Problem with mainstream spirituality

By Kksd74628 in Personal Development -- [Main],
Spirituality teaches you to drop your materialistic attachments, but many people misunderstood this including me. The point is not to only seek for spiritual goals like new experiences, realizations and zen mind. Yeah in life you can pursue whatever you want, but I'd suggest to you see it as a game where you have many skills and spirituality is one of them and so is success in career, physical strenght, dating and relationships, friendships etc. Don't get lost in training only one skill for your whole life, because in life you want to experience as many different things as possible and you want to be complete in all possible realms. Many people here clearly use spirituality for excuse to be loser. Read it again, you are fucking LOSER. You sit at your own home and maybe you even stink. Maybe it'd be time to start live life again and I don't mean that you should drop spirituality, because that's not the point. Instead of you should do lot of different things and gain more perspective than your pity spiritual party. I even saw one loser asking that if I am god why do I need to fuck girls, because I do it anyways in other forms. That's completely misunderstanding spirituality and self help together. First of all people on your dream are not real and second of all if you'd want to experience that you should aim to do it in first person perspective, lol. Stop trying to go the easy way always, because that way you end up being weak with very narrow life experience and boring results. That guarantees that you need to make these weird claims of I am god and I don't need to have this, lolololol. Go look into the mirror right FUCKING NOW and ask who are you trying to trick with your weird games. When you have done that you should start to realize that your life is fucking disgusting, but don't stop here crying, because I'll help you. For real I am loving guy and I want to help you, but you have to see the hard truth or you'll never change. Start making some plans what you want to achieve and you can add your meditation routine here as well as long as you don't fill the calendar only with these contemplation things. Do some type of physical activity to relight the fire inside you. You are absolutely hero, but your loser front is just covering that with all tricks. You have been poisoned. THERE IS VIRUS INSIDE YOU. YOU ARE ILL, BRO. I am just trying to trigger that loser to step away so your beautiful soul can start to smile, shine and dance to forever <3. You are not alone and this is fucking catastrophe. This is about growing amount of pussies. Join the GYM and I'll be happy to motivate you in your plans and so will others <3 -joNi- <3
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