Using Subliminals for Manifestation (Guide)

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Subs (=subliminals) are affirmations that are not audible to the conscious mind, because the affirmations are either too silent, ultrasonic, too sped up or layered. Thus they bypass the critical/analytical mind and go straight to the subconscious. - Benefits over normal affirmations: bypasses critical mind affirmations can be sped up and layered like crazy, thus subs can be more powerful ultrasonic (silent) subs can be listened even while doing stuff like studying without distracting you   - 1.  My Results I got into subliminals around 6 weeks ago, and have been listening to them on average around 19 hours daily during the first 3 weeks, and around 10 hours daily during the past 3 weeks. Results so far: positive impact on my sleep yoga practice. (more detail in a future post) visualizations are slightly more vivid I had caught a cold. I felt like I was going to get ill in the evening. My head was a bit hot. I slept. In the morning I had this typical feeling of being ill. But I didn't have very strong cold symptoms. I listened for 1 hour to health subliminals. Then I felt slightly better, then I slept 3 hours. And then I was basically almost back to normal. I never had such a quick recovery. I also had been having a small itchy rash on my hand for around 2 weeks. When I woke up from these 3 hours of sleep (after the 1 h of listening to the health subliminals) it was almost fully gone. (btw the health subs were from "Absolute Power Subliminals" and "Ataraxy") Deeper non-dual baseline consciousness meditations are slightly deeper better dream recall dreams are slightly more vivid During the first week I saw very faint DMT imagery in the dark. Similiar to those I saw on day 2 on my dark room retreat. During the past weeks it has occured only rarely.  I feel physically stronger subconscious change. I feel like this has been the biggest benefit so far, but it's difficult to explain. So far I've been mostly listening to booster subs, in order to make more fundamental changes to my subconscious, and it works. It's of course difficult to pinpoint the exact cause for results, particularly if you do many different things at once. I listed only the results that I believe were due to the subliminals, or only to the extend that I guess is due to the sibliminals.     - 2.  Factors for Success How quickly subs work, or whether they work at all is highly individual. It could literally be instant, or take several years. Here are the 3 biggest factors: baseline consciousness (in terms of awakening/non-duality) natural law of attraction living: faking/pretending as though you already live your dream reality. Not necessarily your actions, but beliefs, thoughts, emotions etc.  This should be like an underlying knowing energy that is always present, in the background (conscious or unconscuous). It takes a lot of practice and intuition to get this right. But it is probably the most powerful component of manifestation. For that, it is also useful to implant false memories. For example, visualize having nondual experiences in the past, and then implant them there. Repeat and try to convince yourself it actually happened. There is no metaphysical difference between the imagination of a 'real' memory and the imagination of a fake memory. If you manage to more or less BS yourself, this practice can be quite powerful. your suggestibility/receptivity and sensitivity - and more factors: law of attraction practices (visualizations, dream board, etc) subconscious resistance how strong your beliefs are your power How much booster subs you are currently listening to How much you have already been listening to subs. If you have already listened much to booster subs, these affirmations are already well ingrained in your subconscious and change is easier quality of your subs power/strength of the resistance/obstacle. For example, if you have an illness, this illness has a certain power.  other manifestation factors (intent of others ; help by spirits ; astrological influences ; genetics; karma and past lives ; ...) following the tips I'll mention later   Basically, manifestation works like that: If: The power of positive factors (subs + law of attraction + other factors + wordly actions like going to a doctor + ....) > The power of negative factors (blockages + negative habits + power of the obstacle (eg illness) + ....) =  Desired Manifestation       - 3.  Levels of effective listening: Listening without paying conscious attention while doing other stuff like reading, cooking, etc. I guess listening during sleep is also in this category, but probably more effective Listening + consciously paying attention to it. Preferably sitting (or lying) and eyes closed. Put your attention on the sound you hear (from the subliminal). Conscious attention is power!! Several possibilities: Be conscious that the noise is not just some meaningless noise, but is made up of many many meaningful affirmations. Put your attention on the sound. And try to visualize or conceptualize how this is entering your body. How it permeates every cell, every atom of your body and makes permanent changes there. Permanently changing your DNA. Also try to visualize or conceptualize how it enters your subconscious and makes permanent changes there as well. Do the Manifestation visualization: visualize having your goal (it should match with the sub you are listening. If you listen to an ideal reality sub then you can obviously visualize anything). Try to kind of superimpose your goal onto your body. You can do that visually (perhaps finding one image that represents your goal) or conceptually or just by knowing. And intend it, actually will it, to permeate every cell, every atom of your body and that it makes permanent changes there. Permanently changing your DNA. Do the same for how it enters your subconscious and makes permanent changes there as well. This visualisation is a very powerful manifestation practice.  