How To Make A Girl Squirt

By Leo Gura - May 9, 2014 | 98 Comments

Give your girl an explosive orgasm.

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Hey this is Leo for and in this video am going to show you how to make a girl squirt.

Warning this video is extremely sexually explicit.

All right let’s talk about how to make a girl squirt! This is such a passionate topic for me, I love to do this, and I love to have girls squirt for me. It’s one of my favorite things.

It’s A Beautiful Thing

As a guy you should love this as well. If you haven’t made a girl squirt in your life before then you are missing out on so much. I can’t even explain it to you. Words cannot describe the beauty of this thing that I’m about to show you.

All right so, how do you make a girl squirt? What do we mean by squirt? Squirting means that she is going to have an explosive orgasm where she is going to ejaculate and she is going to squirt her juices out all over the place. Now this is can be light squirting or it can be extremely heavy squirting. This will depend on the girl and this will depend on the mood that you set and how well you execute this whole procedure.

So in this video am going to give you the technique and also going to tell you the do’s and don’ts for making this process work. So what I’m about to show you is a technique, a technique that you going to do with your fingers. I don’t want you to focus so much on the finger technique. What I want you to focus more on is the mindset that is coming here. It’s the emotions that you’re putting into it, because the critical factor that decides between whether a girl will or will not squirt for you, is not the fingering technique that you use.

What’s more important is how you make her feel and that you make her feel totally safe and secure and relaxed and open to you. If you can get her to surrender to you, and get her to release all her tension, and get her to overcome any kind of psychological sexual hang ups that she has, because girls are very conditioned from a very early age with negative images about sex. So even though they love sex, they’ve also got this conditioning put upon them and it tells them that sex is bad, dirty and evil, and that it’s dangerous and that it shouldn’t be openly enjoyed and it shouldn’t be discussed. So you’ve got to break down that barrier and you’ve got to make her very comfortable and very intimate with you.

To do that is what am going to tell you is kind of the set up to this whole thing. So it’s not so much about fingering, its more about the set up. You get the set up right, then everything else will fall into place. You will get the fingering right, it’s not that difficult.

For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

So what is the best way to do this? First of all what kind of girl should this be done with? This should be done with your girlfriend, a girl that you’ve had sex with already, multiple times. So I would say, If you haven’t had sex with a girl five or ten times yet then don’t use this technique on her because it’s going to be too much.

You still have a lot of sexual exploration to do if you haven’t had sex five or ten times yet. So you don’t need to go and bring out the big guns yet. This is the big gun that you bring out maybe ten times in when it’s getting a little bit stale and you want to really spice it up and show her something crazy and new. Do not do this with a girl that you’re having sex with for the first time. You’re not going to have the intimacy that is necessary and it’s also going to be too much and too awkward.

When you’re having sex for the first time, there is already too much awkwardness there. You don’t want to add this on top of it. Those are the caveats. Of course if you’re married and you’re still having sex in your marriage and your wife will still let you still have sex with her, then first of all, congratulations, that’s a big accomplishment. Second of all, this can really be a great technique to spice up your love life there. So that is kind of who you are doing this with.
Now as far as expectations are concerned, there is a question, and this is a question that I still have for myself. Can every girl squirt or not? Are certain girls squirters and certain girls not? How do we know which ones are and which ones aren’t?

Well here is the skinny on this, ultimately I don’t know. I am not some sexual guru here. I haven’t had sex with hundreds of girls, so I obviously don’t know. So I haven’t got the sample sizes to know which girls can squirt and which girls can’t.

From everything that I have researched and from everything that I understand about female psychology, the trick here and the reason that you might think that your girl can’t squirt, or the girls that you have been within the past haven’t squirted, so you think that only a rare number of girls squirt. That’s not the case. The case is more as follows.

A rare number of girls will squirt naturally, because they are sexually open and feel comfortable and they are just not shy about it. The rest of the girls and probably ninety-five percent of them will not squirt naturally, because you have not set it up properly, you haven’t made them feel comfortable enough and they feel that if they squirted, that they would be embarrassed that they would make you dirty, that you wouldn’t like it, that you would find it disgusting and you would judge them for it. On top of that, a lot of girls simply don’t even know this about themselves so it’s not like they are keeping it as a secret from you, and they are not squirting for you consciously. It’s more that they are tensed sub-consciously and so they never open themselves up as much as they could, that it’s necessary for them to squirt.

Become As Intimate As Possible With Her

So your job is then to what? It is to break down this barrier of comfort and intimacy. You have to become very intimate with your girl, which is why a girlfriend is ideal. You have to also make her very comfortable and relaxed. Intimacy is something that you build up over a long period of time, but comfortable and relaxed in the moment, when you’ve got her on your bed and you’re about to get into the action, you’ve to make her feel very relaxed.

Now, the best way to do that, I find, is first of all have a quiet uninterrupted setting. So don’t be doing this at your parents’ house. This is something that you do at your home when you’ve got a lot of time. You set aside a chunk of two hours or something like that so that no one can disturb you. All your cell phones are off and you’ve got the whole night to yourselves. That’s the best environment to do this in.

