The Pre-Mortem Technique

By Leo Gura - January 2, 2017 | 15 Comments

The trick to avoiding project failure


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Anthony says:

Thank you Leo for bring up such a technique! I was going to apply the pre mortem to the worksheet but then my mind got blown

Ela says:

Hey, Leo,
I think almost everybody thinks like You do,
seems to be not alone.
Well, I have no idea how to stay motivated, especially in case of failure.
I hope, You will have the pemanent strength to succeed in Your business,
I don’t feel as enthusiastic as years ago, especially after experiences with employed people having dispappointed me.
Good luck for You and all the best in 2017!

Maria Sen says:

Great post. While working with your worksheet I noticed that all these issues that in our heads actually have proper solutions once you identify the list of this things and start thinking on how you can eliminate/improve it. It removes chaos and gives proper understanding on what to do next. The most productive 2 hours so far in 2017. Thnx for sharing!

Jake says:

Hey Leo,

probably a bit of topic but in regards to your life purpose course, i feel as if i am already very in touch with what is important to me, and that is spirituality. Is there still value in a more ‘spiritually oriented’ person taking the course? And if so what?


Leo Gura says:

The LP course is focused on getting your career and creative pursuits in order.

What is your career gonna be?

Or are you planning on working at 7/11?

Jerome says:

Great video, thank you for posting it.
Offered some great insights, I will follow up on the action sheet and think about what you said and apply it.

Naseem says:

Hey leo

Truth is I have two issues

1. I wan’t to do a lot of stuff at once
– gym, uni, meditation etc

2. I can’t stick to it
one day i’ll do everything then a week later ill self sabatage

I’m really struggling here , this video has helped to bring awarenesss
but i’m still a little confused

any advice


Hengame says:

Hi Leo, thank you for all videos with so much spending time and effort but all free for us really what you are doing to guid us appreciate so much, I am following your videos every single week since July 2013 and never experienced any cost for watching your videos in your website thanks for all.

Sevi says:

Thank you very much Leo. I’m so use to analyze and evaluate the projects at the end and compare the results with each other; but it puts your attention more into correlations. This was a direct spot light into my personal effects and flaws free from the environment, that was very efficient, thank you.

Gene pfeifer says:

Good Leo
Did to on all. I do feel like I ave. Failed so many times, all the reasons you gave. Problem printing work sheet the least of all. I am going to work on Your idea. Thanks!

Ramona says:

Very useful technique. Thank you.

YM says:

Thanks Leo, it makes all sense.
It’s never too late to rectify the trajectory.
This exercise is quite difficult as how to anticipate your reactions facing events you’ve never experienced. It’s almost like your video about the 10 things you don’t know you want.

Ali Bahja says:

Leo just for curiosity, what do you think of Alan Watts?

Ali Rida says:

Leo just for curiosity, what do you think of Alan Watts?

Rgent says:

wow you save my life leo

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