How To Be Funny

By Leo Gura - September 21, 2015 | 39 Comments

The comprehensive guide to developing a sense of humor.

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Kaz says:

hehe you certainly are funny Leo

C says:


wow….I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself…thanks…..

Just one thing to keep in mind though… and hopefully this is obvious common sense for those that are viewing this video….Don’t use dirty inappropriate humor in public or around kids…. keep it in the clubs…where appropriate…and inside closed doors …. share it with people that love and appreciate you for your wickedly dirty sense of humor.

Being funny and personable really does go a loooooong ways inside clubs, and outside…even in professional situations too. In professional situations it makes you more approachable, people want to do business with you because you are real and down to earth. It doesn’t have to be dirty, it can be witty, it can be silly. So many different creative ways that you can be absolutely hilarious. Make funny faces and silly noises when playing with your kids. Do a funny Yoda impersonation with your best friend. Remind your parents of that one time you wore your t-shirt inside out to school and didn’t realize it. When picking up a chick make a cute flirtatious joke. When you are with your wife make weird monkey or caveman noises when it’s play time! When it’s Halloween, be the funny guy that wears the blow up sumo wrestler costume! So many variations and so many tonalities, and directions you can do to create laughter. You are the artist…. so paint a beautiful canvas of life with love and laughter. Humor makes life that much more enjoyable, and could really be the key to a happier and more pleasant life.

Anna says:

Loved the stripper and club stories btw. I am a former adult entertainer and it really resonated within me about what you said. When I was in the clubs I used to crack the most ridiculous jokes. It put me over the top , and the majority of them couldn’t keep up. They just didn’t have the wittiness that I had. While I was giving them a lap dance I would tell them I was a Professional Erectionologist and I treat P.T.L.D.D. Post Traumatic Lap Dance Disorder, commonly called blue balls! Lmao! It worked with most guys…but surprisingly I even found a few guys that were completely appalled by that humor,…even in a strip club! Lol Some people really are turned off by dirty humor. I noticed it a lot with dating. To me if the guy doesn’t have a good sense of humor… and I can’t express my dirty sense of humor…and be my true self….he’s not my type. Life is too short not to be having fun! And it’s even more fun to have someone that you can bounce humor back and forth with in a relationship.

I even made jokes with the girls I would tip the girls on stage when things were slow in the club. And I would pretend I couldn’t breathe between their boobs because they were so big! I would yell Help me Help me! I can’t Breathe!!!!! lol

A long time ago I had some really close friends that I used to make some crazy ass jokes with. I would pretend I was a cross between a flight attendant sex robot…with this crazy sexy answering machine voice. It was insane. Any time we would go to the grocery store and we would go to the self check out lines I would impersonate the machines.. Please Select Payment Now… Take your Receipt….Please take all items with you at this time…and have a nice Fucking Day!! lol.

My friends and I used to make up our own fake cuss words to say to each other…some of them were the most ridiculous words you could ever imagine….Ass Wipe! Booger Breath! Dick Face! We had a ball doing that…and when we were down or going through a rough patch…it was like we were in that moment…and nothing else mattered. We forgot what we were sad about.

One of my best friends had this thing about that Budweiser Horse Farting Commercial that came out during one of the Super Bowl Events several years ago…you can find it on youtube. I could play that commercial a million times…and he would still laugh at it. It was worth seeing him smile.

Funny Voices, and movie impersonations are great too… one of my other best friends could literally impersonate any voice you could think of …it was insane…he could even impersonate the voice of Darkness, the Devil, from the 80’s movie Legend with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry…than we would put a porno twist to it..making the words in the movie all perverted…I could never stop laughing about that…it was classic…

Leo Gura says:

Haha, awesome!

Asaiah Powers says:

Leo you say you really used to be into games what was your favorite game?

Princess Toadstool says:

There are a lot of really great video games out there like… Final Fantasy 7, StarCraft, WOW, Minecraft, and some of my personal favorite games are Final Fantasy 9, Kings Quest 6 and 7, from Sierra that came out during the 1990’s.

But the best video game of all….is the video game of life. Life is a game, that can be well played. Especially the game of Love. No video game…not even Leisure Larry, or The Hot Coffee Mod from Grand Theft Auto, or a really good Porn online game, can ever replace the intimacy, romance, sex,the flirting, etc… that you can have with a woman that you love and care for.

Good humor is a special level up weapon that you should have in your inventory. It gets you a lot of extra lives….lol. Leo is the best person to ask about this stuff. He knows all the secret codes and passwords about relationships and sex. And he even knows how to use his joystick to get all the ladies!! lol Leo has mastered the woman’s body console! He knows when and where and how to push the right buttons……He probably is like Bowser and has them all locked up some where in a castle for his own personal collection, except he doesn’t throw fire balls at them…. he baits them with his charm and witty humor. lmao.