Then, get her very relaxed, romance her, get her really excited about this process. The best way to that I find is to give her a massage. A massage relaxes the whole body. So you get her naked on your bed and then you go to work. Hopefully you know how to give girls massages. It’s really not that. An idiot can do it.

All you do is you get her naked on the bed. You don’t need to use any oil or something like that. That’s going to make things messy. You lay her down and then you start basically putting your hands on her and rubbing her in ways that would seem pleasurable to you. Obviously she is going to react in like and she is going to give you positive feedback for the massage that you’re doing.

So massage her back, massage her arms, massage her legs, massage her thighs, her feet. Basically her entire body. As your giving her the massage she’s going to be completely naked. So the things that you want to avoid are touching any of the private areas. Don’t touch her nipples and don’t touch her vagina. Leave those for later.

The reason you leave those for later is because it gets her excited. If you go straight for the money, right off the bat then that’s not foreplay, that’s not really exciting. That’s going straight for sex. So don’t do that, that’s normal sex.
What am talking about here is you’re going to do a very long and extended romance session. A lot of foreplay is going to go on here. What you’re really going to do is do the massage. Give her a really good long twenty to thirty minute massage where you’re just focusing on giving her kind of a platonic massage.

So even though she is naked you’re not really focusing on sex. You just massaging her and maybe you’re kissing her body in different places, you can kiss her all over her body, get her really excited, but also really iron out the kinks, iron out all those notches in her back. Relax all her muscles so that she’s feeling kind of like she is floating on clouds. That’s what you want.

Plant The Seed In Her Mind

It’s a really nice buzz from having a deep massage. So give her that. That will relax her. When she is that relaxed all her insecurities are going to fly out the window and the opportunity is going to open for you to tell you what you want her to do and she’s going to follow it without too much thinking and analyzing. You don’t want her doing that.
So after you do the massage, then what you want to do is build up a little bit of intimacy right in the moment. Look her in the eyes, tell her you love her if you do love her and you are on that kind of basis, then tell her that. Be very sweet and intimate with her, however you do that.

I’m not going to get into the details of that. That is going to be too long. I’ll have other videos that will tell you how to do dirty talk and intimate talk. So build up that intimacy right in the moment, so she feels that this is something special. It’s more than just like a quickie sex session. This is something special that you two are doing that only you two are sharing. So build it up with her like that.
Then what you’re going to move onto is you’re going to move on to telling her that you love when she squirts. You have to plant the seed in her mind that squirting is something that gets you really, really excited. She wants to make you happy, so if she thinks that you love squirting, then she is going to be much more receptive to squirt for you. If you never talked about it with her, she is going to assume that you don’t like it, she’s going to assume that it’s disgusting, she’s going to assume that this is something that would freak you out or if it happened that it would catch you by surprise.

So she is going to hold it back, even if she could squirt, she wouldn’t do it for you kind of like a courtesy. She doesn’t want it to take you by surprise. So what you want to tell her is that you actually love this, and that the hottest thing for you is to see a girl squirt and to see your girl squirt. This is like your dream come true.

Tell that to her, build that up then she is like, “Oh okay, he is the kind of guy whose is cool with it. He is the kind of man who is comfortable with sexuality. He is not going to get freaked out. He is not going to judge me for squirting.” All right, so tell her that. that’s really, really important.
So once you’ve got that out of the way, then what you got to tell her that you going to be guiding her. See the other big problem is that you if you just tell a girl that “Hey I want you to squirt for me!” If you just tell her that that’s putting a lot of responsibility on her. It’s kind of like a girl telling you, “Hey, I want you to come for me right now!” If you ever had a girl tell you that, then that has the exact opposite effect.

Make Her Surrender To You

What that does, it makes you self conscious, puts you in your head and then actually, you can’t come when someone tells you to come. It’s like reverse psychology. So in this situation, it’s kind of the same thing. Don’t put the burden on her. Tell her that you’re taking the burden off her, and the way you do that is you tell her that you are guiding her.

You’re leading her into something adventurous and something new. You tell her that we are going to explore your body. You tell her, that you want to make her squirt, and you tell her that it’s okay if she doesn’t and you’re not expecting anything. That you guys are going to have a great time no matter what, but then you tell her that she is going to obey you tonight. That you are leading and she is following, she is going to obey every one of your commands.
Set it up like that. When you’ve got that kind of frame set, that’s perfect. She is going to love it. Women love to surrender themselves to a strong man especially in the bedroom. So this hits on so many levels, this gives you cudo points on so many levels in the bedroom.

So have that kind of commanding authority to the directions that you give her, also be confident about yourself, you have to believe that she will squirt. If you don’t believe it and you do it half assed, and you’re very waffly about it, and you kind of look to her to do all the work, it’s never going to happen. You have to come in there with confidence. So even if you’re not confident on the inside. Use the old the ‘fake it till you make it’ trick. You’ve got to just push through and tell yourself and that if you’re confident on the outside, then the confidence on the inside will match up to it. So you just go through and you make it happen.

