The Challenges Of Making Bold Life Changes

By Leo Gura - January 4, 2016 | 104 Comments

Musings about how to make paradigm shifts in your life.

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Kate says:

I think that if you’re still debating with yourself and trying to choose between your given choices, it points out that you’re “not done yet” and there’s more left to be fully experienced until you move on to the next phase. You don’t want to have even the tiniest sense of “what would it look like,” especially about something that you would totally experience if you had several lives or chances. Making the best of each “level” will push you to the next one by itself and there will be lot less “temptations” and doubts involved.
Plus there’s so many ordinary things that I think should be experiened. Even just sitting in the public transportation in different countries and observing people. It’s amazing how much you grow and deeply connect with yourself when you’re standing all alone amongst hundreds of strangers, observing their and your own energies. So I don’t know, I think it is worth to emotionally experience different surroundings for deeper understanding of life

lee says:

Hi leo, another great thought provoking video that will keep me pondering what is actually the right path for me in this short life. Time is the fire in which we burn, and we seldom get to choose when those flame burn out. On that note, can i ask your opinion on my on going dilemma. Is it acceptable to spend time working towards something if you know that is not your true purpose in life but it will hopefully grant you the desired flexibility to pursue the truly important things like finding true purpose,self actualization, enlightenment etc?

Leo Gura says:

Yes, I did that. You can do that, but be very careful. It’s very dangerous because you will get comfortable and then never branch off to seize your life purpose.

dorothy soliz says:

Thanks for this video… you had me on “sense of death”…. and you made me sad with the possibility of you leaving us/me. When I need some encouragement or reasoning, I call on you and tell my family/friends all about my talk/visit with my Leo. I am 61 years old and you hit a nerve with the idea of “death”, it is so true… so close. There is so much I want to do, but fear keeps me at my comfort zone. I plan to retire in 4-5 years and my first challege for this year is going back to school. Can I do it? Will I get my degree? who knows where it will take me…. but knowing that i can catch a video of you to keep me on track….. helps me spring forward… thank you very much for helping me so far…. and good luck in your search for answers as I do the same…. take care

Leo Gura says:

I admire your initiative. At that age, most people stop trying.

mike says:

Leo,you’ve done a great job putting this site together and have helped many people including myself.You are 30 years old,still a puppy,if you really want to go to Japan and become a monk go and do it! Take a one year sabbatical,you can still shoot videos,you don’t need to cut off all ties.It’s just another life experience.Both you and and your audience may well become richer as a result!

Rick Carroll says:

Hey Leo,

I find it interesting when people discuss things, as you just did, and leave you with the sense that they are uncertain. Maybe it’s just how my mind works but I’d almost bet the farm that you already know the Hero course chosen for you.
With this site, you have an unconditional get out of it all card at your disposal. Use it if you need to.

May your journey be your journey.

Thanks Leo

George says:

Leo, mate you’ve got to go for it! Remember what George Leonard said about stepping out of your Zone of Excellence and into your Zone of Genius.

Please don’t shut down the site though as it’s quite possibly the most useful website on the internet! Plus, I’m sure you can find someone to take over the running of if you feel the need to leave.

Of course I and many others will be temporarily upset to see you go, but like Mike says – this journey may serve to make the world a much richer place.

I know you have it in you.

George says:

Oh yeah, and listen to the song ‘Changes’ by David Bowie. That also helps at turning points like this!

Leo Gura says:

That was Gay Hendricks, not George Leonard, but thanks!

George says:

Haha but what’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Mayur Ghule says:

Leo , Man you made it ! is the best personal development website truly advanced , truly admirable , truly prospering : ) Receiving help to transform life , from 10 thousand miles away , really makes me feel thankful.

xyz says:

Well if you stay with the life you got and keep up with the videos, it might help me and many others in various aspects of our life, but if you leave it will leave a mark of a true hero and inspire us even more. Also, I always doubted that one can achieve true enlightenment with this many distractions. There is a reason why the buddhist monks abandon everything and live in isolation. I am not you and I don’t have a right to tell you what to do but I just feel like its the right thing for you to go for it, if truth is what you truly desire.

Pierre says:

“Enlighten the shit out of yourself”, ha ha that’s so good!!!

Leo, when I consider my own death, it always makes me want to eat, drink and fuck as much as I can.

I’ve read too much Alan Watts…I wonder if there’s a way to fix that.

Anyway, thank you for this great video!

Ragnar says:

You make me realise that – ‘ Life is too short , make it great !’

Elisabeth says:

I really want to go search for gravitational waves. Must submit my application for a phd abroad. Just saying.

Arnie says:

Cool, are you a aspired physicist too? My subject of interest is String Theory and physics beyond the Standard Model. I like to see how far we can push towards a Theory of Everything. It’s interesting how much physics and sprituality have in common regarding unification/union.

Steve Pavlina posted a blog entry recently about whether one should get saturated first in wordly success and sensual pleasures before pursuing enlightment/spirituality:
It got me thinking. I decided to build my rational and creative mind to a point where I can truly judge the likelihood of attainment of a thorough scientific understanding of the universe before I focus on enlightment work.

Best wishes

Sophie OShea says:

Thanks, I’ll read this, I have similar thoughts.

Leo Gura says:

Be careful with building a castle in the sky of intellectual scientific understanding of the universe. Cause I guarantee that you will have to let all of that shit go if you ever want to truly understand what existence is and what you are.

And that will be a very painful process for you. In fact, you probably will never do it at that point. That is the problem with scientific thinking. As you build your models, you never consider that they are all illusions, and they are. When this realization finally hits you, oh man, that will scare the shit of out of you.

Elisabeth says:

Well, not sure if I believe into the united theory of everything, sounds nearly as fantastic as enlightenment. Or maybe that would be equivalent?
(No, really, physics describes such a small part of the world… there is no means in sight to draw the connection from physics all the way to psychology and beyond… so that would be at most the united theory of physics.)