I just recently bought his book list and Leo has a really good list of books when it comes to relationships. I would recommend it to anyone I know. It was well worth the gold coins. I plan to use these relationship techniques when Mario comes to rescue me. Right now I’m his pipe dream. lol

Leo Gura says:

Lol, I wish! Leo is too busying working on and pursuing enlightenment to chase girls at this point.

Zelda says:

I completely understand. It’s nice to see a warrior who knows what his true masculine mission is.

I’m looking forward to reading the enlightenment books from your list. I see why I should put primary emphasis on enlightenment and I look forward to the changes in my consciousness.

C says:

I thought I might throw this in there for the people that are striving to be Turquoise and have a more Holistic perspective, if you have seen Leo’s Grand Model Psychological Video…….

Science has proved, although we knew it all along, that humor is our best medicine. It reduces stress, promotes physical healing, is essential for mental health and can add years to one’s life.

Mental and Emotional
In laughter, we transcend our predicaments. We are lifted above our feelings of fear, discouragement and despair. People who can laugh at their setbacks no longer feel sorry for themselves. They feel uplifted, encouraged, and empowered.

Quoted by The Healing Power of Humor by Allen Klein

Normon Cousins, an adjunct professor from the school of medicine at UCLA wrote a book called, Anatomy of an Illness, his laughter along with massive doses of Vitamin C, helped turned the tide of a serious collagen disease, an illness of the connective tissue. He made a joyous discovery. Ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me atleast two hours of pain free sleep.

If you study Reiki you will see the mind, body and spiritual connection. If stress mounts up accumulation leads to continuing disturbances in the physical-spiritual area. Common systems of stress are difficulties in falling and staying asleep, headaches, unwanted fears, learning difficulties, excessive eating, drinking, smoking..etc. This all starts within the subconscious aka unconscious mind.

They have a laughter meditation you do in Reiki to relieve stress. It involves certain stretching and positioning and after a couple of minutes, you start laughing. Simply lifting the corners of your mouth and laugh, even if you don’t feel like it. Soon the forced laughter will stimulate the real thing and your laughter will become quite spontaneous. This will change the mood of your day.

Quoted by The Power of Reiki, An Ancient Hands on Healing Technique. By Tanmaya Honervogt Reiki Master Teacher

sean says:

This video has golden timing! I just joined a comedy club at my school and was really wondering why I seemed to get so anxious and inside my head any time I intentionally tried to be funny. This video helped me figure out that INTENTIONALITY was my issue! If you try way too hard to be funny, you end up stifling your authentic and spontaneous sense of humor, which is what people really want to see, not someone pretending they forgot how to speak English just because they forgot over half of their set (been there, done that). Now I have a clearer understanding of what humor actually is and what to do to become a “humor-smith”. Thanks for the goods Leo!

Jeffrey says:

you have addressed several topics amazingly like this one, but could you please make a video on being detached and not needy which you spoke of as in your dating videos please.

Nicolas alpuin says:

Hello Leo, Its Nicolas from Uruguay. You are awesome in so many levels, thanks for helping people, I can really notice that’s your main goal, which explains your success, keep up the good job.

I was wondering, have you ever tried martial arts? BJJ? Btw, I know you do Yoga, have you heard about diaphragmatic breathing? I wonder if you could teach us Rickson Gracie’s style of it, from the movie “Choke”, which is really difficult but you are good at explaining, so, thx anyway in advance.

Rickson is an amazing competitor you should get to know, he wrote a book hard to find it in English (popular in Japan), translates to something like: The law of the unbeaten.

All the best!

Tony says:

Hey Leo,

More gold here. Is it possible though, once you discover your humor muscles, to take this too far or to be only being funny and not being serious at all and scare people/girls off? Is there anything you might say about balance? Whether it is 50/50 or some other ratio. Or will being hilarious with every word and action just plain get you the girl?


Arun Sathish says:

Hey Leo, I wanted to ask you about why is your actualized.or/Blueprint is not got any updates?
That really helping me in advancing in my personal Development and I’m really excited to follow up all the content in the blueprint.
Anyway Thank you so much for your hard work to realise those free contents.
Thank you once again.

Leo Gura says:

I haven’t had the time. Too busy with other work.

nicole says:

Hey Leo,

Apparently, there have been some studies suggesting that rats laugh.

Abhijeet says:

That is great stuff!! You really helped me but some people think i have gone crazy and stupid o.O .. Its embarrassing

Ivan Stoyanov says:


I believe that humor is slightly different for each culture. I did not grow up in the US and I find American humor odd sometimes. I don’t understand most of the jokes that I hear and Americans don’t understand mine.
From the examples that you give in this video, the only one I would have genuinely laughed at is the “one night stand” joke at the retreat.

Joske says:

From examples Leo gave, looks like americans find funny anything related to sex.

