An Honorable Republican

By Leo Gura - August 17, 2022

It’s good to know that at least one honorable Republican still exists in Congress — (unfortunately, soon out of power). Serious credit to Liz Cheney for not selling out to MAGA depravity. This is what healthy conservativism looks like:

A beautiful example of What Is Integrity?

For all of Dick Cheney’s failings, he did not fail in raising a good daughter. Note: you don’t need to like Dick Cheney to appreciate what Liz Cheney did here.

Note: I see many progressives get this point wrong, unable to give Liz credit because they are blinded by their hatred for Dick Cheney and the Iraq War. Also, I’m well aware of Liz’s voting record. She voted with Trump something like 90%+ of the time, which is shameful from my perspective. But this does not undermine her valor in the face of MAGA. Conservatives are going to exist. That’s not the issue. The issue is whether they are healthy vs toxic people. I see progressives holding this childish idea that for a politician to be praiseworthy they must be a progressive. This is wrong. There are healthy and unhealthy manifestations of conservativism, and healthy forms of it need to be encouraged, otherwise we exacerbate polarization to toxic and unworkable levels. You need to be able to praise the good actions of your political opponents when they behave in conscious ways. This is exactly why I made this post, because you won’t hear this from progressives, because they are too busy hating on anything non-progressive.┬áProgressives shirk responsibility for how they contribute to toxic levels of polarization. Yes, conservatives are worse, but progressives are not innocent. I’m showing you the difference between a Tier 2 vs a Tier 1 approach to politics.

Today, American democracy is in peril because conservatives like Liz Cheney are nearly all extinct, given way to shameless levels of demagoguery, dishonesty, and bias. Today’s conservatives have lost their moral core in a desperate deal with the devil to maintain their clutch on Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue/Orange in a 1st world evolving rapidly towards solid Green. Trump’s profound lack of integrity has had a radioactive effect on the Republican party, which will be the most damaging and dangerous part of his legacy. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil for power, money, sex, and fame.

America will not have a functioning democracy until we reestablish a healthy conservative political wing, which will probably take a decade or more. But who will dare lead that effort?

Thank you Liz Cheney. You inspire me to be more integrous.

Integrity — it’s a bitch.

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