Problems With Our Information Ecology

By Leo Gura - July 4, 2022

Here’s a great Tier 2 discussion about the problems our culture faces in making sense of the world. This is a must-watch. Don’t worry, it’s not really about the pandemic, it gets into much deeper meta territory after the first 3rd:

The anti-mainstream reaction to Covid has been especially epistemically dumb and problematic. Mankind cannot solve serious collective problems with that level of thinking. And the really depressing part is that many public intellectuals and thought-leaders have fallen into this anti-mainstream trap without an ounce of self-awareness. It’s  disappointing to see well-educated and intellectual people contributing to collective self-deception and getting lost in the culture wars. The culture wars have rotted the minds of many public intellectuals — here’s lookin’ at you JP and Bret Weinstein. People are deeply lost in self-bias and don’t even know it.

All of this shows how crucial good epistemology is for the future health of mankind. And yet almost nobody teaches epistemology properly, which is really my life purpose.

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