You can create the amazing life you want by changing how you think

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The bottom line is..everything you think will come way or another.
Not necessarily in the way you think about, but most often than not, what you think will happen. For example..if you're a virgin with no sexual experience women..constantly thinking this will sustain this situation forever..because thinking you're a virgin.. and thinking you have no attraction skills..WILL make that stays exactly like this (this is what reality is for you, and you don't want it to change ...).
It's only when you change your mindset.. and everyday think positively about the situation.. instead of focusing on the negative that it will change.
  The fundamental rule is that whatever you feel and think will inevitably be attracted.
You can't decide that certain thoughts won't impact you..and some other will.
Usually we try to do that by resisting something and labelling it wrong..hoping it won't happen.
Doing that has a higher chance of making it happen though..since that's all you're thinking about ...

You have to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.
Everytime you think negatively, force yourself to think positively for double that time. You would be surprised of how quickly some things can change.. other may take weeks/months or years.. and that's ok too.
Even if nothing change. It still doesn't matter,
Because when you think positively.. you're happy ... I did that without knowing it for a very long time now.
It really works when I look to my past.. but I never did it consciously.  That's what I've been fully conscious today..because I REALLY REALLY didn't want what I thought about to happen..
But at that moment I also realized that everytime I proceeded like this.. it was just not working.. and did the opposite most of the time.
So I decided to try something else, something I read (same as above) in "Ask and it is given". In about 20 minutes I felt happy..even though the situation didn't change at all.
It's not easy to do at first..because in a wicked way, you don't want to feel positively when you're that low.
Now I have no idea if it's too late or not, but it doesn't matter because I'm good internally regardless.
I also know that even if it's too late..I will manifest it later again.
Everytime I will feel this way I can flip it the other way around now. You can use this just to feel good too..not just when you're sad
20 minutes of positive vizualisation everyday will skyrocket your happiness level.

You can do it too.  and I wish you do  .. because you can have everything you want if you do this (doesn't mean it will be easy or free of effort).
Not only that..but the most important point is that you will be happy regardless of what happens.
Of course it won't happen directly  like I said it can take time.. sometimes a lot  but it WILL happen. I don't exactly know why it works.. my guess is that it's because in realit. what you want is already happening/happened for infinity.
God already experienced/is experiencing it an infinite number of times, and since you are God, it doesn't make any difference if it happens or not in this limited form.
When I said God, don't think you need to be enlightened, or even super conscious, you are already God whether you are conscious or it or not.
So that will work no matter where you are on your path, you just have to have faith in it and actually do it...until it works (until you feel good/at peace). Again it doesn't matter if the thing you really want to happen..happens or not  .   you will be happy/at peace regardless.
But you have like 99.99999999999999999999% of it happening if you do it like this. You can create the dream life you want with this,
Don't underestimate this as some woo-woo New Age bullshit.
Trust me on this . Few months ago I could never believe I can have a girlfriend to fuck her brains out ..but now I'm living in this reality thanks to positive thinking.  If you have any questions. Please go ahead 
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