I kind of envy you if you can understand beyond the standard model physics. I really struggled with quantum field theory, so I didn’t even take particle physics/ standard model courses. Yet I did my master’s theses in general relativity, and I had a bit of an overlap into experimental physics earlier, so I thought it would be really cool to contribute to something like gravitational waves detection

sandy carter says:

Why not do the monk thing and document the hell out of it?
Record all of it. Share every revelation, challenge, difficulty, and all the particulars of the journey. There is such a need for this because the sense of isolation on a real spiritual journey can be the most painful thing of all to endure.

Leo Gura says:

That is something I’ve considered. The problem is, recording and posting videos is a full-time job. Hard to do the monk thing while recording it on video.

Isaac says:

what do you think about 2pac? was a great rapper that use to rap about life, and he use to study a lot book’s about self help, and authobiografhie’s…
if you search his music’s, or his interview on youtube, man I would like to read what do you think about hem

Human Being says:

Hi Leo,

I appreciate your bold authentic risk taking personality.

Here’s my comment: As a teacher told me a long time ago …meditation is the most elegant road you can take on your spiritual journey. As another teacher wrote…it can be arduous work. ‘Meditation’ is a big word and often mistaken for mind control. It took me many years to find a real teacher. The key to finding a true teacher is sincerity. Are you ready? Don’t think you won’t need a teacher. This is playing games. If you didn’t need a teacher you wouldn’t be asking these questions. And yes. Ultimately the teacher is within. To support yourself you need to find the teacher whose teaching you find within. A teacher that respects your authority and activates your intelligence. My sensing is that you have not found your meditation teacher yet.

I wish you super well being….perhaps we will see each other down the road.

Evan says:


I wanted to ask for your help because there’s no one I can to talk to around me.

I’m still very low on the maslow pyramid. As you said in the maslow video, it might be the wise thing to work to fill those gaps. But you frequently bring up the possibility of short-circuiting, and I’m stuck between the choices of going all in with building my carrier and pursuing enlightenment, or going half and half. I’m still 17. Is it wrong to be pursuing self transcendence?

Leo Gura says:

No, it’s not wrong, but you probably want to learn the basics of how to survive in this world first. Just don’t get lost in the rat race.

Chris says:

You inspire me when I am depressed, lonely, you give me hope. Having a physical disability makes each of your lessons three times as challenging, I see the lack of humanity every day in my life. Some days my medications help my movement disorder in my neck radically and some times minimally. When it is minimal, people will actually cross the street so they dont have to walk by me, when the meds are helping radically. people treat me normally, this is a recurring theme in my life.
You wouldnt believe the stigma in our ” modern society “….when I made the decision to be self actualized I had to say goodbye to my mother who is emotionally abusive to me,and she was my only support system, now you are my only support system

Leo Gura says:

Wow, that’s must be tough. Very inspiring! The only thing I can say is, stick with it. Your greatest challenges turn into your greatest sources of growth and wisdom with effort and time.

Rubye says:

I haven’t been on your website very long, but I have enjoyed every bit of it. Sounds like your mind is made up and your extending the fair wells and hope to see you again soon and I am sure we will; provided that we are still around as I am in the 50 plus group so I am very aware of what your talking about. I just want to say thank you for all that you have shared, take that time for yourself, as we all have our own life choices to make. You will be greatly missed but wished all the very best. Much Love and Peace.

Leo Gura says:

Thanks, but I’m not leaving yet.

Shawnna Johnson says:

Hello Mr. Leo,
I am talking to you as a person who has been through so much in life and has had to come to paradigm shifts several times in my life. One time was when I have escaped domestic violence relationships, yes relationships. One to a Vice Lords gang leader, one was with an Outlaws President.(motorcycle gang) I had to realize that I could no longer remain a victim, I was determined to become a victor, not only for me but also for my kids. I have had guns pointed to my head for trying to leave abusive relationships and been beat the hell up for trying to leave! You see the selfish victimizing path that I was on I ended up having seven children with 5 different fathers of which all wanted children with me, they would tell me they want me to have their child, they were wrapped up in my beauty and I was wrapped up in trying to be loved. Because of my selfishness in wanting love from anyone I became addicted to love with the wrong men, and placed myself and others in situations that were not good due to my own selfish behaviors. I am coming to you speaking real because well there are not a lot of real individuals in the world, I assure you I am one of those real people, as I can see the realness in your eyes, I also see the emptiness. What does this have to do with what you are saying? I can relate to what you are saying! I had to realize that I was being selfish and I had to become a victor for my children and my family! So I decided to move 3000 miles away with my 4 sons on the pursuit to change my life and my families roots! You can only imagine how people felt like I was LEAVING my other three behind but in reality they were already gone when they decided they wanted to live with their father. Why should I selfishly take them from their father? I already raised them to their teenage years…Also because of the selfish path I was on partying and going out…I see why they wanted to leave! They were affected by my selfish behavior. Since I have received a degree from Cincinnati Ohio and moved to California in pursuit of a Bachelors degree to break that generational foundation, where none of my family has graduated with a bachelors degree and all of my family have stayed in abusive relationships. I have since been on a journey to educate myself and help and motivate females that feel like they are stuck in domestic violence situations! If I can rise and become a victor ANYONE CAN!! Along the way I have helped out homeless with a ministry known as MDT ministries and Genesis Dream Foundation helping orphans in Tijuana, as well as, volunteered at The American Cancer Society. I still have so much that I need to accomplish not for myself but for the community and my family so that everyone around me can be prosperous and set for life I aspire to show and help others the way you do to become successful! As you say this is an act of selfishness, cause you get a sense of joy from helping others, however, it is also an act of selflessness when you help others and sacrifice even when you do not have it to give! I came here to California after I took a buyout from Ford Motor Company and received a degree in Audio Video Productions because I had musical lyrics in my mind. I left three of my children behind in Cincinnati Ohio with their fathers and brought my other four children with me to California to pursue my Producing career. I knew I had to leave Ohio even though everyone and everything I loved was there! At 2am one day my television went off and a preacher was saying a woman who just lost everything must move across the nation and pursue what God is telling you to do! He will make a way, I had nothing in my pocket and my four boys so how was I going to do it? It did not matter to me I had to move on it! God revealed to me through several other people (Most did not know why they were giving me messages) that I will have a profound affect on thousands I am now realizing after graduating from Producing school that I am at another paradigm shift, I just launched an E bay store,I am also launching my own store online and learning how to flip, furniture, cars and properties. You say take the focus off of you but God has given you those talents to change others and the world. The success might be about you cause you feel a sense of self gratification but I assure you that the lives you change are about others!! I had to let go of the good safe secure life for the great life that I am Faithful and know that God will reveal to me this year! I also know that God is an AWESOME GOD! I really like your thought process and I am sorry for speaking the truth but I think that if your calling is reaching out to you that you should follow that spirit! Can I say this though? You say that it is important to change everything including no sex…Well I did that considering I had SOOOO MUCH OF IT LOL…I thought that withholding myself and cleaning out my spirit would give me clarity, focus and a heightened sense of spirituality, I assure you that it has, I have been 2 years celibate, as I have done this before. It does however, make men more attracted to me and sometimes is a burden when my friends men are really attracted to me so much that they stare. It is as if they sense it. However, it does give my mind a sense of clarity, allow me to get more things done and accomplished and I feel closer to God. However, another way to do that is to find a good woman and marry her and become her life partner, that is in line with what your visions are. I encourage you to pray for your journey ask God to show you your direction and have Faith that he will guide you and I assure you God will move powerful mountains to show you your vision you have had an impact on so many people and deserve to be happy inside and out!!! I have had to service people working in non profit for a long time and I have been on a search for wealth not only for me but to help our family and the community and true these things can not give you inner peace but that is where you need to think about that old quote, “You make the money, the money does not make you!!! ” You have a beautiful mind thank you for having an impact on others and for what you do! You are more than appreciated!!! When I hear you speak my world makes sense!!! #Sincerely!!!

