Has anyone read The Path Of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz?

By fopylo in Self-Help Product & Book Reviews,
I must say that this is one of the most eye opening books I've ever read, like EVER. Seriously this book goes in depth about our structural orientation in life. Talks a lot about the difference between the reactive-responsive orientation and the creative orientation. Anyway he talks about the importance of focusing on what you want, or at least, be true to yourself about what you want and know that. He says that at any given moment you could answer the question "What do I want?" Now the problem that many people face is trying to find the "What" in "What do I want", by trying to look deep inside them, trying to search deep within their soul. This process doesn't work since you're essentially trying to solve a problem, trying to eliminate your barriers. The author says that the way you find your what is that you simply make it up. You simply make up what you want. This notion can be quite unusual, and I still find it hard to 'make up' what I want and still have the tendency to try to search deep inside. For anyone with a very good understanding on this matter, I'd like to understand what he meant, and it would be even better if you had read that book
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