Reply to Life Post Awakening (Human state + Enlightened state)

By GreenWoods,
Spiritual Bliss I think spiritual bliss has these 3 main causes:   1. Shakti Bliss Shakti energy in your body causes bliss. It also makes your body sensations feel more and more like bliss. Ways to increase your baseline shakti: - (1) by having a high baseline void dimension  In my experience, the higher my void dimension, the higher the shakti bliss. How to increase your baseline void dimension: Link   - (2) by having an awakened kundalini  How to awaken your kundalini: Shaktipat transmissions high void dimension  advanced invocations, psychedelics, shamanic breathing, whole body orgasms, kriya supreme fire  and least effective; kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, meditation    - (3) by receiving Shaktipat transmissions  in person intensives online live transmissions  recorded video or audio transmissions during meditation and during as much of your daily activities (including sleep) as possible  Jan Esmann and Gareth have the strongest shaktipat in my opinion.     - (4) by doing Invocations of Ascended Masters The higher the shakti of an ascended master the better. The higher your energetic sensitivity, the stronger Invocations and transmissions become. How to: Link   Keep in mind that shakti energy is different from just prana or chi, or the energy of most transmissions and invocations. Prana or chi is not blissful. In case your prana or chi ever turns blissful (for example through kriya yoga) then that's because of shakti, probably due to activating the kundalini.  At least that's my current understanding.        2. Acceptance  The higher your unconditional acceptance, the higher your spiritual bliss. I talked about that in the previous post. How to increase your acceptance skill: willingness to accept what you don't like ego surrender  presence, mindfulness and self-awareness  void dimension (a high void dimension makes surrender and acceptance a lot easier. Acceptance is actually a natural effect of a high void dimension)       3. Enlightenment  Being conscious of non-dual nature increases bliss. The more profound your enlightened state, the higher the bliss. The level of profoundness depends on: illumination dimension  void dimension  magnitude dimension  which facets of awakening you're conscious of surrender and deconstruction of the ego mind.       - Summary So these are the main causes for spiritual bliss: shakti (energetic state) acceptance (mind state) enlightenment (consciousness state)   - Other causes for spiritual bliss  sense of purpose  open heart chakra  healed traumas being present ...