Casey says:

Hi Leo,

I’ve been watching your videos for a little while now. And, since the first one; I’ve been inspired by you and the content. I can understand, how are you feeling. I, too, was recently ill, and have been thinking so much about my life. How I got to this point and the decisions that led me to it. I will be taking some big steps in the next couple of weeks to move forward on my life purpose. Anytime, I watch your videos, it resonates with me. Today, was no different. It almost sounded like a good bye video. Which, if is the case, you will be dearly missed. But on the other hand, I know how mastering the techniques is important to you. But as we all know, life is full of decisions and turning points. But, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. So, do what makes the most sense to you. Thanks.

Best regards,

Cadfan says:

Hi Leo

I’ve been watching your videos for the past year and a half. I think you have reached the point at which you need to move on. Personally I think that you have exhausted all of the relevant personal development information needed to create an extraordinary life.

You set out with a goal to give yourself the tools to create an extraordinary life. You have achieved that goal, and in the process you have provided millions of people with the tools to achieve that as well. Remember that the internet won’t stop for you, there are potentially many millions who are going to be helped by your videos in the future. (This would be enough contribution to the world for many people).

Now you have the opportunity to actually create that extraordinary life. This is just another suffering along your hero’s journey. You know, and we all know (well most of us I would hope) – you’re going to follow this path anyway. As you said, none of us are here for very long, so you might as well do it now while you have the chance. Would you want to die before finding the Truth/s?

Maybe you should make one or two videos to conclude your time on, kind of like a signing off, so you can be at peace with what you have accomplished here.

I hope you will give yourself permission to achieve your life purpose. Because the time to realise your extraordinary life is now. (Not as if you need advice from me lol).

I am sincerely grateful for all of your help.

Best wishes.

Leo Gura says:

There are still hundreds more videos that I need to shoot. So my mission isn’t close to complete yet.

Dawn says:

Damn right! Please do a video on transcending resignation!

I am like you Leo. (Actually I think that if you could choose your mother; I’m a mother you would choose.) I’ve spent 30 years doing transformational personal and professional development work. I’ve achieved my goals and made many radical life altering events happen. I’ve always been unstoppable! I can honestly say I have been tremendously successful at personal development!
Now at 52 I am searching for what’s next! I am a WHALE in a POND that doesn’t have enough oxygen! And the last of my children will leave home in June.
However, in the process of accomplishing my breakthroughs I’ve got myself in a box (or two)! I live in a small place of 50 people in the middle of the prairies. I’m married and my husband’s job is here! Our home and property is HERE!
I need HELP! I am resigned!

This thought of dying…I know in my heart life is short. I am willing to give up who I am for who I can become…but I cannot see who/what that is!

P.S. I am thankful everyday for finding YOU!!!

Paz says:

Happy New Year Leo 2015 was the year I discovered you and in the process, so much about myself!

I spent my Xmas break just as I like it, in the sun somewhere far from the season madness and took that opportunity to plan out my life via a Mind Map I created. I highly recommend that process for anyone wanting to implement life changes, big or small!

I mapped out all the areas I want to work on in my life, from finance to health, via creativity, communication, world contributions etc, with action points of how I am going to do it. I am now reviewing the map weekly to check on progress and add/amend where needed, it really feels like I am in control of my development/life, priceless

Thanks so much for your straight to the point, no non sense videos, just what I needed last year to get started

Hasan says:

Hi Leo,

I’ve been watching your videos over the last year. And I introduced your channel to dozen of my close friends .

I don’t know when you may leave to pursue your inward journey, but PLEASE COME BACK AND SHARE YOUR SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES. I know that it would be hard, if not impossible, to communicate those experiences. But, we need to hear more of these sort of experiences in this messed up world!

Make a journey
out of self into self…
for by such a journey
earth became a mine of gold.”

Best wishes!

Leo Gura says:

If I left, the goal would certainly be to come back and share all the acquired insights and lessons here.

Jess B says:

well said Leo. I often have times where i am uncertain about life changes. but i know that there is more benefits ahead of the fear of change.

