Hitler Reacts To Nonduality

By Leo Gura - February 5, 2018 | 12 Comments

Hitler’s reaction upon realizing the radical consequences of nonduality.

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Nandish says:

Awesome, very funny, deep eye opener video !!!! What an analogy to non-duality, couldn’t have been better than this, as this shows Hitler achievements of epic proportions are completely illusion and unnecessary. I really enjoyed it. Kindly release more such funny videos in upcoming weeks. Thanks a lot ….

Matthew says:

I love it. Oh humor, the grease for my seriousness, my stress, my failures.
Let it flow.
Roll up sleeves.


megan says:

Guys, my mothertongue is German and I know this movie.
I do not get it. The translation is all wrong. I don’t get the point and I don’t think it’s funny at all. I am swiss – so consider that I am in no ways offended. I just don’t get the point of shoveling a story about non-duality into a a hitler playing actors mouth…

Ashfiqur Rahman says:

Hello Megan. I understand why it’s not funny to you. As German is your mothertounge your brain, which should not exist according to Nonduality , faces a paradox which is between the subtitle & what Fuerer is actually saying. And paradox is no funny thing to brain as it gets puzzled & tries to solve it from the logical point of view which in turn inhibits the perception of funny side in a matter. But for most of the people who obviously don’t understand a single thing in German except the word Hitler, find this video very funny because of the creative idea to incorporate a totally unrelated concept(nonduality) into the strong words(the meaning doesn’t count) & intense expressions of the supreme leader. And last but not the least people find a joke gratifying & funny if it’s somehow related to Hitler. Have a nice day

luckygirl says:

Great explanation

Henry says:

Hey Leo, its been a while since you’ve put anything up. I hope everything is alright. Remember to keep healthy and strong. Bless you my good friend! Much Love!!!

Sinz says:

Possibly a meditation retreat is going on

Andrew says:

I didn’t get profound Yoda, does that mean girls are attracted to conscious men ?

Aditya says:

So amusing. Great work, leo. Thanks. We all want to spend more time watching birds outside our windows. .

Brett Miller says:

So great. truly wonderful. Funny!!!

Noushin says:

Oh my goodness I can not stop laughing … this is priceless!!! it should go viral ) very extremely deep and productive at the same time

Margoth Araya says:

Genious, loved it, could not stop laughing….thanks for making this and adding humor, (even humor is an ilusion) I cannot control my cheeks, lol….

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