King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

By GrandeOrso in High Consciousness Resources,
I am currently reading this book from Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, I find it extremely illuminating and a great model to view reality. It talks about the four main archetypes of men, but before, it talks about those of the boy and the way they should evolve into a mature man.  Every archetype has shadow sides, passive and active.  Did Leo ever shoot an episode about this? He should. This is marvelous!  Most important thing is that we are at all times incarnating an archetype or its shadow side. In every situation. So if you don't like how you behaved, you can think about what kind of energy you were representing. Were you too aggressive, so maybe The Sadist, the shadow side of the Warrior? How would a noble king have behaved? (Very interesting the idea of the king, that is actually in service of its people. Much like in LOTR) You can find it for free on libgen.  
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