KEY element to great sex is “wanting to please, wanting to give” and I have always been there! Whew

….and I totally know what you mean about choking…Love it, and I would never put my partner at risk.
(If you feel weird, just tap me on the arm and I will stop)

Thanks Leo

I am pushing the LEO program here in France!


Daniel says:

The less men we do sex with the more glad we are with our husbands ok women

Daniel says:

the less women you do sex with the more glad you are with your wives keep one

Midori says:

Takao as Kazuma Ayase as Yamate Tsusumi as Tsukasa love triangle story ideas

Kazuma says:

If you mix 12 sai Case of Midori Love missions I like Suzuki kun interesting story

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