Good luck on your findings.

chris says:

Hey Leo not sure if it means anything to you but, you have truly touched my life, and I want you to stay, keep making videos…even if it’s only one video a month or perhaps even if you go to Japan and once every while post a video keeping us up to date on your progress, that would be amazing!

Steve says:

Well done so far Leo! Amazing
If you have the capacity to make money, then do it…
If you had 100 sheep you would look after them right?
To me the big decision is what you do with the money….
Of course material things and holidays etc are not going to make you happy, but think what you could achieve and build from the foundation you have started.
Life is a journey, so is enlightenment, it’s not about arriving at the end but what you do on the way that counts..

Elliot says:

DON’T LEAVE US LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really, go for it man. Good luck and thanks for lighting so many fires up our asses!

Steve says:

On the other hand, you could sell everything you have, give the money to the poor, and follow your heart!

Roger says:

Another amazing video, Leo. I, too, am at a crossroads in my life and I am struggling with the idea of just taking another job, or casting my fate to the wind and “moving to Japan to become a monk”. I truly understand your frustration in questioning the purpose and meaning of developing and growing Actualized to simply acquire fame and wealth. But unlike the self-help icons you mentioned who acquire “castles, and mansions, and helicopters” for their own amusement, you could stand apart to help and support children, homeless, animals, who are in great need…and all the while following and expanding your personal path. I hope this perspective is helpful. Your work is unique and your selfless approach is inspiring. Come on, Leo…we’re looking to you to show us the way!

Sophie OShea says:

I literally can’t believe I have just listened to you explain EXACTLY what I feel like I’ve been going through before during and now still after doing your course. In fact this very subject prompted me to do your course. I’ve felt like I’ve been going mad, all similar fears as you have. I’ve been meditating and doing yoga for years, but felt like apart from a few spiritual teachers out there – (I listen to Eckhart Tolle and Mooji, would love to hear who yours are) no one was talking about enlightenment and I felt isolated.

I then found you online because you were talking about enlightenment and it was a huge weight lifted to hear you, someone of a certain amount of respectability and social kudos gets this, it’s not just people who want to go live in a cave or hippies i.e. irresponsible people which is what I was worried I was doing.

Before purchasing your course I had too major turning points which prompted me to change careers etc and more onto the self mastery route but I felt lost. Your course helped but I still didn’t feel like I had my life purpose sorted because I felt as though all of the self development stuff as you’ve just talked about essentially just feeds your ego, although I have been into personal development for years.

So I’ve faced a huge dilemma between personal development vs enlightenment/ self mastery, are both possible at the same time; Eckhart Tolle says yes that it’s one foot in “becoming” and the other in “being”. My latest dilemma is that how do we know that “the enlightened ones” aren’t just mad themselves, how do we know that it is the real truth as all we have to go on is their own experience and where has this lineage come from? I read a great book called Sapiens a Brief History of Humankind to help me figure this one out, it’s fantastic! And I also read an interesting article about the advaita path type it into Google… is advaita another cult? These are all just questions I’m asking, I’ve not yet made my mind up yet and although I’m still confused I think that the angst may have just brought me to my life purpose afterall… the study of transpersonal psychology. I had never heard of this until I experienced my 5 month dilemmma but it’s basically “a sub-field or “school” of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. It is also possible to define it as a “spiritual psychology”. The transpersonal is defined as “experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos”. It has also been defined as “development beyond conventional, personal or individual levels”.

I feel like for me personally as someone who can’t decide on which “path” to take, that studying this sort of field would help, why do our brains long for the spiritual path? Would love to hear what you have to say please Leo and thanks to you again for the course. I’d especially love to hear who your self mastery/enlightenment teachers are please if you have any or what you re following with this path.


Leo Gura says:

You’ve found the breadcrumb trail. Don’t get distracted by all the noisy doubts now. All you gotta do is follow the trail. Enlightenment is very real, and when you catch your first glimpse, it will blow everything else away. All other studies are bullshit in comparison. They aren’t even in the same ballpark. Follow your intuition. It will lead you to an amazing place you cannot even imagine. Just be prepared for a bumpy ride

Sophie OShea says:

Thanks so much Leo and in my heart I know you are right, it’s just the science vs spirituality debate isn’t it that will always hold one back. Eventually there will come a point where this debate has to be dropped, maybe on the deathbed and of course that will be too late, it’s having the guts to do it before that stage hey. Guts as in the stakes are high, you have a lot to loose. Good luck xx

Jacques Poirier says:

Hi Leo, first let me say thank you for the great work you are
doing. Your video on ”How to deal with depression” helped me
this week to snapped out of it. I just listne to your last video ”The Challenges Of Making Bold Life Changes” and I would like to comment this; You are a people person, you like helping people and what you said in this video about the fact that there is not many self help guru talking about turning points is true. Also i would add, not many are adressing core life issue directly like you. You are getting to the point on every subject and you are doing this like no one. You are mentionning that this whole actualized stuff your talking about is all about you, and are considering following your personnal enlightment. Great if you go, but I think we still need more and more someone like you who have this hability to communicate directly on life challenge we are facing, without holding back like even our parents or a true friend can’t even do. Please find a way to pursue your own enlightment without leaving the generous work you are doing for us. Thanks You.

Leo Gura says:

I am looking for that way. Fear not.

Michala Parsons says:

You do not need to go anywhere, this will come from within, you just need to give yourself time. You will know when you have peaked as you will be happy – in any given situation. You will waste no time in wishing things were different or debating. You will like and be satisfied with all that life is.


I have been feeling the way you describe the impending death since turning 30 last year. You have put these feelings into the right words very eloquently. While motivating, I would add that if left unchecked it can drive you to the point of feeling hopeless and being “out of time” so I try to watch out for that.

Since I discovered during the summer I have been tuning in every few days, catching up on your old videos from YouTube and your site. Whatever you decide to to ultimately with, thank you for these videos and I hope you will continue to host them if not make new ones. Your work has been positively influential in getting my life restarted on the right path.


Christine says:


Absolute great work you are doing on these videos. Have been tuning in for over a year and always look forward to the next one.

