The Trap Of The Toxic Life Purpose

By Leo Gura - September 21, 2020 | 14 Comments

The dangers of developing an unconscious life purpose

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Megan Renk says:

Been indulging in your content for 3 years now. It has transformed the way I view life. Love this video as I have tried to find purpose for years and think Ive stumbled across mine finally. I havent taken your life purpose course simply because Ive watched almost all of your videos, multiple times I might add, and have already begun to see the profoundness of the knowledge you put forth. Ive lost family, friends and 2 relationships on my journey and Id have it no other way. Love long videos too, the longer the better. Thank you Leo!

Lucas says:

Hey Megan. I want to encourage you to take The Life Purpose Course because it does cover core principles and practices that aren’t always discussed in the videos. Additionally, Leo provides worksheets and exercises that are never provided in hours free content. The course is an essential.

Nowadays I think Leo is creating videos that builds upon those foundations that is expected to be met in his course. By finding and living your life purpose, your on your way to entrepreneurship, which gives space and freedom for spiritual development.

SynapticMagic says:

I second Lucas’ comment. You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t do the Ultimate Life Purpose course.

Cris says:

Leo,there are people who make 10M a month.
Think of Justin Bieber who maybe has half a billion. it’s not that hard to build a career. You don’t need to be a genius or to work hard.
Maybe exactly that limiting belief of yours keeps you from becoming a millionaire. That attachment and struggling, being so hard on yourself maybe to some Russian style education
There are low quality content youtube channels that make millions.
Not to mention the Kardashians….it shows how decadent the society is, it shows so clearly its consciousness level.

There’s also Osho who was a millionaire just as Chopra and Tolle. These people do not work, they create reality. Their money is just an extra. As there’s a Jose Mujica who doesn’t even need that. These guys are FREE. Millionaires or not. They found PEACE. They indeed do have a purpose. A way of life so to speak.

Money is great I am rich I have a beautiful house on the Mediterranean riviera. But the most important thing is that I am FREE. I am a screenwriter. Work from home just like you. Whenever I feel and love to. I don’t even call it work. If you have 3-4 millions it’s just enough for an amazing dreamy life that a multi billionaire doesn’t have because they’re unconscious.

There are smarter and richer people than you who watch your videos and admire you as a human being. You brought a huge spiritual perspective by you doing psychedelics (that not anyone is willing to do) ….

I think though that Americans are just plain idiots A very low consciousness country based on fast success recipes and basic animal pleasure to the point of ridiculousness and deviant behavior. I just don’t understand this society and their mind’s functioning.

Money and success can’t save you from hell. If you have cancer, moving to Hawaii won’t do much for you as a metaphor. You can’t really escape yourself.
There’s perfect justice, if you want, in this world, by design. You don’t need to explain these things. We all know these rich unconscious people are miserable. Most of them admit it publicly, or we get to learn it on news when they’re found in some hotel bathtub dead with a needle in the arm.

I think you’ve been too ‘Americanized’ Le come back to Europe, man

Luke says:

Chris, you were assuming that all Americans think and act the same way, and that the majority had a choice not to be socially conditioned to live in the anti-mastery, hedonistic state. How can you when that’s all you see around you? Not to go down into victim thinking, I and any other American citizen can change state of body and mind, but to say ALL Americans are idiots is too assumptuous.

Sunmer says:

All I can hear in this video is judgement for other peoples lifes, about how they earn money and about bad things they’ve done to society etc… Some people might work at dead end jobs as you call them and okay, I accept that maybe its true in some way, but a lot of people feel totally fine with their jobs, with their success and with what they achieve at their ‘dead end jobs’, and in life and they have family and living their happy life and they are happy and you are telling to all those people, to all those 99% that their lives are wrong, its bad, its not right, but who are u to decide for other peoples life paths? if its really bad or wrong they must understand it by themselves, and something, some their experience in life should lead them to the more ‘right’ path, not some youtube guru. And what about yourself? Are not you doing all this stuff to earn money? Haven’t you earned a lot already? And show me just 1 person whose life has totally changed after watching your videos. maybe they watch you and they are happy and motivated and they think that they found a great channel that can change their lifes, but they continue to coming back watching your videos and after some time they will understand that nothing changes and that you give them just false hope by leading them on the wrong path. because only right thing to tell them is to start acting right now, in this moment, go do something you have never done before, only this will change your life. Go and start working right away, right now, stop watching my chanel just go and do something, watching my videos wont change your life, only you can change it by hard work and do it right now. Not in 5 or 10 years, lol, like you tell them, come watch my videos and buy my courses and maybe your life will change someday lol. Yeah I watched some of your videos and at first I thought wow its great, he’s doing a great work for other people, maybe it really helps somehow but those videos will not change their lifes totally, and this is what they really want. after seeing how you judge everyone who’s working on regular ‘normal’ jobs, this is evil, because everyone has their own path their own life and you are not in right to tell anyone what’s wrong or what’s not. Also you have some ‘life purpose development courses’ etc and you are also earning even more money with that courses, if you really want to do only right and kind job, do it for free, you are already earning from youtube anyway right? And you tell them this course will not help you in two days or two months or years, maybe in 5 or 10 and maybe never, lol. You are not the first or last who does those kinds of videos or writes a book about ‘how to be a billionaire’ and stuff like this, and a lot of people has already understood that reading those book will never make you a billionaire, its just selling those books will make the author richer and also taking your course may never help them also. You are just taking those people on the wrong path, giving them false hope, in case to earn more money from them. And lastly, start by judging yourself and your life while you start to judge others.

