Synchronicity that blew my mind

By Asayake in Spirituality, Consciousness, Awakening, Mysticism, Meditation, God,
A couple of weeks ago I had a crazy synchronicity that just proved to me once again that life just can't be random and it gave me more motivation to further intensify my investigation of what the heck actually is going on here ... I was at a friends place to meet another friend that has moved to another city to study music and he was back in town for a couple of days to meet up with some friends(me being one of them). We both share a deep passion for music. When the night was nearing its end and we were walking home from our friends place we were doing an ear training exercise together where one person says a specific musical interval(two notes with a difference in pitch between them is called an interval in music theory), and the other person sings the two notes that makes up said interval to see if one is able to recall what the specific interval asked for sounds like by ear. We were saying(and singing) a few different intervals to each other, both of us succeeding at recalling certain intervals as well as failing to recall other ones. The last interval we did before stopping our little game and parting ways was me asking my friend to sing an interval known as a major 6th. He succeeded to do so and I could hear what he sung was correct, not because I really recalled what that interval sounded like myself, but because a song came to mind that I used to play on piano in high school, a jazz song called "Days Of Wine And Roses". That song starts with a major 6th interval and so I recalled how the interval he sung sounded because it sounded like the first notes of the song I used to play. I hadn't thought of that song for many years and figured I should listen to it once I get home. Noteworthy is that I didn't play piano in high school other than a couple of songs(Days Of Wine And Roses being one of them), my main instrument was bass. My friend only plays piano, he studies classical piano but has never played any jazz piano himself. We part ways and I go home to my apartment. When I'm at home at my apartment I am thinking of Days Of Wine And Roses. I'm about to go search for it on Spotify to listen to it. Then I recall, Better Call Sauls final season is out. I had completely forgot about it and was excited to watch the first episode. I close Spotify and open Netflix to start watching episode 1. I see the name of the first episode: "Wine and Roses". That's a funny synchronicity I thought to myself. I press play. Music starts playing, wait a minute... it's Days Of Wine And Roses!! The intro song to the final season is freaking Days Of Wine And Roses!! I had to pause the episode to just take in the absurdity of it all. WTF?! LOL Rewind a couple of weeks earlier, the same friend had just finished watching the TV Series Breaking Bad, which I told him he should watch. He loved it. We were chatting about it back then and I told him he should watch Better Call Saul(The Breaking Bad prequel) next because he in particular loved the character that's the main character of that show. He said he will make sure to do so. I thought this was interesting to bring up, because me and my friend both share the domains of music and the breaking bad universe in our lives. But the blindspots of said shared domains(he has not seen Better Call Saul, has not listened Days Of Wine And Roses or jazz music in general)… seems like a funny coincidence. Thinking about this a couple of weeks later, I'm still speechless, WTF is this? LOL  
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