Its is quite interesting to watch you go through your journey, online. Very inspiring as well. I have a lot of these questions going on myself and its so enlightening to know there are others who are going through this. It really is like driving through the fog with only the headlights to guide, never knowing where the path will take you

Sending you my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done and the decision you make will be the right one. Take good care.

Liz says:

Hi Leo, I have really enjoyed this video. You call it ‘musings’ in the description and if you’re looking for any suggestions on where to go with, apart from discontinuing it, I would say that doing more of what you just did here might be something to consider. This one feels like a journal entry, and I love that about it.

You read Gandhi this year? I just finished reading The Life of Mahatma Gandhi by Louis Fischer, and although it’s not an autobiography, I took the same things from it as you. You understand Gandhi’s head space. He was true to himself first and foremost, he was careful to identify and reject the temptations and attachments that naturally came his way as his popularity rose, as he could see that by accepting them, it would draw him away from his true path in life. He secured a massive following which did wax and wane over the decades, but essentially, he won the hearts of millions by simply walking his truth. He also gave himself permission to publicly change his mind about issues throughout his spiritual journey and he did that a number of times which shows such a personal evolution and such honesty.

I guess what I’m saying is, why not draw from Gandhi to help you navigate this crossroad? I think you are already doing that. Gandhi spoke from the heart and spoke his truth about life, and the world that surrounded him. And that’s what made him the man he was, that’s what connected him with his people and how he inspired them and how he ultimately achieved his life purpose of independence for his country. He took an oath of complete silence on one day of every week, no matter what, as part of his spiritual commitment to himself, and by doing things like that, he was able to evolve spiritually and achieve his life purpose. Perhaps he could not have done it otherwise and he did not forsake one for the other.

I would love to see you do the same, as a way of continuing if you believe that continuing the site is still aligning with your life purpose…and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I have done your life purpose course. Carefully aligning your life’s activities and goals with your top 5 strengths is perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned from it, and I think about that question for myself everyday.

I would love to hear more of your musings Leo, and I hope you continue this site, only if you feel that it fills your cup and helps you, and it’s not just for our sake. Thanks again.

Leo Gura says:

If I left, it would only be for some period of time. Actualized is 100% aligned with my purpose. The only question is how to do find the time to post videos but also dedicate the thousands of hours of solitude I need to master the material being talked about.

Thanks for the point about Gandhi’s weekly silence. I didn’t know he did that!

Brandon says:

Leo, what is the ultimate end? How far do you take enlightenment to be sufficient? Is enlightenment a permanent state of being or does it always come and go? Is it something that can be mastered? What does mastry of enlightnment look like?

Gavin says:

Hey Leo,

As I’m nearing the end of the Life Purpose Course, I definitely identify with your plight. Sounds like you’re reaching a new layer of the onion! One lesson from the course that’s hit home recently has been to make the big decisions, but proceed with wisdom and responsibility.

From my own perspective, there is so much content that you have delivered already and so many nuggets of wisdom in there, that perhaps something could be constructed to guide people in the best way to navigate and apply the existing content in a more regimented way. Each new video is so interesting, I sometimes find myself distracted from the previous one’s lessons! I know the idea’s a bit vague and abstract, but I’m just thinking that there’s a lot of existing stuff to chew on, topics to think deeply about and exercises to work through that could keep people busy if you were to take an extended leave of absence. Maybe there’s already a video for that.

I personally was a big fan of the Personal Development Blueprint document!

Another thought: could the mp3 / audio log route be a less time intensive avenue for you for a while? I know uploading hours of HD content must take some time. I love the videos, but sometimes I just walk around listening, with the video playing on my phone in my pocket!

I wish you luck in your search for the best way to proceed

Frederick says:

Hi Leo

I must confess this is the first video I did not like. It is a very un inspiring video, you seemed to be lost. Kinda like all the work you did up to now had no point, because you are still not truly happy. So why give us all this great info and advise on what to do, if it only sort of helped you.

Also you have a product about life purpose, yet you are not sure what yours is.

Anyway I am a really big fan. Thanks for the great videos

Frederick says:

I appreciate the honesty, its very cool to see that side. But again how can you have a course on life purpose and then this video. Its like looking up to Lance Armstrong, only to be disappointed.

Leo Gura says:

My life purpose is stronger than ever! It’s what is calling me to go seek Truth and self-mastery.

You speak as though I said I’m running off to the Bahamas to sip Pina Coladas and have sex with beautiful women.

Merijn says:

Dear Frederick,

Have you realy listen to his video’s? Being honest with yourself is scary and difficult but very healthy and wise in order to clearify your mind. Sharing these thoughts with us is courages and worth apreciating. By blaming and condemming you’re not adding any helpful or positive contribution, I think. I hope you dont mind my comment and it is helpful and positive in your persuit for happiness, wisdom etc.

mee says:

another amazing work

mee says:

You need to do what make you happy in life.
Before knowin you I was completely broken inside, no religion, no belief, no hope, felt so much as failure in every aspect of my life.
In short broken and hopeless. I listen to many videos and read many books before finding you. But none of them did me any good and I hardly remember any things from the dozens I read.

mee says:

sorry I have to send you my comment in pieces as it is not allowing me to send it all together

mee says:

I want to even leave my family and children although got best children and husband, to leave my job (I am senior surgeon in one of the top hospital in the world) I just want to give up on life.

mee says:

You brought me back to life. Made me different human, much better than before.
I was arrogant, superficial, immature before knowing you.
I listen to your videos continuously every morning when I wake up, in the car, in the gym.

mee says:

My family and friend know who is leo, he is my saver, the one who showed me what all this life is about.
When I listen to your video I write what you say in a book, I draw pictures and reread it again and read it to my family. This book I take with me when I go holidays it is like my Bible now.
I am sure it exhausted you to prepare all these videos, it take me days myself to prepare a lecture to medical student which is not as hard as what you preparing as I just copy the material from medical text books. I always say to my kids if I knew leo when I was young I would have been a professor and the most clear minded, focused, successful, happy and fulfilled human so please listen to him and understand yourself and others around you and life as well.

