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Loving Radiance
By Loving Radiance,
Blog video Back From 2 Month Break, Updates (upload February 5th 2020) Balance of creative work & rest Possibility of getting oversatiated from over consuming personal development / spiritual content to the point of just consuming it this results in not living life anymore as to not experience the whole range of life because the mind is still immersed and is not truly resting resting allows getting conscious & self-reflective of one's work by recognizing limitations from a detached birds eye view because of the contrast of work & rest Pacing oneself (resting, and working with the right endurance & speed) serves long-term sustainability of creative work output all areas of life are better to be seen through the lens of sustainability ("Is this area of my life sustainable? If not, how can I make it sustainable?") undogmatic sustainability includes exhaustive unsustainable work in one area while neglecting other areas (temporary) Looking at one's life to be an apple tree: apples are results result-oriented approach isn't healthy as only caring about the apples neglects the roots, trunk, branches, leafs... other parts of the tree are other areas of life that get neglected when one only focusses on the fruits of the work Creative work -: is counterintuitive to manual work being pragmatic & deadline oriented eats up creativity one is most creative (getting ideas & inspirations) when nothing productive is being done directed with deadlines gets practical (perfectionsism is restricted) seems to be balanced when done in cycles of: working on a project finishing the project time off & resting work with less creativity needs smaller cycles (diurnally and hebdomadally rather than biannually or annually) Innovation That what worked before will not be that which brings your work to the next level being stuck in your old ways of doing creative work will get your work outdated by the competitive innovative work of other creative people True Spirituality informs & transforms all areas of life like the way of doing creative work Role of requisite variety (RV) in life Definition from Wikipedia, "If a system is to be stable, the number of states of its control mechanism must be greater than or equal to the number of states in the system being controlled." there is not enough RV used when one is stuck on any problem not enough RV manifests in a narrow uncreative approach troubleshooting with try & error has to be so much done that success is inevitable (through lateral thinking & trying out a wide range of solutions; there's now equal/higher RV than the problem) upholding identity is something that often holds back RV find root problems in your life and apply RV - one solution will work by chance Working on projects requires focus [insert surprised pikachu face] (eliminating all distractions, creating a working environment)   [I edited & sorted points for coherency.]