Master your energy by -joNi-

By Kksd74628 in Personal Development -- [Main],
Opening Every human being has 2 weapons that are used to reach values. They are swords that need to be sharpened and learned to use to actually be useful. Without them you can't go to war and even if you tried you'd just lose without standing a chance. It feels very weak if you don't have these swords mastered or even evolved and therefore your self-esteem will automatically be crap no matter what. What soldier does when he isn't fighting? He is working on himself to be at his peak when the next round comes up. That includes rest and training. Training in this scenario is mastering your 2 weapons. These weapons are conquering the world (male energy) and surrending to the greater (female energy). These energies feel extremely good and you cannot just grasp what level goodness I am even talking about. Without male energy nothing beautiful couldn't ever be built and without female energy nothing beautiful couldn't ever be appreciated. It would be total idiocy to try go without both or one of those, because it'd obviously wouldn't work in any reality whatsover. They're equally important, because satisfaction is product of those 2. Training season, my babe Training male energy is all about pushing you more and more every day. It's learning to see how powerful you truly are and that you are infinitely capable in whatever you do. The key concept here is attention to feeling like immortal beast while doing your tasks. This is the part where almost everyone fails. Doing things and not being lazy is only requirement in being able to spot the energy and itself is not enough for anything. It's not endless grinding to do, but you start appreciating the work afterwards. Training female enegy is surrending to the feelings completely. Don't fight back, because the best thing in the universe is to embody the feelings. It doesn't matter if you are going to feel sad, scared, weak, orgasmic, loved or anything else because the bad stuff goes away when you give enough attention to it and good stuff just goes to the next level. The key concept here is to approach everything with humility and knowledge that the feeling is always stronger than you, but you aren't against it, but on the same side instead.  Songs that explain these energies well imo When you listen to these songs try to feel what I described before. You'll find it within you, trust me. Male energy     Female energy With love -joNi- :´)
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