Reply to Will the progressive movement ever win in the future or has it become a lost cause?

By Eph75,
@Hardkill The answer to this is simple. Of course, there can't be anything else, and there never was anything else.  Progressive has always won every fight throughout history, always.  What is progressive morphs, and adapts itself to become more effective to bring about change that is needed. In that sense the progressives are just running the errands of human development and how that development is destined to unfold itself. It's only when one's time perspective is myopic, and with impatience and lack of understanding how much time evolving society takes, that you fail to see that this is inevitable, and has always been.  You can compare it with a stock index chart and how it's always moving upward even when times, from a myopic perspective, look grim and the economy appears to be a slaughter house. The next low is progressively higher than the previous lows.  Same with this.  At times the movement stagnate, plateaous, to build up pressure to make a stronger leap.  At times, it takes multiple low lows to build that strengths and find the version of adaptation, progressive self-correction and self-improvement, that allows progress to ensue. It's the myopic perspective and emotional attachment to change needing to happen sooner than later that brings about doubt in the human system's capability to ever evolve developmentally.  And yes, the sad part of this is that you and everyone else are just cogs in a system that doesn't guarantee you living the change you long for. Just as the children and children's children of today's generation will experience the exact same feelings as you do; the desire to realize their desired changes in their current society. And so progressives progresses. It's only the being in this moment, in this time, and trying to find an expression that can influence this systemtic machinery in any way possible that helps accelerate this process, to help building a perceived better tomorrow, for someone, not necessarily for you, but for our children, and our children's children.  Find inspiration, motivation and joy in that, to stay optimistic and supporting rather than resisting that progress.