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By Carl-Richard,
4 years ago, back when I was addicted to weed, I went for a week without smoking. The result was the most intense dream I've ever had. I still remember everything to this day:

I was in a space ship with three other friends, circling a dark planet with earth-like conditions. Everything was going fine, but suddenly we experienced technical problems. We had no idea what to do as we slowly breached the atmosphere while the ship was shaking violently and speeding up.

As we were hurdling towards the surface while engulfed in a ball of fire, struggling to make a controlled landing and thinking we were all going to die, we somehow survived the crash. Now, for what felt like at least 300 years of being alive, we were stuck in a Hunger Games type of situation where we had to fight to survive by creating tools, hunting animals and building better and better shelter on this completely alien and night-ridden planet.

After a while, our tools became very advanced, and we discovered new types of technology, effectively creating a new civilization with divine standards of living. As this new world was flourishing and I had time to relax, I decided to sit down and just marvel at the beauty of it all, and then I was struck by this incredible insight:

Everything that had happened up to that point was just one part of an infinite series of simulated realities made by aliens for the purpose of creating new types of technology, by essentially exploiting the creative potential of the human mind. As this all dawned on me, I woke up in my bed (still inside the dream), and I started scribbling down notes about what happened, even drawing the insides of the space ship that had crashed. Then I actually woke up for real, and all I could say was: "....What... the... fuck...." It was so intense that I actually struggled to accept that my waking life was my real life for a moment. I've never tried Salvia, but the feeling after waking up certainly reminded me of those types of descriptions (of having lived an entire lifetime in an alternate reality).

I just wanted to write this down somewhere after all this time