I am sure I am one of millions of people you inspired by your amazing work. You are already done so much to our human race, like Gandhi for me at least.

Will I be happy to lose you? Off course not . But I will be selfish to say do not go and you taught me not to be selfish.
I will be grateful to you forever to help me to go through such a critical stage in my life. You hold my hand and help me to cross a bridge which I never though I will.
I cannot find a word to thank you enough

Joy says:

Hi Leo,
This video is brilliant. And it’s the most thought provoking, stimulating, and terrifying so far….for me personally. Thank you for your willingness to be “raw” and to take (at least some of) us to a whole new level of introspection.
I’m intrigued by your mention of Gandhi (potentially) not being enlightened. Would you please expand on why you feel that way?
Thank you in advance,

Lynn says:

Dear Leo,

I recently subscribed to your channel and always looked forward to your videos. During the holidays I too had started thinking bout my mortally. Ironically, all the questions and fear you spoke of I have too. I want to make a change in my career and I am scared. I have procrastinated in many areas of my life and feel like I don’t have much time left to self actualize. I do understand the pull you have to continue on your personal journey and possibly give up the channel. Honestly you are no good to us if you are not good to yourself. It would be selfish of me to tell you to stay. Listen to your soul and if you were meant to guide us on our own path, you will be back. I believe that the greatest spiritual connection we have on earth is by helping one another. Be selfish so you can be selfless. I won’t say goodbye, I’ll just say see you later.

Dave says:

Wow, a truly courageous video. Groundbreaking, taking self help in an authentic direction. I always knew you weren’t full of bullshit.

Marc says:

Looking back, I realize that my turning points were like magnets, there was no way I could resist them, they were the only choice that made sense. The vision was clear, status quo was not even considered.

In Star Wars, Luke wants to leave his planet, but he can’t because of his uncle. It’s just after they are all dead that he leaves. He wants to confront Vador, it’s Yoda that tells him he is not ready, he goes anyway. I think the hero is drawn to his quest, nothing else makes sense. You don’t improvise yourself a hero, a quest is thrown at you, and you don’t even consider not taking it.

Bold changes are successful when they are, in a way, unavoidable, when they are the only path possible, when nothing else makes sense.

Now for me, at 48, status quo does not make any sense, but there’s no such clear, unavoidable path, to bold change, like I had at 20, 30 and 40. Maybe I just need to be patient until 50…

Aliz says:

Is Mooji enlightened?

Sophie OShea says:

He’s never said I am enlightened, he just points to things that make it seem obvious that he is enlightened but my doubt is that all we have to go on for the evidence of enlightenment are these peoples experiental teachings alone, that being said, how can we be sure that their teachings are not coming from their own personal psychosis or madness?

Leo Gura says:

An enlightened person will never call himself enlightened because from his perspective there is no self to be enlightened and “enlightenment” is just an idea.

Merijn says:

Hi Leo,

There’s no higher goal for a human being than experienceing the “truth”. As knower of Buddhism you know I mean Dhamma/Dharma. And when I listen to your movies, I have the opinion you already knew this.
Even I haven’t experienced it fully (so what do I know), I have to admit, but I have the urge to share this with you;

You have collected and found a lot of knowledge about the truth. And you’ve develpt a great consious mind. There’s possibly nothing I could teach you, but consider this:

“Knowledge conflicts with seeing the truth”

The more knowledge you find about the truth, the more you get attached and therefore removed from it. But still, your inner voice keeps remembering you about, the build-in human ambition, finding the thruth. The truth is in your unconscious allready I believe. And it’s knocking on your (conscious) door…

With great interest I’m viewing your video’s and learning more skills each day, the truth about myself and living life as a nobel human being. Your video’s add a lot in my persuits. Therefore I thank you! I hope you will find the courage to follow your inner urge to experience the thrut fully and will make the right discisions to make it happen! You are a noble hero already. But remember; growth is unlimited.

Ps. Excuse my english. I’m 39 years old, from the Netherlands and haven’t even finished highschool.

Hengame says:

Der Leo, i am following ur Site for about 6 months, before i have followed other Sites although these 2 web Sites were in my native language but still i was depressed and felt not free from all those chains from childhood, as i found Ur Site and start to follow every single video and start listening to all of ur videos Nor even one but more times, i felt that is it, what i was looking for. The changes in me are significant even i feel inside me but People around me and my coleagues say that too. This change or of i name this improvment is from ur guidness believe it or not that is the true.
I was depressed and disappont from all my family, colleages, and specially from my son, my life although i have a good Job with excellent payment working with international Bank, appartment on my own, no depency on anybody. BUT still i feel are not what i need for my real life, what i mentioned above were material not the fulfilment which i am looking for. Since i started following u even i am at the begining of the road or Even not at the start point but i feel i am on the right direction. Unfortinatly i am unable to quit all, and Go for my own sake, i have a plan to be retired in 6 years. I hope by that time i could improve myself with ur help, ur guidenss. I am not depressive any more, see other sence in life rather money, all these are because of you.
Leo, i admire u, u are my hero even and of u stop Ur website.
Trank u so much for changing my life, showing me the real Site of life.

Alison says:

Hey Leo,
Great video as usual.

As for your dilemma…. I feel sure you are more than capable of making a bold move. Pretty much everything you stand for demonstrates that so I will wait and see what comes next.

I thoroughly enjoy your videos and let’s be honest, considering I watch them more than once, you already have many hours of video and yet many more hours of self work we can do through them.

As for following that calling we all have. I firmly believe, when you go inside and listen, you know. The decision or next step is already known. We know. Maybe we are not ready to act yet, but we know.

Also, if you have any enlightenment gurus that you would recommend, please share. I am searching also. Particularly for the genuine article rather than someone trying to sell books.