Try to do both of the above at once   -  4.  Tips Listen to subs by "Absolute Power Subliminals" (=APS). I believe they are the most powerful. They are sped up and layered like crazy.  bundle some of your subs you can also bundle your subs with 1 brainwave entrainment audio and most subs can be bundled with energetically programmed fields audios During the first few weeks, I recommend you mainly listen to booster subs. Such that these affirmations get really welll ingrained. If the subs are sped up and layered, you should listen to the wav format, and not mp3. Listening on youtube is probably fine. In case you download then you should definitely download them in wav. The best way to listen to wav audios might be mp3 player + overear headphones. But listening on other devices works too, as far as I know. But you might wanna check whether your device and music player app can play the wav quality.  Don't listen to 100 different subs. Listen only to a few. Repetition of affirmations is key. always listen during the night. 8h exposure without effort. So definetly do it. If the subs are too distracting, either listen to more quiet ones (like those from APS and wabbajack) or ultrasonic at least 1 day break every 2 weeks Every now and then you might wanna take a break for several weeks (if you have the intuition to do so). Some people report great results doing that. drink more water than usual APS has stronger versions of some of his subs on patreon (for free) Some subs are available in ultrasonic (silent) as well. (some subs by Ataraxy and APS. On patreon). Don't listen the whole day. Your subconscious needs rest to process the affirmations. I wouldn't recommend listening while being exposed to something negative like watching a negative movie. But theoretically, it should be relativelly fine, because subs usually have extra affirmations that make sure only desired stuff manifests. Additionally you can listen to energetically programmed fields. This will hit stuff from yet another angel. Just listening to  this booster once a day could be enough. I also listen to this and sometimes this. I mainly listen to booster subs. If these affirmations are fully ingrained you might not even have to listen to any subs anymore. always start with suggestibility subs, then boosters, (then manifestation or ideal reality subs), then normal subs for a specific topic If you listen to subs less than 15 hours daily, consider listening to affirmation repeater subs. Like this from APS. read comments on youtube. APS and Solar Subs usually have comments with people sharing great results. If you are in a phase of doubting the effectivity of subs (or are generally sceptical of subs), read youtube comments of success stories (APS and solar subs have most success comments). read through reddit posts for further research enthusiasm can begood. During the first 3 weeks I was very enthusiastic about subs. I believe most changes happened then.  General manifestation advice like being detached from results   - 5.   More Tips: - Make listening more effective by increasing receptivity/ suggestibility: listen to suggestibility and receptivity subs exhaustion (running for 2-5 min ; working out ; ...) weed tired or sleep deprived when sick after eating a large meal after ejaculation enter trance improve your suggestibility long-term by practicing Self-Hypnosis.   - Make listening more effective by increasing personal power: Mainly through presence. But it can also be increased by meditation in general and concentration And this could possibly also increase power: masturbation (building up sexual energy), breathwork, breath hold, kriya supreme fire   - How to listen to several subs at once: bundle them into one sub, with an app like audacity listen in multiple youtube tabs at once listen on multiple devices at once listen in apps which can play music even when music plays in other apps as well. Like "Music Speed Changer" or " Rocket Player". (go into settings and choose the option that allows for simultaneous playing)     - 6.   Bundling Layering/bundling subs over each other sounds very good because you can be exposed to FAR more affirmations that way. For example, the extra strength version of APS's Concordia booster has around 1 million affirmations and they are repeated 1.8×e^4240 times per second. There is a huge debate whether layered and sped up subs still work. The mainstream understanding is that the subconscious can't process the affirmations anymore, and the subs therefore are useless. But there are many who are convinced that the subconscious does understand them and they therefore work. Here is an answer from the guy from APS (Absolute Power Subliminals) to someone asking him about that: "   [read that article!!]  