The final point that you have to tell her is that you have to explicitly tell her, that she has to push when she comes. This is the key here. This is the reason that women to do not squirt is because they have a concern. The concern is that there squirt will be confused with peeing, so they think that if they are squirting they think that they are peeing and really they are two totally different things and you need to explain this to her because otherwise she is going to be self conscious about it.

What you need to tell her is you need to tell her to push. So literally she has to use her vaginal muscles to push out the juices. That’s not going to happen if she holding back and a lot of times she will be holding back because she is afraid that if she lets go, she’s going to pee all over you. Of course she doesn’t want to pee all over her man, so she is going to be very self conscious about that.

So what you tell her is, “Baby look, it’s not pee. When you’re coming and you’re pushing all your juices out, that’s exactly what I want from you. That’s not peeing, you can’t possibly pee when you’re doing that. What you’re doing is you’re coming and that what I want that’s beautiful to me.” You tell her that, and you also tell her, “I’m going to tell you to push when you’re coming and I want you to push everything out of you! I want you to push all the juices out.”

If you don’t tell her this then it’s not going to happen. Unlikely it’s going to happen. So this is a very critical component that many guys will miss. So once you explain that to her and you get her to comply and agree with that then you’re all good to go.

The Technique

At this point it’s all about the technique. Now what you’ve got to do is, you’ve got to get your fingers inside of her and you’ve got to do the hard work to make her squirt. That’s something I’m going to show you right now.
All right, so now what I’m going to do is am going to show you the actual fingering technique that you’re going to use to make her squirt. So here is the set up. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to lay her on the bed, and she is going to be on her back with her legs spread and open. You’ve have already given her a massage, she’s completely relaxed, she’s really, really excited for you, she’s super horny and super wet already and you haven’t even done anything with her yet.

All right, put a pillow under her head to give her some support. Now the way you’re going to position yourself is that you’re going to lay up right next to her so your side is going to be right next her to side, your head is going to head next to her head, and then your arm is going to be between her legs. Your arm is going to reach down between her legs. You’re lying next to her.

As you’re lying next to her, get as close as you can to her almost like your hugging her and you’re holding her in your arms. That’s really nice because it’s going to build up a lot of intimacy and it’s also going to give you some leverage and stability because you want to hold onto her as your doing this action with your hands and your fingers. So once you’ve got that position, then here is how it works.

Pretend that her legs are pointing up. So one leg is pointing this way and one leg is pointing this way. This means that this is her vagina here and her head is down that way and so is yours. So your fingers, now, this is what is going to happen. You’re going to take your middle finger and you’re going to take your index finger, I mean your ring finger.

You’re going to put these two together like this and this is what you’re going to put inside of her. So this goes inside her vagina like this. This right here is the upper wall of her vagina so if you would turn it around this kind where the clit would be. Now this is the inside of it. You put your fingers in like this and now you’ve got the right position.

The g-spot is going to be located right here. It’s not that deep in, it’s on the upper wall of the vagina and it’s about an inch or so. You can feel it, it’s got a slightly different texture to it than the rest of the vagina. So this is the g-spot area. What I like to do, don’t put your fingers directly on the g-spot. Put your fingers in as deep as you can, the deeper the better. What you’re really going to be doing is you’re going to be stimulating that g-spot with this part of your finger here, not with the tips of your fingers or the pad of the fingers but really here, lower.

Start Slow and Build Up From There

So now you’ve got this situation going like this. Now look, there’s different motions that you can do and you don’t want to go in there and start pumping right away. If you go in there and start pumping right way like a mad man then you’re not doing it right. You want to build it up slowly, so you can finger her and play around with her and do all that stuff, but when you’re really ready to make squirt then this is what you do.

Your fingers are all the way inside and they’re pressed all the way up against the back wall. What you’re going to start to do is you’re going to start to do a kind of a motion like this, where you’re just pressing. Look at what I’m doing. See, I’m pressing, I’m pressing in on the upper wall and then am releasing.

So press and release, press, release. You want to start about at this rate. Where it’s kind of slow and you’re getting her even more and more and more excited. In order to make her to squirt, you’re going to be doing a pretty aggressive move with your hand.

In order to do that, she has to be extremely, extremely wet, sopping wet. You have to hear the wetness. If you do not hear that, then there is not enough lubrication in there and you might cause a friction and some problems and it might lead to pain, but if she is really excited and wet and you have done everything like I told you, then everything is going to be fine. You don’t need to worry about hurting her in anyway.
So now it’s like this and you’re pumping her away, and you’re getting her closer and closer to orgasm. You’re going to see. She’s going to be moaning and moaning and she’s going to be calling your name out and she going to be talking dirty to you and you can do that back to her as you’re doing this. So as you’re doing this you can look her in the eyes because your faces will be close to each other. You can kiss her you can caress her in other ways, but this hand is going to be doing this kind of pumping action. Slowly over a minute or two you want to ramp that up, you just want to ramp the speed up.

Notice I’m not going in and out, nor am I doing kind of a curling motion, nor am I going like that. What am doing is I’m doing a pump, kind of just a push on the upper wall, that’s perfect. Keep doing kind of pump action, and make it faster, and faster and faster. As your doing this faster and faster and faster, notice that right now am just using my fingers here and am using a little bit of my arm, but I’m not using this part of my arm. I’m just using my hand, so that’s how its starts.