Nicole Kaufmann says:

Leo, I discovered your site only within the last month. I have watched several of your videos. As a new subscriber and fresh eyes to your style one common pattern seem to stand out. Intellectually you have a vast amount of knowledge in the subject of actualization. As I watched on however, I sensed a trend that you spoke but with no conviction in your words. In part I believe because of your drive to make it a business, like many others out there. I myself am no expert. I look to experts like you to enlighten me. Thank you. Where is this leading? I am a nurse who worked over 30 years with the sick and dying. In our profession we have to be very self sacrificing and step out of our selves in order to give to others. We nurses or any health profession are constantly faced with life decisions that no book or video can help us with. You give daily of yourself in order to help others. Lastly, we have seen just about every kind of tragedy, as well as , human survival that teaches us about the incredible human spirit. With this said you talk the walk but have you actually walk the walk. Have you ever devoted yourself to others? Meaning, have you actually interacted with humans not behind a video but at the most deepest level by caring for the sick and maimed? I remember many of days having to come face to face with hope as well as death. For example, hope when someone finally got that long awaited heart transplant or death , when one dies after a long fight with cancer. These are real life challenges no one can teach you. Have you considered working with the wounded or sick? Maybe you have, this is an assumption on my offense. You mentioned a fever. OK tough to be sick but consider actually being deathly sick or wounded. Those are true challenges Leo. Also , yes , you have a tough choice to make about leaving a prosperous business to find yourself. But really think about it. When one is actually so poor, so sick and has lost everything these simplistic choices are not there for them. They are living in the trenches. You just have to step up and do it. Good luck in whatever choice you make. At least you have the choice. Nicole

Kevin says:

Leo I appreciate this one. I also want to say I’ve followed you for a few years now and I seem to be close to “in lock step” to your journey. On the surface it may seem that’s because I’m following you but the topics of your videos always come out On point with my journey. Very interesting.

I’ll say this. Stop searching for enlightenment and enjoy this life you have. There is no enlightenment in terms of destination. Only infinite incremental enlightenment and your not as in control of that as you think.


Kevin says:

Btw I had’t watched your latest on awareness when I posted that above. I’m about 30 minutes into it and am one again blown away.

The paradigm of no self come and goes for me. It’s extremely liberating when I have it and then I have to go back into the unconscious world. It’s as if in order to best survive, I have to intentionally live with ego as my chief operating principle. But my heart and passion is truth. This is my struggle.

I’ve had huge experiences and epiphanies and I know the truth. But still have deal with my machinery! And the emotional bodies reactivity to external stimuli is extremely real in the moment. Sometimes all I can do is laugh at my neurosis however, it’s not very funny in social situations if ya know what I mean.

Good job once again brother.

Olga says:

Hi Leo,
Nice to meet you ‘in person’. I have been following you for a while and also almost finished your life purpose course. I have always had difficulties with taking action. And I have been using the course to get unstuck. At the same time I have always had a feeling that the business I want to create and the goal I am up for are not going to make me fulfilled eventually. So here I am, ready to open my business at last and at the same time thinking about the bigger picture (I just went on a trip to Hawaii and it gave me new insight on what I am trying to do compared to what other people do for the planet with such ease).
What is your opinion, should I still go on with my business idea and experience everything on my own skin or should I just start looking for the true me? I already feel that I am going nowhere but it would be better than where I am now.
Much appreciate your attention.

Barbara says:

Hi Olga – Not the reply (poster) you were hoping for, obviously, but I feel compelled – as one who also has difficulty with ‘taking action’ – to offer my input. Hope you don’t mind.

After reading your post, it came to me that by having second thoughts about the launch of the business you’ve referred to, this could be another way of backing out of your initial plan, and not taking action once again. Have you considered the possibility that by launching the business anyway – and even if it fails – you will learn from it, and you will certainly be closer to knowing ‘who’ you are and finding yourself, than if you didn’t go through with it?

I mean this in all sincerity, and I hope you don’t take offense at my audacity in offering my unsolicited advice. I just felt compelled to offer the insight I felt I was getting about your dilemma after reading your post. Best wishes for your journey, Olga – whatever you decide to do!!


Louis says:

I enjoyed all the videos that I’ve seen and each one have learned something from its contents. I can relate to the last video that you made (The Challenge of Making Bold Life Changes) I’m 73 years old and had a very successful life. And looking forward for the next bold life change.

I’ve noticed that you have stop attaching the written transcripts of each video. The transcripts was very helpful to me, because I would view the video while walking on the treadmill in the morning and read the transcript at night. It was a very important instrument in helping me to break the habit of watching television.

Please update the videos without transcripts.

I’m sure others feel the same way, your compliance would be appreciated.


Barbara says:

Gee, Louis – it seems you want the moon – and for FREE!

Here is Leo, pouring out his heart about the conflict he feels in continuing to provide his followers with this very valuable and (already time-consuming, as it is!) FREE video content, OR – following his heart and pursuing his own path to Enlightenment, and you would appreciate his compliance in ALSO providing a written transcript of his lectures so you can read them at night???? Get out!!! Do you realize how time-consuming providing written transcripts would be for Leo – in addition to his videos? He has already expressed his conflicted feelings and his frustration in this very moving video – over his continuing to provide this time-consuming video content for his audience, but also feeling a great pull in the other direction to pursue his own Enlightenment. Did you LISTEN to the content here, or were you just searching below for a written transcript to read!? I know we all have our own individual ‘self-agenda’, but this seems a bit extreme…

I know I am probably coming across as snarky and critical as hell, and I apologize upfront for that, but take a second look, please, at what you’ve posted, and compare it to Leo’s video content, here! Hopefully, you will notice the dichotomy.

I do have a good suggestion about your night-time reading, and that would be to pursue reading the plethora of books that Leo has so painstakingly read, reviewed, rated, and prescribed for us in his book list, to help us along our individual paths to self-actualization. If you haven’t viewed Leo’s latest video on his newly updated book selection I think you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that Leo does suggest reading these books in conjunction with watching his videos, as the books cover in-depth detail about the material he covers in his videos – details that would be too time-consuming for him to expound on in his lectures. Please watch that video, and you’ll see what I mean. Hope you take advantage of Leo’s reading list, Louis – I know I am going to.

neil byrne says:

I think the next step for you Leo is to become a vegetarian, you should consider it.

