Hitler Reacts To Nonduality

By Leo Gura - February 5, 2018 | 13 Comments

Hitler’s reaction upon realizing the radical consequences of nonduality.

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Nandish says:

Awesome, very funny, deep eye opener video !!!! What an analogy to non-duality, couldn’t have been better than this, as this shows Hitler achievements of epic proportions are completely illusion and unnecessary. I really enjoyed it. Kindly release more such funny videos in upcoming weeks. Thanks a lot ….

Matthew says:

I love it. Oh humor, the grease for my seriousness, my stress, my failures.
Let it flow.
Roll up sleeves.


megan says:

Guys, my mothertongue is German and I know this movie.
I do not get it. The translation is all wrong. I don’t get the point and I don’t think it’s funny at all. I am swiss – so consider that I am in no ways offended. I just don’t get the point of shoveling a story about non-duality into a a hitler playing actors mouth…

Ashfiqur Rahman says:

Hello Megan. I understand why it’s not funny to you. As German is your mothertounge your brain, which should not exist according to Nonduality , faces a paradox which is between the subtitle & what Fuerer is actually saying. And paradox is no funny thing to brain as it gets puzzled & tries to solve it from the logical point of view which in turn inhibits the perception of funny side in a matter. But for most of the people who obviously don’t understand a single thing in German except the word Hitler, find this video very funny because of the creative idea to incorporate a totally unrelated concept(nonduality) into the strong words(the meaning doesn’t count) & intense expressions of the supreme leader. And last but not the least people find a joke gratifying & funny if it’s somehow related to Hitler. Have a nice day

luckygirl says:

Great explanation

Henry says:

Hey Leo, its been a while since you’ve put anything up. I hope everything is alright. Remember to keep healthy and strong. Bless you my good friend! Much Love!!!

Sinz says:

Possibly a meditation retreat is going on

Andrew says:

I didn’t get profound Yoda, does that mean girls are attracted to conscious men ?

Aditya says:

So amusing. Great work, leo. Thanks. We all want to spend more time watching birds outside our windows. .

Brett Miller says:

So great. truly wonderful. Funny!!!

Noushin says:

Oh my goodness I can not stop laughing … this is priceless!!! it should go viral ) very extremely deep and productive at the same time

Margoth Araya says:

Genious, loved it, could not stop laughing….thanks for making this and adding humor, (even humor is an ilusion) I cannot control my cheeks, lol….

Wilhelm says:

I like to think that Hitler in his bunker is a very good metaphor for the ego mind especially when it has painted it self into a corner.

In the German original version of the this sequence, Hitler screams at his staff: “I will not surrender! Never! I will rather put a bullet into my head!”.

This is ego mind 101. Instead of surrendering to the truth of its own defeat it kills the body to preserve itself and its illusions. Millions of people throughout history have sacrified their bodies for some idea. But how little have sacrified their egos for the Truth – I have not yet. What if they actually surrendered?

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