Understanding Survival - Part 2

By Leo Gura - June 3, 2019 | 5 Comments

The metaphysics of being human

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John says:

Another magnificent and profound production Leo. The prodigious nature of the quality material you are turning out is quite exceptional and all of it seminal in nature and quite stunning in its coherence and relevance for any serious seeker on the non dual path. At one stage towards the end you jokingly talk about certain sections of the community that could feel very threatened by this material and come for you with ‘pitch forks’. This is pretty revolutionary stuff you’re expounding here Leo, Jesus was strung up on a cross for much less. Please just make sure you look after yourself. You are a very significant spiritual teacher and many of us care for you a lot.

barbara says:

survival is when there is nothing else left than to survive, because breathing got impossible.

much love

Cindy says:

This was a great series Leo – one of the best I think. This video was very helpful in shifting my perspective on what I do and what other people do and oh, what shift in perspective does… Keep it up, I immensely enjoy the unfolding process of discovery that your videos provide.

Jacek says:

Great and comprehensive explanation.
One of the most depressing facts of our survival on this planet is having to devour each other, be it animals or plants. Sometimes I think that some more consciously advanced creatutes somewhere in the universe have better ways of nourishing themselves than killing and harming other living creatures. For example digesting some subtle forms of energy like solar rays. In fact plants do that and they are supposed to be far far less sophisticated than us ! Why shouldn’t we do anything similar one day?

Another depressing fact is aging. Many of us, if not all, are scared of this and fear doesn’t go along with growing in consciousness. I see no reason why the end of a life is supposed to be an agonizing one with a form falling into pieces…Perhap as McKenna said once “…we don’t know enough yet…”

Max Gron says:

Your identity’s false, it’s true, because there’s the temptation on the back of everybody’s mind to change their beliefs, they cling to those beliefs because over years of having to change them the truth to them became what they already believed so now they force themselves to believe it, or their behaviour gets threatened so they cling to an identity as much as they can and double down on clinging to it and they cling to it even more. It’s all because they worked hard at having an identity and they don’t want it to ever get destroyed.

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