A Simple Guide to Emotional Re-Integration and Healing

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Hey guys, I wanted to share a process with you that has greatly benefitted me... and might be of use to some of you.   What is emotional Re-Integration? Well, did you ever wander why there are thoughts in your head which are "impure"? Did you ever notice uncomfortable tension in your body? Are you afraid/angry/... more than you would like? I was (and still am to some degree).   So why is all that the case? What I found through direct experience including an AL-LAD trip (and some external pointers) is that there are certain (unpleasant) memories in us which are supressed or repressed. Basically it's all the stuff we or our mind wants us to forget bc. it hurts/doesn't serve our survival. Problem is that these memories are like splinters of yourself. It's like you left a part of yourself behind. And that part of you causes trouble in the subconscious and your daily life. No situation makes one angry. You yourself make yourself angry.   Let me give you an example of my personal life: I had/have a lot of anger inside of my psyche. For 20 years of my life (maybe past lifes, who knows) I kept it down through aggressive workouts, running long distances and listening to hard music. However this only releases the utmost pressure. It's like releasing the pressure of a pressure cooker once. The water keeps boiling. The workouts and the music keep perpetuating the anger, even though I seem kind and calm to the world.   What needs to happen is a re-integration of the part of yourself which causes the emotion (Hint: The emotion might want to tell you something). So here is the technique (I will use my anger as an example again):
   Lie down and keep breathing continuously. Breathe in and let go in a comfortable fession and do not stop (this is important as some memories which come up will be so painful that you will stop breathing).

Feel your body - How do you feel?

Example: I feel agitation in the left side of my belly.

  What is that?

Example: It's anger.

  Feel it out. Take your time.

  Is there all there is or is this emotion a cover up? You can leave this question out in the beginning, however I find it very helpful.

Example: Yes, it's a cover up. It's my response to not being able to change a rejection I had to face.

  What is the underlying emotion? This takes some practice. Focus on the feeling.

Example: It's shame.

  When was the last time I felt that emotion?

Example: When I was rejected by a girl I wanted to talk to.

  Optional: Does this emotion/memory want to teach me something?

  When was the first time I felt this emotion? If no memories come up, don't worry. The most important thing here is to not make stuff up. If something comes, good.

A further point of note: When you experience a memory, does it show in 1st or 3rd person? 3rd person implies a deeper split in consciousness.

Example: A memory comes up where a kindergarten teacher yells at me for something I may or may not have done wrong.
  Step into the scene as your current self. Don't go back in "time", take the memory in to the present. What would the splintered part of you want in that situation in order to feel whole again? Let your intuition and heart guide you. Try things out and see how they feel. You'll know when completion is reached again.

Example: I stepped in between my kid-self and the kindergarten teacher. It felt "righteous" but not right. Hugged myself and took myself home. No change...

Then, I let the memory take its course and talked to my kid-self after the scene: "Hey, you know its all alright, do you? You know why? Because I still love you." - That's it! Energy surges through the system. Physical tension and deep blockages open up in my belly. A light feeling of levitation sets in. The session is complete.   This was one recent example of how this process works. I will provide a video which describes a similar one which this one is largely based on. The most important thing is to FEEL and to let your intuition guide you. Don't force it, let it happen! One further note: You could get really granular with all the terms used here. I would just want to make two points clear: Healing vs. Re-integration: Healing implies sickness. You are not healing yourself. Nothing is wrong, broken or bad. You are simply welcoming a part of yourself home.
  Good vs. bad emotions: Again, there is NOTHING wrong with the way you feel. There is no need to change anything, it's just a matter of re-integration.   In short the process is the following: Feel your body - What do you feel? Describe it to yourself and label it. When was the last time you felt that emotion? When was the first time you felt it? Change the scene mentally until completion is reached.   Lastly, here is the video (I know that there is more than one opinion on Teal Swan, however the process is legit):   If you have any questions or comments, please share.  Cheers! 
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