“Glands are chakra centers!”

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“Glands are chakra centers! ?????? (MIND/SPIRIT/EMOTIONS)  Thyroid/parathyroid: mind  Your thyroid gland is how you perceive yourself (self-esteem) people that have thyroid issues tend to also have low self-esteem issues. This has been looked at from iridologist dealing with cases to find this subjective reasoning. After reviewing cases of people that have had thyroid problems dealing with how they review themselves in their mind-body have improved the mind with improving how they view themselves and their self-esteem greatly improved (they got their power back) it makes sense because those that have hyperthyroid function tend to be underweight because they quickly metabolize their food which makes it easy to burn fat and when the thyroid is hyperactive a person tends to be underweight which can cause self-esteem issues. Same goes for a person that has a hypo functioning thyroid. (Slow oxidizes) slow metabolism meaning this person digest their foods very slow and tends to store fat and burn slowly. A person that is overweight is going to have mental self-esteem issues.  Parathyroid gland. This gland helps the body utilize calcium and when the body fails to utilize calcium a person can struggle with their mental body as well when it comes to depression. This is when the mind is crippled and struggling to achieve personal happiness and contentment in life. When the parathyroid is down in people then mental problems can become a result and this information has been gathered from the case after case of people that have weakness in the parathyroid that depression becomes an ongoing struggle. Those that detox the body and bring restoration to the parathyroid gland experience improvements with utilizing calcium and find improvements with overcoming depression.  Adrenal glands. This gland is linked to your emotional body. The adrenal glands control the nervous system through Neurotransmitters, hormones and steroids and the like. When the nervous system goes down whether that’s neurotoxins that enter the body, stimulants, stress, lifestyle regarding stress then anxiety becomes a result and the emotional body is greatly affected. Those that have adrenal weakness tend to worry, stress, shut down, hold onto fear, overthink, feel inferior to others, could be shy, timid and anti-social as a result. Tragedy, stress, toxic environment, relationship loss, deaths, etc can stimulate the adrenals in a fight or flight mode and when the adrenals produce too much hormone tend to fall asleep, and fatigue kicks in, sadness kicks in, and emotional instability takes place.  Pineal gland. This is your spiritual awareness gland also attached to the metal body but this gland goes beyond the physical mind if you will because it takes your spirit to higher dimensions. The physical body is on 3D but the spiritual body can travel to 5D and higher and when this is achieved, the intuition is activated and accessed! You get a glimpse of this every night in your dream state and the more you strengthen your pineal gland the more intuitive downloads you can achieve and experience. When the pineal gland is blocked from being damaged by the chemistry that is corrosive (ACIDS) then the pineal gland struggles to produce DMT. This hormone or molecule if you will is mostly produced when you portal into this realm (birth) and when the physical body dies and the spiritual body leaves it.  People that are trapped in this 3rd dimension but are spiritual giants from higher dimensions but dealing with karmic refinement or here to help 3D souls ascend to greater higher dimensions tend to be attracted to plants that activate the pineal gland!!! This plants contain DMT and take the body into the Astro world’s and disconnect the mind and spirit from this karmic dualistic realm they are trapped in. I DON’T BLAME THEM! it’s a struggle being spiritually awakened and embracing the now state in this world run by the negative forces! I’m experiencing this realization myself and open to finding balance with playing in creation that has put these spiritually conscious plants here on earth to take the mind and spirit out of body to bring forth higher stages of spiritual development and help with not taking this earthly realm so serious because remember the soul cannot die only the body that inhabits it.  The pineal gland has become calcified and damaged by environmental pollutants, and society is driven programming! 
The negative forces purposely put poison in the water, food, and air to block the flow of energy that activates this gland to bring forth awareness and consciousness but they will not win!!! because this astrological age of information and awareness will triumph over the negative forces!!! Manifest, visualize and focus on positive things, surround yourself around soul family, love, give, and create no separation in your spiritual existence and energize your human Vessel and detoxify your body and the head will drain and the pineal gland will decalcify and your spiritual awareness will expand and your love will expand as well as a result!  Things you can do to strengthen your glands and your body systemically!?  For one, you need to pay attention to what you eat (fork to mouth) there only two sides to chemistry regarding what you put in your mouth and what you put on your skin. ACID/BASE Acidic foods will not only damage the glands but every cell in your body and acids cause stagnation and congestion on your lymphatic system, the human trash can system that holds onto your waste you accumulate and if you don’t properly drain this fluid base system in your body (LARGEST ONE) then acids, toxins, chemicals and the like will find homes in cells and acids will chew on cells and damage tissue causing systemic dysfunctions and our mind-body, emotional body, and spiritual body will be affected as a result.  Adopt a living foods plant-based diet (fruit-based) vibrate with soul family people to feed your soul and grow your soul, meditate, get to know your astrology expression, get outside in nature and ground, get those light codes in your eyes from the sun, yoga can help with lymphatic flow and encourage energetic expression that activate pineal function, relax the adrenal glands which help emotional stability, and feed your soul work knowledge and positivity and manifest love and understanding with positive understanding and protect your environment and hold onto faith you won’t be stuck and will be rewarded through attracting what you want to achieve because this is you-universal law and the power of intention and manifestation!” Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian  
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