A psilocybin playlist - essential for good trips

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For my first trip of Lsd, I listened to a psilocybin playlist which was being used by Imperial College London for their study on using psilocybin to cure depression. The music is exquisite and shaped the experience. The playlists have been complied by Mendel Kaelan a neuroscientist at Imperial who has researched the effects of music for people on psychedelics. Mendel Kaelen is probably best known in the world when it comes to created playlists for psychedelic work.: e.g., LSD modulates music-induced imagery via changes in parahippocampal connectivity," by Mendel Kaelen et al. is published in the European Neuropsychopharmacology. Here he is an interveiw:   "These playlists are specially designed so the lengths are matched to that of a psilocybin journey and take into account the various stages of a trip such as onset, ascent, peak, return. There are variations on this depending on the creator of the playlist." The playlists are available on Spotify, as well as from Wavelengths, a company founded by Kaelan: The one I listened to, a playlist used by my guide/sitter, is available here on Spotify. It is somehow perfect for a psychedelic journey. It is called Psychedelic Therapy Playlist 1.  
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