Lecture about disclipine

By Kksd74628 in Personal Development -- [Main],
Example Think about something you'd like to achieve in middle - long term. It could be anything from 3 months to couple of years. I'll tell you that you aren't going to achieve those goals without making change in your mindset. So the key is to think when you play piano that you're pianist, when you do push ups that you're fighter and when you study that you are very smart nerd. So you have to understand that whatever you do, you must put yourself to the stake. Guy who does push ups here and there can skip some trainings, but bloody soldier can't and that's why it's extremely important to train your disclipine. Main part Disclipine is skill of doing important things regardless of how do you feel. Many spiritual people may tell you to be gentle to yourself and your body, but that's highly misunderstood. That means not to believe your weaknesses, hate yourself or do anything stupid which could cause suffering in the long run. It isn't excuse card to pass training, work or studying when you feel low. Spirituality doesn't equal laziness, but that's something that you came up with yourself. The whole point is to have best life possible and if you can't achieve your dreams then don't kid with me that you'd have the best life possible, because you obviously don't. The main reason why people lack disclipine is that they lack vision of what they want and how they are going to achieve that in the future. In life you shouldn't wish things which you could have anyways. I mean you could wish, but at least don't sit on your sofa thinking that possibilities come knock at your door. When you start actually living this life FOR REAL and dropping your stupid expectations away you'll build yourself again way stronger than you ever thought was even possible. Think about your plans every day and do things which you need to do in order to have those.  You have to learn to appreciate the path and the journey, because those are the only things you have at the end of the day. When you really like achieving something the results come faster than you thought. If you only do what you do to guarantee that you don't need to do it in the future then your mindset and goals are shitty. The goal is not to reach state where you can be lazy again, but to appreciate the joy of work so much that you don't mind doing it. Actually you will fall in love with your life and you can enjoy it by being and doing and that's the correct way to be happy always. End words Maybe it's kind of oldish, but I really believe doing couple push ups a day builds your male energy, disclipine and drive in life so I challenge you to do at least 100 push ups daily without breaking your streak. Time can't be your excuse, because last time I did 100 push ups it took me about 50 seconds so stop fucking crying and start pushing yourself. The goal is to make you soldier and fighter who achieves whatever you want from your life. So I really would be proud of you if you'd take 5 minutes to do as many push ups as you can and post your result here. With love -joNi-
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