The work of Byron Katie: Turning this world into heaven

How to be wise
By How to be wise,
Probably the strongest technique I have ever encountered. The work of Byron Katie is a self inquiry process like no other. It is designed to turn your life of suffering to a life in paradise. Literally. The rough process of ‘The work of Byron Katie’ is: questioning all your stressful beliefs until you have none. Now, you might think that this will take forever, as you have lots of beliefs. But actually, it’s very possible that you reach the end of the work within a year or less. Think about it: if you start ‘The work of Byron Katie’ today, then by this time next year you will be living in paradise. How? Well, simply put it, the only reason you think that this life, this world, is not the best it could be for you is because of beliefs that you have. Once those beliefs are dispelled, your life will literally be ‘perfect’. What more could you want? And the best part about this technique is that you can start to see the results today. If you do ‘The work’ for just 30 mins, already you will see that your body feels a lot lighter and far more joyful. Everyday you do ‘The work’, you will see releases on your body due to negative beliefs. And at the end, you will be a living joy. Why meditate for four years and see only average results, when you can reach the pinnacle of spirituality in just one year.  If you want to start doing the work, the book ‘Loving What Is’ will contain all the information you need to get started. This technique is like no other that you’ll encounter.