Metal Gear Solid 2, made in 2001.

hoodrow trillson
By hoodrow trillson,
Woah!   Due to lockdown and quarantine I decided to replay some old games just for fun.  One of these was MGS2 for the PS2 released in 2001 produced by Hideo Kojima.  One of my favorite games ever!  When I got to this codec scene and I watched it again almost 20 years later--the resemblance to society right now is... uncanny?  Kojima is a creative genius.  I will admit, I was actually a little creeped out because when I played this as a teen, this scene just sounded like gibberish to me.  Now though, I see parallels?   For context, the Colonel on the left is an ally and your boss and helping the guy on the right (Raiden aka you the player) overthrow a group of people known as the PATRIOTS.  The Colonel in the codec radio turns out to be an advanced AI the entire damn time.  Your boss turns out to be a artificial intelligence and you've been running through all these missions to end up being duped.  Raiden turns out to be a pawn all along, and learns the extent of how the AI they used him and how they came to be. It touches on access of information, data, digital life, privacy, human rights, truths and lies, etc.  If you have 8 mins of time, check this out!  Remember, this was made in 2001!