Cris says:

It’s an obvious fact that he’s still struggling with materialism attachment and as a consequence he might get triggered, may feel miserable, jealous, frustrated to some point. It’s ego. We all have to tame the beast
He’s actually arguing with himself, it’s an advice more to himself than to others. I often think he’s too much of a Spartan, too harsh on himself.

But listen, there’s karma. If he suffers for not being a millionaire or for learning that Zuckerberg has almost 100B or gets triggered and tormented by the fact that someone earns more than him, it only shows he’s still got a lot to evolve. We all like to think we’re already there, right?

That’s suffering, that’s karma, that’s the life’s genius design. (watch The ultimate design of reality video) We’re all looking for God.
Sometimes he has ego backlashes (JESUS had too!!!) and then some very inspired ‘connected’ videos. It seems as if he contradicts himself or plain lying.
We all struggle, we’re on a process.

It’s totally fine to be poor. Money has nothing to do with happiness, meaning of life or spirituality. Materialism causes a lot of suffering in the world cause it feeds the ego and deepens the void within, it’s like drinking sea water.
But I think that by design we’ll all get there. We’ll all be rich just to conquer materialism altogether and transcend it.

Jim Carrey said, I wish all people would be millionaires just to realize there’s no happiness.
But there are already too many millionaires in the world still miserable and depressed. Conflicted and drifting. Lonely. Sad. Lost. This is a feeling inside you can’t escape, like a disease.
Money can’t save you from who you are inside, day by day. Consciousness is the answer. So unless you have given up money (look at Jose Mujica) cause you realized you don’t really need it to be happy, make sure you’re not being a hypocrite. The grapes are not sour

A new hierarchy will be built after materialism will collapse. Where will you be then?

Luke says:

You make to many damn assumptions about things you don’t know through experience.

Angel says:

I’ve never seen so much long and critical replays. This tells me that the video is not bad but actually groundbreaking. The level of projection in some of your coments is throw the roof, please see how you judge his way of thinking.

Max Gron says:

Cults like devil cults and mainstream Catholicism are low consciousness thinking, Leo’s hopes have been fulfilled with religion concerning a religion without rules.

He wished for such a religion and it already exists, belief in God is when spirituality gets religious, he tries to get away from logic but he’s addicted to logic and intellectual thinking, Leo happens to be different, the other spiritual people don’t fail to be illogical, I can see he’s different yet you can see the sameness, what’s the difference between his bald head and beard and that of a psychiatrist, he’s there to replace them.

Max Gron says:

What’s toxic ideology got to do with spiritual nonsense? Spirituality, although it has the best of intentions, isn’t altruism and self-sacrifice, it’s not sacrifices laid before God, but it can be the belief in the devil, Luciferianism is spirituality but it’s a false version of occultism, it’s more in the left hand path family than occultism. Leo’s doing left hand thinking by telling you to sacrifice yourself, how do I know that’s true? Altruism is a false way of serving other people, it’s negative morality, so why does he talk of toxic things when altruism is itself toxic? He’s contradicting himself. Wisdom isn’t paradox or eating wisely, or wearing specific clothes, but I can give my authority to eating sagely, which I’m trying to do. I’m trying to worry about what I eat, drink, wear and tomorrow because this blasphemy is all a secular person has got. I don’t agree that I should eat just about anything because tomorrow’s the last days and what I eat doesn’t matter. It does matter, I should eat healthy food, I should follow a fad diet, and I should be selective in the wine and coffee I drink, not the other way around, and anything that says you can eat junk food regardless of how expensive healthy food is, which you must buy, is false, and is a toxic life purpose. I have to drink wine for health, and cola with real sugar, sweetener is bad for you, so it’s very much a need to worry about what I eat, wear and drink, I’m saying this now because the fool is involved in the toxic life purpose of eating/drinking/wearing whatever they want regardless of getting fat, getting love handles and not wearing their going out clothes when in a shop, restaurant, interview etc, antitheists should be very concerned about these things.

Random College Kid says:

What the fuck? Says literal Satanism is wrong, then says kindness is toxic. I don’t even know how to argue that. Do you even know what altruism means? It’s just another word for compassion. So basically you’re saying compassion is evil, and Satanism is the opposite of this? Guess I’m basically Satan now! I bet even Jesus is practically Satan by this definition! So basically, good is evil, and evil is good. Jesus must be the most Satanic person alive in your definition then!

Random College Kid says:

This is just my suggestion for Leo’s viewers, so take it and leave it (this is not content disagreeing with Leo, I’m just adding extra recommendations), when it comes to finding a non-toxic life purpose, it makes me think of the websites like Michael Teachings, Big Picture Questions, Integral Life and or the Channeling menu page of the KRYON website. Then there are some less hardcore spiritual websites like the intuitive souls blogs, the Learn Religions website, or even and, if not for the fact that some pleasant hippie stuff is mixed with about 1% of the articles on political right wing conspiracy bullshit, but if you ignore that part, it’s pretty good beginner stuff on how to be a hippie. Still, that stage is still necessary to bridging the gap to more advanced levels, later on, as Leo says. One stage at a time. You can’t skip them.

KuboF Hromoslav says:

Hey, Leo. Thanks for the episode! The link to mp3 download leads to another episode

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