Then as you see that she’s getting more and more excited, and she is getting closer and closer to orgasm, then you’re going to want to go faster and you’re going to want to go harder. So faster and harder, and to go faster and harder, what’s going to happen is that your whole hand is going to start moving back and forth. You see what’s happening here. Not just the pump, but now a back and forth is happening. This is the idea that you want. You want to do this kind of pumping action and you’re going to go faster, and faster and faster like this.

Build Up Your Dominant Hand

This is going to strain your hand a lot so it’s good if you build up your hand. You have to use your dominant hand, so if your right handed, use your right hand, if you’re left handed use your left hand. I literally cannot do this with my left hand. It’s not strong enough. Even my right hand will start to cramp because you need to do this consistently and with a lot of pressure and you can’t let up. So as she is coming closer and closer to orgasm, you’ve got to really put a lot of pressure into it like this.

Now here’s the trick, you know that your girl sends out signals when she is getting close to come, so you know your girls signals. You’ve got a kind of intuition for it and you usually know about sixty to thirty seconds in that she is about to come, she’s getting close. She will be telling you or she will be moaning is a certain way or she will be moving her hips and her body in a certain way where you just know it’s going to happen.

So when you’re getting to that point, that’s the critical point. You have to look into her eyes and you have to establish deep intimate connection with her and you have to tell her that you want her to squirt. So you say something like “Baby, I want you to squirt for me.” Or you can ask her a question like “Baby do you want to squirt for me right now?”


As she is getting closer she going to say of course yes and she is going to be moaning. That’s perfect, that’s right where you want her. Now as you’re doing this, the whole point is that you’re setting this up so that in the last ten to five seconds of this wild orgasm that she is going to have is you’re going to be telling her squirt and to push for you.

You literally have to say these words, “Baby squirt, squirt for me!” But that’s not enough. You also have to tell her, “Push!” ‘Push’ is telling her exactly what she needs to do with her muscles down there. So that she can release the juices. So you have to be telling her this especially in the last ten to five seconds as she is about to orgasm.

If you do that, then she going to be following your commands. If you just expect her to squirt for you automatically, or you expect to tell her, “Hey, baby squirt” and then not give her any further instructions, then she might not know what to do. So you have to really tell her to push. Time it such that you’re telling this to her in the last ten seconds.

So as she is about to come tell her to push and even if you kind of miss it and she’s already coming, you notice that she has just had an orgasm as second ago tell her to push anyways cause her orgasm is going to be long. It can be extended for a whole minute or even more. So if you do this right you have got quite a window there to make sure that you tell her what you need to be telling her. So as soon as she has her orgasm, if you missed it, tell her to start pushing, and she will.

Here is how it’s going to look. This is kind of the demo. You have to go really fast. At this point, it’s going to get really sloppy and really violent and going to be really, really aggressive, like that. So that’s about the speed and strength that you’re going at at the very, very end when she is going to start squirting for you.
As she has her orgasm, the critical thing to also remember, of course you’re telling her that you love her, you’re telling her that she is squirting for you, you’re telling her to push and you keep doing the pumping. So she is going to have her wild orgasm and you keep doing the pumping and you tell her to keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. Try to extend that orgasm for as long as you can. What’s beautiful about women is that they can basically, come forever it’s amazing what you can do with a woman.

She Will Love You For It

So you keep doing this even after she is coming, because her orgasm is going to be extended and you don’t want to just cut it off as soon as it starts. You want to keep going through that motion. You can let up on it you don’t need to be that violent anymore. You can kind of let up on it and go a little bit easier, although you can also go violent for a long, long, long time and you can string over multiple orgasms, have her squirt multiple times for you. You can really take this to advanced levels, but let’s start you off with something simple. Get her to squirt once and have one nice strong orgasm there.

Keep doing this motion until you bring her down, and she is really happy, she had a full orgasm, she has calmed down a bit from it, then you can get out and move on to other things. That’s basically the process. As you can tell am a little winded myself right now from just demonstrating this. That’s because it does take energy. It will take the wind out of you and your arm will cramp up and your arm will hurt. So you have to go to the gym, flex that bicep and flex your forearms and work on your fingers so that you’re really strong in that department.

Ultimately, what happens is that if you do this, and you make her squirt, then you are going to have a blast and she’s going to have an even bigger blast. She’s going to love you so much it’s insane. The amount of intimacy that this builds up is ridiculous, because most girls have never experienced this in their lives. They are going see you as the man who is showing her, how to be adventurous in the bedroom and to a girl that’s the most amazing things ever.

You’re helping her learn about her sexuality. You’re helping her expand her understanding of her sexuality. You’re helping her drop all the hang ups she has about sexuality that she has gotten since she was a girl from all the social conditioning. So that’s a really, really good thing.