Litos says:

Somebody please explainme the word ruskol, on the second affirmation, don’t know how to write it even, just sounds like that. Think i’m missing something, I’m not an english speaking guy.

George says:

Hi Leo,

I’m currently writing my university dissertation on Humour Theory and was interested to find out your academic sources for this video. Are there any texts you found particularly useful?

I may also cite your video if that’s ok

Leo Gura says:

I don’t play the whole academic sources game. Most of the insights in this video were gleaned from direct in-field experiences flirting with 1000s of women and observing really hilarious people do the same.

Sure, cite away!

George says:

If I didn’t include academic sources in my dissertation I’d probably fail it lol but cheers all the same!

Leo Gura says:

That’s how that game is played, yes.

George says:

God, you’d hate to live in Oxford where I’m from. Perhaps the centre of the world for academic snobbery!

Ser says:

You call that funny? oh come on, it’s the most boring and silly video you uploaded. American humor is so silly and retarded. You want humor? try the Spanish and Italian type – they are freakishly funny, so damn hilarious you can’t stop laughing for half an hour. Leo dear your jokes are so silly and childish and sooooo damn boooooring! I remember the guys making such jokes when I was in middle school Seriously???? Jeeez. If I guy came to me with rainbows unicorons and other bullshit I’d kick him in the nuts for being an idiot.

Kandi says:

After 45 years of social phobia, you are a life savor!!

Jane says:

You said you wanted your daughter to be a porn star?????????? You wouldn’t have seen me for dust.

Leo Gura says:


Ever heard of a joke?

Omkar says:

Why did the enlightened chicken cross the road?

Jessica says:

Hi Leo! I’ve been binge watching all of your videos! I’m studying naturally charismatic men and women to see if the rules of humor are the same for both genders. My initial thoughts are that their approaches would be different. If they want to be attractive, that is. I’m curious if you have any thoughts on the matter?

Since you have so many awesome tips for practicing and learning to be funny, do you have any extra practices that might help me to be better with my words in general? I will practice the random sentence strands and affirmations, but even normal conversations are hard, potentially due to poor memory recall (help with this?!), lack of verbal creativity, and bad impromptu skills. I would so like to be clever with my humor, and not have to reach for the low hanging/cliche fruit.

katie says:

hm. not much of this works for girls to attract men…

or are girls just not asked to be funny, but rather to be the ones appreciating funny…

have you any tips for us, too?

Toby says:

Greetings Leo! I’m really impressed with your content, and thank you for sharing your thoughtful advice.

I have a question regarding the volume of the exercises you have prescribed.

I am currently already doing morning pages and meditating as well as writing jokes daily.

I was wondering if there is some way to shorten this particular practice to be less than 30 minutes?
Perhaps just the affirmations and not the visualizations(I visualize while doing affirmations anyway…I’m a very visual person.) And perhaps the random sentence strings could be 5 minutes versus 10?

Will I just ended up wasting my time by not going the full prescribed amount?
Or is it consistency that is really going to be what makes or breaks the effectiveness? Is it an overall volume type of deal (like in weight training?)

I know you are busy, but please respond. I will benefit very much from your response.

Toby says:

Ok, so I actually figured out what I’m going to do after thinking about it.

I’m going with these three affirmations:
“I’m cocky and funny.”
“I’m a rascal.”
“I see funniness everywhere.”

I will possibly say each affirmation for a minute, and cycle through and repeat 2 times more times, giving 3 minutes per affirmation.
Or perhaps I may do 3,3,3 rather than a 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 method. I’ll try both out.

For the visualization I will visualize that;
“I’m a cocky and funny rascal who sees funniness everywhere.”

It will take probably longer to get the visualization down since this has more than one item in it, but over time it should be manageable.
I will spend 5 minutes daily on this.

I also cut out the anadiplosis exercise.
I have cut the exercise from 30 minutes to 15 minutes and threw in a confidence boost affirmation as well.

I already do Morning Pages, meditate and write jokes daily. And also have made a lot of important lifestyle changes so I have to be careful to not over exhaust my will power.

Toby says:

Eh changed my mind again. I’ll keep that anadiplosis exercises in there, but for 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
10 minutes seems a bit long, no?
5 minutes every day for 6 months to a year should net the desired effect.

Cc male says:

Class clown
Show off

According to class

CC female says:

Intimidating magnetically humorous Irritating Sporty Skilled Sinister Flaunting beauty
Agile Tough Approachable

According to class

Well says:




Easy going




Unafraid to say what she really thinks




Open minded



Forgetful where she leaves her glasses





Asking whether people cares about are feeling ok

Can get

along with









Max Gron says:

A white-painted man drove his tiny beetle and was in a traffic jam, he went out of his car and used a slapstick over a man’s head and said “c’mon”, then he squeezed his red inflamed nose and it honked. Hilarious!

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