Reply to Identifying With Awareness

By AleksM,
@Serotoninluv This is the observer ego trap. When one is in the observers ego trap, it is passively observing everything. One can fall in this trap when one does mindfullness practice for a lot of time and  can stay stuck in it forever. You can be in a state where no thoughts (mental sounds) are present and still be in this ego observation trap, you can watch the thoughts, emotions and not identify with them and still stay stuck in the observer trap. When You becomes able to consciosly annahilate the ego (by devine Will, not free Will), this shows you a better sign that your enlightened. Being the observer ego is childs play compared to that. For the observing to happen, there must be an observer. Observing -> observer. Everything has already been observed. Be an active "observer" not a passive one by using Devine Will. This is what gives you True freedom. When you can do this, this manifests in the physical as you being able to effectively switch brainwaves and not get stuck in one particular brainwave range (study brainwaves). When one is being awareness, there is not a question of change but of exchange. Thank you for the question.