When can you do this, literally she might get hooked on you like crack cocaine, because you are going to built up so much intimacy. You are going to make her come in such a way that she has never come in her entire life. She probably doesn’t even know that she has this in her, that she this capability, but when you bring this out, your relationship is going to be so much stronger. You guys can have so much more fun and then that will open the doors to all sorts of other crazy sexual exploration that you two can do in the future. So go and ahead and try this out. Make sure you do this with your girlfriend, not with a first time girl, and report back your results.

Wrap Up

All right so this Leo, this how to make a girl squirt. Go ahead and post me your comments down below. Tell me what you think, tell me about your experiences, be honest, I’m open about it, I don’t care, I don’t judge. Of course go ahead and like this if you liked it, share it and come check out where we bring you more tips and advice and strategies for how to create an awesome life.

Your sex life, that’s just one part of your life, but what about other relationship topics? What about how to a good girlfriend in the beginning? Understanding female psychology, even more than that, how do you create an awesome life? How do you master yourself, so you can go out there and do these kinds of things and really live an adventurous awesome kind of life that you will never ever have regrets about.

All right. If you sign up to our newsletter, it’s for free, you can sign up and you’re going to be getting articles and weekly updates with new stuff that I’m posting all the time about how to stay on track with that, how to become the best version of yourself so that your relationships can skyrocket and every other area of your life as well.

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But it is great that you are willing to teach it. Maybe someday I will find a guy that will give as much as he takes…
To Jenny, Men will see this, but men will not want to do this. To Leo, Spread the word to who? I have never met a man that will give that much effort, they get what they want and they are done.
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Yes, very few guys understand how to properly please a woman. Me, I freaking love it! I turns me on a lot. This is why, if I get my hands inside a girl, she will love me like crack cocaine. No man will ever give her the kind of orgasms I give her. It’s kinda sad, cause I know she will never again in her life find a guy who can give her such powerful orgasms.

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I say this with all kindness intended. Good love is there for you, it starts inside your belief system. Best wishes for your happiness.

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With your detailed video, I’ve mastered something I felt I could never do. Thank you so much for having all these wonderful videos.
Anyone out there that’s doubtful, just follow the steps in video and be patient, for it is possible for any woman to squirt.
Much love to all.. May you all explore yourselves and be happy.

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Leo Gura says:


Josh says:

Dude! I’ve made girls squirt before but I have to say this is the best most effective technique. When I make a girl squirt in the way that you describe it’s absolutely messy! Guys can take a lesson from the tortoise and the hare slow and steady wins the race!

Godwin says:

Leo, thanks for the lecture. I will there and try it out with my girl and report back. G.

John says:

Leo, amazing video. Just one question: the position of the girl is lying on her belly or on her back?

Leo Gura says:

On her back.

BALLZ says:

This worked very well.But then it rained.

Leo Gura says:


Will says:

I need help! My girlfriend and I have great sex for hours and she has amazing orgasms, only she’s never squirted with me. I’ve researched it online ALOT but when I try and I just can’t get her there, my fingers start to lock up (I workout all the time too!) and I can’t move them after a little while- feeling really discouraged… as some guy she randomly hooked up with when we weren’t together made her squirt twice with his fingers! We are very open thats how I know that but prior to that knowledge I just figured she wasn’t a squirter. She did admit it was the best orgasm she ever had- so u can imagine how I feel considering she’s yelled and screamed like Mariah Carey with me a million times over the years… Any help would be great, not sure what to do.. devastated over here.
Questions: is there specific finger strengthening exercises? Better to have sex prior to fingering? Does Oral for awhile first help?

Thanks for the help

Leo Gura says:

It’s all about the emotions and intimacy you make her feel, not the fingering so much. You don’t need to go crazy on the fingering, you need to amp up the emotions. The reason she squirted with that other guy is probably because it felt super-dirty and he was able to sweep her off her feet.

You need to seduce her, talk dirty to her, etc.

Your fingers shouldn’t cramp us so much. Don’t actually wiggle your fingers, use your whole arm to move your hand up and down. Keep your fingers straight.

Shane says:

Hey Leo just watched your video I have made my wife squirt once when having sex with her from behind it was awesome so now I am going to try your technique while doing foreplay and report back to you and let you know how it goes thank you very much for explaining how to make my wife squirt.

Leo Gura says:

Don’t limit it to just your wife

cm says:

‘Don’t limit it to just your wife
very disappointed Leo. Are you condoning infidelity?
well when you have mastered ‘ how to release your guilt’ and mastered how to deal with toxic people and how to stop caring what others think and how to stop worrying.
Kinda makes sence.
The connection you speak of seems to be momentarily to gain what YOU want. To be turned on by the power. Then……. Next. Very self indulgent.
Watched a lot of your videos and I am a happier person now so thank you. Although on reflection after seeing ‘that’ comment it made me think and evaluate. my happiness has involved walking over others. Fuck it tho. I’m happy. or am I now?

Leo Gura says:

I condone people take the sticks out from their assess about sex. Sex is just sex. There’s nothing special about it. The more you make it special, the more problems it causes.

Dawn says:

So, reading the comments here. Always like reading this stuff. You condone cheating? Or being sexually comfortable and “out there” so to speak? Guess a little confused on the comments here. Guess what I am really after is your thoughts on this topic. Thanks.