Experiments have shown that humans can possibly sense things on a quantum (super-small, generally pure vibrational or energetic) scale. If we can sense something, that means that it was processed by the subconscious mind meaning that the subconscious is capable of processing much more information than most people seem to realize. This would also contradict the commonly accepted belief that the subconscious is only capable of processing ~40 million pieces of information per second. Sound is formed by vibrations in the audible frequency range and vibrations are also energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed meaning that even with tons of layering and speeding the information carried by the sound isn't lost. The sound vibrations (and the information they carry) just get more and more compressed together. Subconscious reprogramming can also be called re-patterning. Re-patterning means that your subconscious patterns are being changed and this is done through repetition priming. The more you repeat the affirmations, the faster the subconscious patterns change which leads to changing your beliefs, thoughts, mindsets and everything else that makes you, you. This knowledge caused me to realize that affirmations can be sped up by a lot and still be effective, which is something I tested on myself for a while. I started feeling subliminals kick in faster the more times the affirmations were repeated. Subliminals don't normally kick in until the re-patterning is starting to happen which lead me to believe that the amount of repetitions per second directly correlates to the speed of re-patterning. Right now, I'm actually on a mission to figure out how many times the affirmations need to be repeated to make the subconscious fully re-pattern as quickly as possible. I've continued to speed and layer the Concordia booster after releasing it to the public and right now the version I'm using is at 4.4e3063 repetitions per second. It feels a lot stronger which means that I'm getting closer to figuring this out so I'm continuing to layer and speed further for as long as it takes to figure out exactly how many repetitions cause instant re-patterning. It won't be 100% accurate, of course, because the Concordia booster has over 1 million affirmations and subliminals with less affirmations probably won't need to be repeated as much but it will give me a general idea. I have a gut feeling that I'll only need to get the amount of repetitions to the X.Ye5000 range but the only way I'll know for sure is by testing that idea and it could take me a while to get there".   Many people get results from sped up subliminals. Pretty much all the subs I listen to are sped up and layered, so all my results are from these subs. I doubt very much that it's purely placebo.  During the first weeks, I listened almost only to bundles (or at the same time through different means like apps). Usually 3-10 subs in one bundle. currently I listen around 50% solo and 50% bundles. Because i listen mainly to APS and I guess they are already layered enough lol (but he said most of them can be boundled further (those that don't contain codes)). And just to be safe, in case bundling them harms the quality in any way. Also, if you listen to only one sub, the affirmations are more focused. But I do recommend listening to bundles and layered subs, I believe it makes progress faster. - Beware when listening to subs at once: affirmations shouldn't clash/condradict each other. Like one sub for blue eyes and one sub for green eyes (yes, even stuff like eye color change is possible. But rather difficult. Yet there are people who manage it by using subs). In case they do clash, it just means that progress will be slowed down for these affirmations. The affirmations with more power will eventually succeed. don't bundle subs which have codes.  One sub with a code is fine, but not more. I believe APS always mentions codes in the description, if codes are used in the sub. If I remember right, for example Concordia has codes, while optimal reality, desired reality, multidimensional time booster and suggestibility have no codes. Some of Ataraxy's have codes too. Possibly all of them and it's just not mentioned, idk. If the subs are energetically programmed you might also consider not bundling them. For example Clockworkers recent subs. In the description it is made clear that they should not be bundled. As far as I know, APS subs are not energetically programmed, at least not in a way that prevents bundling them.     - 7.  Some good subs Imo, APS has the most poweful subliminals. Wabbajack and Ataraxy also have good subliminals. And Clockworker and Solar Subs also seem to have good ones.  There are basically two kind of subs. Booster subs and subs which address a specific goal/topic like for example lucid dreaming. The booster subs can be divided into theses categories: - Increase suggestability    - Booster The concordia booster could well be the most powerful sub on earth, haha. The stronger version of the Concordia booster:   - Manifestation and ideal reality.    - subs for specific topics/goals Just search for the topic on youtube. I also listen to some of Ataraxy's subs that are only available on patreon. For example micro and the one that has the benefits of all the angel numbers.     If you have any tips, experiences or questions, post them below!
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