Help me in my path

By Sabth in Life Purpose, Career, Entrepreneurship, Finance,
I am currently don't know what to do in my path so help me choose on what should be my next journey.  Idk what I can do or what's possible for me. I've talked about wanting to go to a university before but my mom said she can't afford it. It had been the case since I was young. so I went to a public university instead of a private. When most of the courses I'm interested in are private. So in the end, I didn't even finish my public was too much. I'm not used to. Even though I've been in it for quite long. (5years) Then I stop. Now I'm thinking of taking a new course again. I'm twenty seven. So idk if it's still alright. I've been doing nothing either this year 2023. I'm thinking of working but didn't know what to work. Or how. To get into work.    How can I look for work I'm bored with my life now. Cv. Resume. 
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