Leo Gura says:

I was teasing. Hence the wink

Cecy says:

I luv it..!
Try it on myself and it was just AWESOME..!
Can’t wait to find a trainee…

Leo Gura says:


james says:

Will this help with a girl who has never orgasmed? Or have any videos on that topic first?

Leo Gura says:

Yes, it will! She probably won’t squirt right now, but she will definitely have an orgasm.

Bee says:

Hi Leo! Great video! I do have a question tho…. How do you think I should go about tellin my hubby I want him to watch the video you made…? Kinda nervous about just goin up to him and sayin “hey hunny watch this and learn it” lol how should I approach him…? We need to get the spark back… We been together for 14 yrs and married 11 years next month… But thank you in advance for any advice you could pass my way
Have a wonderful day!!!

Leo Gura says:

There’s no subtle way to drop this on him. Just tell him you’ve been thinking of how to spice things up in the bedroom and you ran across this one technique that you really want him to try.

Rand says:


I just watched your video. I’ve seen several other demonstration but your explanation seem to hit all the areas. I haven’t tried this with my wife but am looking forward to trying. We’ve been married for 20+ years and it’s only been in the past maybe three years that she’s having consistent orgasms – sometimes more than me. We think that’s because I’m more focused on giving here pleasure than getting it myself.

For the women who think me are just about themselves – my experience is that’s more of a true statement about women, sexually speaking. Most women I’ve been with (before marriage) don’t even move! I realize some of that had to do with me, but come on – do guys have to take all the blame?

On a more positive note, there are plenty of men wanting to please there wife / girlfriend. I hope my wife will be as open to exploring this as I am. I’ve struggled bring up the topic because she’s usually very closed to trying anything new if I bring it up. It only happened if I just do it. I am eager to try THIS approach. Will give an update.

Rand says:


If you haven’t already approached your husband, ask him to watch this after you’ve had a great session. The next time your ready, remind him how great the last time was and tell him you’d like to watch this video with you.

I understand your concern that he might think he’s not satisfying you – do your best to let him know he’s great and reward him for his effort – even if it doesn’t work the first time. He’s fortunate to have you as his wife. Best wishes!

Natalie says:

I’ve heard about this and was even shown videos but I didn’t believe it was possible or that some women can’t do it and others can. I was raised to be so prudish that it took me 32 yrs to experience my first orgasm…after 4 children no less!! Once I felt the awesome, amazing pleasure, I feared that I wouldn’t know how I did it so I practiced over and over again until I became multi-orgasmic both inside and out. I have learned a lot about my sexuality from my 2nd husband and was so excited about all the possibilities. I don’t have a man in my life right now, but I believe I can learn anything. Thank you for sharing. When I have the oppty, I will write you back to let you know how it went. It’s so sad that so many women were not given the information to enjoy life in every way to the fullest! You are awesome! Thank you!

Leo Gura says:

Yeah, I really don’t like it that women are culturally conditioned against sex. Sex must be explored freely. I’m glad you were able to turn that around.

sabrina says:

what do u think about tantra , and that we should keep our seem and trasmutated the energy … look this movie out
“El Resultado del Amor- Eliseo Subiela Completa” / Dont look down

Leo Gura says:

I haven’t done Tantra yet, but it seems cool. I don’t think it’s a replacement for orgasm. It’s just another way to spice up your sex life.

sabrina says:

Ejaculations have nothing to do with orgasms. Just happened when u not able to handle the amount of energy raises with the orgasms like a pressure cooker… So u have the orgasm first than happen the ejaculation. It’s a release… Tantra is a way to learn how to manage this sexual energy instead of wasting it.

Kimberly says:


Just watched your video, and found it to be extremely amazing! I am 39 years old and have been with my husband for 19 years now. In all the years that we have been having sex I have only had one explosive orgasm, where I was actually able to squirt. As great as it felt to me (amazing) it sort of freaked out my husband,which by the way was 5 years ago now. I have asked him several times since then and even told him how great it felt to me but he just will not go there with me again, said he did not like it. So help is needed and any advice would be great. I absolutely crave to have another orgasm like the one I experienced before.

Leo Gura says:

Tell him that Leo told him he’s being a fool and doesn’t know the amazing sex he’s missing!! Show him this video!

brian says:

Damn man. Wow, its almost like “who cares how much your arm cramps up?” I know you’re just saying that to prepare the guys, but to have a woman open enough is worth it. fuck it, chop my arm off afterwards… The real shame is I see so many women saying “but leo, my husband isn’t into it” Poor ladies, is it really true that all the good ones are already taken? Apparently taken by selfish men. Nothing turns me on more than my girl squirming and moaning in my arms. Ladies, don’t hold back, its fucking hot. If your man doesn’t like, or appreciate, you submitting and completely releasing yourself to him, there’s something wrong.

Leo Gura says:

Haha, amen!

brian says:

And on a somewhat joking, but serious side-note, you could probably host the world most successful marriage / relationship counseling, or dating, website by making two columns preceeded by this video. One column for women looking for a man to connect like this, the other column for men looking for women that want to experience this. There would be no shortage on either side. Keep up the good work, Bro and keep the videos coming. You cover the stuff that we’re all wondering but nobody want to be the guy to step up and ask in front of everyone, ya know? Its a sincere appreciation that you put yourself out there for the rest of us!

