Understanding Democracy

By Leo Gura - June 29, 2020 | 2 Comments

A deep exploration of the origins and challenges of democracy.

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Luke says:

Am I the only one here? Anyway, thanks for the video Leo. I like entertaining your perspectives, and it sparks my curiosity. Thanks for the course too, it was pretty inspiring and helpful. Been about a year since I completed it. I think I might want to go back and refresh sometime, but I’m on the path. Much to learn. Much to experience and explore.

Wilhelm says:

This video has helped me to see myself more as part of a group. Makes me want to appreciate my need for other people a bit more. I have been putting individualism somewhat on a pedestal so far but it seems to be a construct that only has been made possible by a stage orange civilisation. Our stage orange rules allow millions of people to cooperate in selfish capitalist ways – mostly to our mutual benefit – and because those people mostly follow their own self-interest they think of themselves as individuals – but they are totally dependent on society.

I still struggle to understand people with a pre-democratic consciousness. For instance, I just can not wrap my mind around the fact that many Chinese people apparently do not want freedom. How can you not want freedom of speech? How can it be that you have nothing to say? Nothing to believe? Nothing that requires civil rights in order to do it? There is still a lot to learn and to understand.

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