Why God Forgives Devilry & Evil

By Leo Gura - June 21, 2021 | 9 Comments

Why God does not punish bad people. The logic of forgiveness and love

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Joel says:

Leo, I almost made it to infinite consciousness, but as a New York Yankee baseball fan, I would have to learn to love the Boston Red Sox just as much as the Yankees, and Leo I just can’t do it. By the way, if you want to hear infinite love manifested in classical piano music, check out Alexander Malofeev YouTube. Joel

Rohini Malhotra says:

This is the essence of Vedanta, found in Vedic scriptures thousands of years ago, in India.

Wilhelm says:

I used to think of God as being judgmental. However life experience tells me more and more that judgment comes from a place of not-understanding and not-loving. Neither of those two things you may want to attribute to God – regardless of what your particular religious beliefs are.

Tatyana says:

In other words Love is acceptance or absence of resistance against anything

Max Gron says:

God bless the bad things, God bless this computer, God bless attacking my selfishness. Evil means “bad, harmful, wicked” or “boding ill”, and wicked means 1. “sinful, iniquitous, vicious, morally depraved”, and 2. (informal, often jocular) very or excessively bad, mischievous, malicious, roguish”, selfishness is just all about yourself, defined as “excessively concerned with one’s own advantage or wellbeing with disregard for others”, everyone’s self-centred, but instead of being cynical, fine, there are selfless people doing vile things like kill themselves on a cross, God never enjoyed his Son, he forsake him hoping Jesus is dead. What are you willing to cause terror for? People stabbing you for believing crap they want to grind to the dust? It’s not real truth, it’s a world of make believe and magical elves and aliens and karma and all this pure imagination. There’s no self, no identity, not only are you nothing, you’re also the perceiver and the experiencer. Why do I have to make sense of this shit? I’m not afraid to say I’m bullshitting and non-religion is the truth, fool.

Max Gron says:

Survival as a finite self, the bullshit of finitude. Having no money, no job, no kids, no pleasure or pain, nothing. What an insult to me believing in and being something! I’m not nothing! I’m so many things, I believe a lot. I don’t want nothingness, I don’t want being, I want being: being religious, being successful, being self-serving, feeling good, serving my agenda, being hectic, being a smoker. I don’t believe in nothing, goodbye, Leo, I will never do nothing again. Nothingness is a sin!

Max Gron says:

Leo, don’t pretend you know nothing about money, you’ve got a lot of money, you love it, you even preach money, has it ever occurred to you that money is materialism, and that it only satisfies money and wealth, and not the soul? If money wasn’t such a strange thing it wouldn’t freak you out, you need money because you can’t live without money, I don’t want to look like you, looking like a bum, doing spiritual stuff, it’s mediocrity! If I can’t have luxury that’s my problem, my philosophy is all luxury, it’s aesthetics (Shakespeare, Mozart etc), and yes money gets you some of the ideas you’re producing, but you don’t want that, you want no ideas, you want me to never think again, and I think this is bad. Only selecting the best is the best, choosing life at random is just fitting in with an ordinary man, I don’t want ordinary, I just want normal, I simply want to follow norms and principles without being different, do you think I’m satisfied not cherry-picking? It’s not my idea of what’s rational, my rationality is having good sense without jumping to the conclusion of following logic blindly, it’s an overgeneralisation and that would be irrational. People have lying intentions, you don’t have imperfect intentions, or irrational intentions, you’re a fake, you lie, you’re a liar, you’re a hypocrite, you don’t tell the truth, you contradict reality and twist it to your corrupt lies and deceptions. Admit it, all this you’re saying is a lie, your religion is a lie, you talk about the truth but you’re lying, you’re not a genuine, unfakable person as a friend at a barbeque, get real! Nobody wants to talk to you at parties you cunt!

Max the know better says:

I don’t wanna sound like I’m duped into wrong thinking, or in other words like a fool, but all I know is some of Leo’s teachings on contemplation, reality and consciousness, my experiences in reflection and experience, my accumulated know-how, thus my sageness, that I have to eat, drink water, drink wine, worry, that I’m pessimistic, and know my beliefs and religion, I don’t know Leo’s claims of God, evil, and devilry, despite saying I’m not following you I’m having a go only at one video, which is all messed up. Also I don’t anymore wanna project my beliefs, thoughts or attitudes etc on myself, on the ones commenting and especially on the teacher, I don’t mean to project, there’s no proof of this but anything religious is true, unless it’s made or interpreted or held falsely, I think Islam itself would be false if it was various of certain Islamic sects, but it’s not false if it doesn’t contain morals or rules, people think that’s bad, this is how I understand Leo, as the upper jihad, as the truth that the only truth in religion is without morals or rules, of course I can be considered wrong, it’s this irrational, obscure wants and desires from people I can’t stand, if it’s not what I say then what is it? A whole ball of mystery? A wordless nothingness, just being, sitting there meditating, is that it? I don’t get it, what do you want me to think?

Max the know better says:

By talking about and actually or truly believing in the existence of the Devil, you create the Devil, and you invite him to your home, that’s bullshit, the only way to not be the Devil and to have no devilry in your life is to disbelieve in the Devil without contradictions. How can you, Leo, live with yourself? And don’t tell me it’s with a wad of banknotes or with nothingness or happy to be financially ruined, bullshit! You would be angry very much if your money lessens as you’re often angry how stupid we are, this isn’t loving the audience, this is trying to make us follow you and you hate being questioned. I can tell you now some of the things you say are okay, but when you go into fantasy, like we’re going to die for you and get killed by a boogeyman in the process we’re not going to undergo such a crime. It’s intimidating and it’s unacceptable, the police are moral for a reason (contrariwise I admit pleasure’s a vice, it’s only a cloying liking for something that makes you ill, and it intimidates everyone else putting up with you). That’s the thing, the happiness derived from religion and from pessimism certainly isn’t pleasure, nor is it luxury, it’s low-class averageness for average people. Average has a harsh connotation to it, it implies mediocrity! It’s this definition of average I don’t like, I prefer average as in normal, and not mediocre, and being the best, high quality life my arse! Do you know what a high quality life is? A life of money, luxury and fine foods and possessions, that’s high quality, it connects to money because it’s quality, worthless things and things of no value don’t get a price tag on it, if I lived in a cardboard box it’s worth nothing, if I lived in a big old house with a staircase and artistic paintings, and a fireplace where it’s comfortable and homy only to very sensitive rich people, it’s worth an incredible amount of money, it can blow a hole in your wallet, most rich people don’t even have enough money to be able to afford a mansion, that’s how expensive it is, ability to afford it is rare, you can lose a lot of money. What you’re advocating is an extraordinary life, a life of practising some pretty courageous things. I don’t want to face scary things, more whinging and pessimism, I want what’s already scary in my life to end, and I want to stop imagining it, and stop dreaming of a nice reality and waking up the next morning to a nightmare that got even worse, that’s an insult to creating my own reality, I don’t think that’s a reality or a life I want to live in!!!!

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