Leo Gura says:


cm says:

I just feel monogamous relationships are special tho.

Leo Gura says:

That’s just neediness talking.

Karin says:

I must say, nailing this topic the way you do… makes you one of the most attractive men on the planet

Leo Gura says:

I agree 110%

Karin says:

Haha! I shared this video with my husband and a few of my girlfriends (”You gotta see this!!!”). Now, being mothers, we wondered: since our grandmothers hardly knew about orgasms at all…we ourselves are still learning about squirting (not to mention what happens after the first squirt…)…will our girls know how to do it naturally?

Leo Gura says:

Send your girls to me, and they will

Raz says:

Great explanations man.

Regarding whether or not it’s pea is up to debate I think. I’m sure it’s pea sometimes though but in the end it doesn’t make much difference.
Make sure your girl peas first perhaps, it help to bring down any reluctance towards squirting.

Raz says:

I mean “pee” sorry

Laura says:

It’s not pee. I have been to the toilet just before and still been able to go after. It doesn’t smell or it shouldn’t anyway. The technique shown in the video is exactly how my bf makes me squirt. I didn’t think it possible before then.

Bisente Gama says:


Leo Gura says:

Don’t type in all-caps if you want a response.

The truth is, she’s NOT satisfied at all just from penetrating. Yes, depression meds can screw with orgasms. There are many brands of depression med, and the newer brands don’t affect orgasms so much. So have her ask her doctor to try something else.

Bisente Gama says:

Sorry about the caps, my bad I love your videos I am starting to have a much better out look on life.

anna says:

Hi i have a question, I watched your video on squirting because I didn’t know if im a squirter or am i coming right now I never squirted before but the problem is I’m not even coming on the guy I’m with I have came before and another person before its just this one when I am sexually active with him I don’t have the urge of coming when we’re on he’s in me I have the urge of needing to pee or whenever I’m ridding him I have the urge to be you want me to come on him and of course I want to come on and I’ve already had sex over close to 5 times with him I don’t know what’s going on do you have any advice on what I should do or what’s happening not that I’m not comfortable with them I’m literally okay with being naked with him and everything is just even when he tries to finger me or try to make me coming by touching my clit it doesn’t give me the sensation of wanting to come and I know how it is on coming because I’ve masturbated it tickles me instead it’s the feeling afterwards after you come the the unwinding continunous of being fingered but I haven’t even came to be feeling that so that’s why I thought I might be having a different feeling like squirting cuz I’m always needing to pee when I’m riding him

Great video, you explain how to do it in such a practical but colorful way lol. Might have to embed this video on my blog
Thanks Laura

berie says:

I want to ask is this technique better then “come here motion”?

Sebastian says:

Yellow isn’t right answer???

Rob says:

I used to have a girlfriend who squirted whilst I was giving her oral. It did catch me out the first time It felt like she had wet herself but she would do it all the time. Now I’ve known (more than my fair share) a few girls in my time but she was the only one who consistently squirted! I think it’s as much down to the individual as much as anything .

Heather Dilla says:

you are full of shit. i hope you get cancer

Darryl Dingus says:

You are just the worst kind of person…

Trey says:

great video, i have a question regarding squirting. is this a myth, i mean there has been numerous studies which show that female squirting is actually pee. What are your thoughts about this. Thanks

Laura says:

No, it’s definitely not pee. I squirt most of the time with my recent bf, no one else could do it but it’s exactly the technique that’s shown in the video. It doesn’t gave pee odour and is just the same as the juice.

jason says:

Holy crap Leo your the man I watched your youtube and tryed exactly as you said my wife blew all over in 5 minutes I can’t believe it was so easy and I’ve been without this knowledge for so long Leo your my new best friend

nin says:


I take myself as a pretty pretty open minded person, I watched your video about why men cheat and I do agree on some things however, this one comment
on the top (of this video) kind of struck me. I’m curious as to why you would tell a person to go sleep with other people other than his wife.
Its not even like he said he wasn’t happy with her.
Where are morals and commitment on the chart in this whole self development process? I’m not judging, just literally curious

Leo Gura says:

I was teasing

Anja says:

Hi. I just found you out there in the wide world of the internet. And I just love the fact that you seem to love what you are doing. Sometimes a little smile and the way you speak. It is just so relaxing and exciting listening to you! I can’t stop haha

Gab says:

Hi! Thanks for the video

I love your videos in general and this one was very enlightening. It is SO true to feel intimate and comfortable with a guy in order to squirt. I recently experience squirting and it is AMAZING!!!!

As you say, all men and women should know! I am turned on by the pleasure of my partner. I would like to better known other ways to pleasure my partner, beside a good blow job, what else can I do? How can I do a blowjob that will make him vibrate?

Thanks Leo for all you share with us Nice day G

Kevin says:

Hey Leo what if my girlfriend is a virgin? She has the urge to pee when and after she has an orgasm. So is she a squirter? She’s alway comortable around me, I just want to make sure I have this all down packed.

