Smart Voice Typeing - How to Supercharge your Contemplation/Journaling

By mmKay in Personal Development -- [Main],
I wanted to share this cool feature in google docs that not many know of. Basically you have full control of the text just with your voice. You can assume what the ramifications may be for you, specially for journaling and contemplation It may get a while to get the hang of it.  Skip to minute 5 to get the gist of it.  BONUS 🤯: Speaking of journaling hacks, if you didnt know about the concept of mind mapping, check out mindmeister. It lets you organize your ideas in a more holistic way, with many levels of hierarchy and interconnectedness, way superior to a simple bullet list.  ------------------ If you are a programmer, here's a cool idea for you: build an eye tracking software that reads the word you're looking at. It has not been done yet as far as I know.  And chatgpt voice control only exists as a very crappy and rudimentary chrome extension. It could be fine tuned for a full on voice chat experience. I can't wait.    Edit: remember to turn off eye tracker text to voice when looking at n*sty human interaction online lol
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