Marquis says:

Hey Leo what if my girlfriend is a virgin? We only have oral. I finger her alot and she’s had so many orgasms every time. She has the urge to pee when and after she has an orgasm. So is she a squirter? She’s alway comortable around me, I just want to make sure I have this all down packed.

Leo Gura says:


Diana says:

When i did squirt once (which i was looking forward to), he was grossed out. :'(

When i wanted to do it again, he told me not to, which he in a few months said he regretted but the trust was already ruined.

I never had orgasm with him in 2 yrs, while i had one every day with my previous bfriend.

Leo Gura says:

That’s a shame

Mani says:

Leo! I’ve squirted many times with different partners in any position and we loved it the problem is I can’t do it by myself and I want to be able to… Any tips ?

Tanja says:

Because a woman squirts, doesn’t necessarily mean that she has had an orgasm. A release or sorts – yes. An actual orgasm involving the moment when the uterus, vagina and anus contract simultaneously at 0.8-second intervals – not necessarily. It’s hard to imagine that soaking a bed in fluid isn’t the result of an orgasm. But what is happening in these cases, is that the orgasm is just waiting to happen afterwards, and maybe with even more releases of fluid.

Ryley says:

I was skeptical at first but I watched this video as a student and omg. Every dude should know this. Most important: Psychology (Being aggressive and taking charge), Getting her to relax, and go to town on the G spot using the technique taught will blow her mind.

I had to come back and comment and share how amazing this was.

nightlifeguy says:

great tips, all girls cum from different things, try these tips but pay attention as you do them and notice how her body reacts, if you get a really good reaction keep going, if not try something different

Kaytlyn says:

Incorrect answer to a secret question- Lemon Baby. Where have you been until now. I have only squirted once . Everything you said was pretty spot on.. awesome. Thank you tor providing free content of such a high quality. Lemon baby. I enjoy your videos to the fullest.

jay says:

Thanks for a great video. I tried this but my girl orgasmed but didn’t squirt. This has happened couple times now. Any tips you can share on this please?

tajhizyar says:

interesting ! Thanks for information !

penelope says:

Maybe it’s time for a little update for this video, you’re generalizing women in their love and attraction for dominant male, be careful about being sexist and heteronormative, thank you and continue your work.

penelope says:

All kind of people are watching your stuff, you must be more inclusive.

Mannat Arora says:

omg your are saying correct

Uptight loves wild.When a celibrate,unpopular,nerdy,detached,open minded,wise assertive,meditative,mature,faithful,selective,reliable introvert like rius eventually
falls in unconditional love with a charismatic,athletic,humorous,dating experienced
boy like ini
Crazy jealous guy downplayed Ini claims to have a girlfriend to all his friends to hide how jealous he feels of another boy loving Rius who never fell in love before.
Can’t live with them can’t live without them Rius would always reject his serious
romantic questions such as Do you want to have sex? Do you want one of to kiss
you? Do you want any boy to kiss you? Kiss me!Do you have a boyfriend?But
when the handsome,charismatic alien boy has to leave her life best of the colleges
She felt purely lonely,desperate,unmotivated,heartbroken,fearful,insecure,regret
and disappointment during the first week of his absense from her.She eventually
realized how much she purely loves only him as her potential boyfriend,husband
only after missing him excessively to the degree she felt physical pain inside her

Atara says:

Anti hero Rius is a truly selfless girl deep down but usually selfish,lazy,hypocritical
vain,detached,insensitive,blunt,dishonest,indifferent,physically violent,immature
sometimes,suspicious socially awkward unpredictable impractical and insecure.
Belated love epiphany only the first time after Handsome,charismatic alien boy
leaves her life for a college since the first week does she sincerely realize all her
faithful unconditional genuine romantic love for only one “really close friend”once
Big eater:A purely selective one for all real clean fresh poultry,seafood,dairy milk.
Book dumb formerly only in the first 2 months Born unlucky with autism problems
Cannot spit it out Until November 18th 2020 she was purely reluctant to even do
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showers she takes every morning for as long as ever,sbe out in cold.thin clothes

ini says:

Can’t act perverted towards a love interest.Ini is Rius’s first serious love interest?
She began to have secret daydreams about ini seducing,kissing,carrying her body
but she always keeps her serious face when she has sexy fantasies about only Ini
but she always tries to force her body not to touch him even accidentally fearing
he’ll not trust her if she touches him She’s aware how clingy,desperate,dependant
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Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them defines perfectly she feels of INI
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her previous inability to meditate in silence isolated,fear of growing old unmarried
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Rius says:

Character developmenT She was purely indifferent to INI the first time they met
She was emotionally attached to him only out of fear of loneliness but eventually
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calling her names laughing at her breaking her rules asking her to tie his shoes
failing to spell easy english words asking teachers to read to him he couldn’t read
taking her presence as an insult to his time when he prefers only male friends and
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She hid her jealousy effortlessly by deceiving herself to think I’ll love better men!
She insisted on keeping both physical and emotional distance away from only INI
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She blushed straight away after he asked her whether she wants to have sex she
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