Paula says:

Well yes Leo, I think if actually works, then let’s see Leo get actualized. Go for it man!!!.
Thanks for all the insights!!


Teri says:

Leo, this video has been one of the most inspiring and meaningful I have viewed. I almost quit listening to you because I was put off by some of your language word choices. (Frankly, i was often missing the message by the distraction). Then I decided to listen to your new year’s video message and was blown away. I believe that the more actualized that one becomes, the fewer major turning points and major life changes or paradigm shifts are necessary. But as you near the pentacle, I would imagine the the changes and life decisions one makes and acts upon are the most profound. I’m looking forward to your discoveries as you traverse your own further ‘actualization’. I’m not certain we ever finish. Just know that your wisdom beyond the ordinary and beyond your years is having an empowering & enlightening effect on the over 70 crowd too!

Kirk says:

I love this video and listen to it several times. These are food to the soul. Leo leads the way to such beautiful discovery of life purpose at a level that I have never seen before.
Thank you bro!

brian says:

Hey Leo,
I am in the same boat as you are. I quit my job and decided to go back to school and i have a baby on the way. It is kind of funny when i am sick and have much time to think, i have the same thoughts as you. I listen to your videos and read alot ; my thoughts are ,you can look at life as one day closer to death, or you can look at your life as one day closer to greatness. I believe that life is about growing . Money is good, helping people is good to; however, i believe there has to be a balance between the two. The only way you can fail is if you give up, and allow yourself to fail. Your brain will always want you to do what is easy, but you have to challenge your inner voice. I believe i can do anything i want, the only thing that holds me back is me. Success is not measured by your bank account or what people think of you. What is success? Its a hard question to answer. But i believe success can mean anything. For example, if i came from a low income family with little education and i raise my child and they graduate with their masters and get a good job, i could feel like i am successful. On the other hand, i could make millions of dollars and ignore my family, while i may be financially successful, i may be emotionally dead. I do not believe in limited opportunities for success. I believe in you Leo, I believe in whatever path you take you will be successful. You said you may regret one day if you do not take the financial opportunities. However, what if you do make millions, but you are on your death bed and regret not becoming more enlightened. I believe you know what the right decision is. Make your decision, stick with it and grow..

ken easton says:

Leo, thanks for the video, and thank you for the suggestion of “Mastery”. May I suggest a book “Effortless Mastery” by Kenny Werner/ I especially like the point about “learning to love the process” of mastery, isn’t enlightenment work about mastery of self ?. (I am a music student/musician, Effortless Mastery is written by a great jazz piano player who lives in N.Y.C)

Courtney says:

I truly think your amazing! One day I was randomly searching ways to make more money on the internet, I came across one of your videos and have been watching them ever since. I have started a journey of awareness, consciousness and enlightenment thanks to you it has become way more than just “money” (now i understand material things will never fulfill me). I use to be just like everyone else doing what everyone else does, thinking I’m a cool attractive young chick but at the end of the day feeling empty, no fulfillment…I’m learning a lot about myself, your approach is definitely one of a kind. It would suck to loose someone like you, but at the same time i totally hear and understand you, some days i feel like going out in the middle of no where and looking for peace away from distractions, I’m 24 and had my first quarter life crisis last year at 23 similar to your story so who knows whats next i guess

Just thought id say thanks!

Leo Gura says:

My pleasure. You’re in for the ride of your life

Elton says:

I may sound like a victim here but tapping into your higher self,accepting the call, the heros journey all this sounds very airy fairy.. Too airy fairy….

Liz says:


So I am 50 and doesn’t seem that I don’t have much time left so are you saying after 50 that’s pretty much it?

Claudia says:

Hi Leo. I appreciate your videos and, especially, your sincerity. You are incredibly gifted.
There is so much that needs to be done in every part of the world to make a difference and continue to grow individually and collectively. When I begin wondering about my evolution I turn to service and volunteer work, looking for what I can do, hands-on, in my community and beyond. It is from there I often realize what I need to do and what is needed by others. I am sure you won’t be lacking in opportunities! Try as many as you can.

Matt says:

Love your work mate …just discovered your website tonight after searching up time management …the rant on PUA was great! I’m off to bed but was thinking you should check out the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti….his ideas may help you with the current questions you are dealing with in your life at the moment…I will watch the rest of this video over the weekend…..

Keri says:

Go! We’ll be here when you get back. And if not… You’ll have led by example. You truely walk the talk. I’m 45 and it’s time once again too for another bold change. I love leading as well.

Urgen says:

Hi Leo, I want to thank you for all your work here. I have been following you for few weeks now and making lots of small changes for myself, like quitting smoke, doing yogas everyday and more stuff that will make me improve myself. But about making bold changes, one thing, I feel like I’m still not ready for this and on the other hand, I don’t want to keep waiting. I’m searching for the answer and I hope I will do it some day with the help of your videos or any other ways. If it’s possible can I know Leo, what made u make this turning point of changing career from game-making career to self improvement/actualization?
Thank you!!

Leo Gura says:

I discuss my career transitions in-depth in the life purpose course.

urgen says:

Thank you Leo, it’s unfortunate that I don’t have proper system for buying online course or any other stuff, I am from Nepal. But I will try to get it from my brother in US. Hoping to get one for myself!! Your works keep my spirit strong n focused, thank you!!

Ananya says:

Hey Leo,

This is an amazing video. I am going through a phase in my life ( I am eighteen, by the way ), where I have almost finalized the decision to solely focus on scientific research. And by solely focus, I mean giving up everything for this purpose – relationships, social groups, and other things which are considered enjoyable by my peers. I just want to give up everything and study for 19 hours a day, and do whatever it takes to build skill and successful mastery. The problem here is my fear of regretting this decision to zone out – maybe when I am much older, maybe 60 years old, will I regret missing out on things that normal people did ?

I understand that I can’t possibly have everything in life, and somethings have to go in order to make space for other things . It’s just that I am not only fighting with others, who think it’s cool to settle down in your twenties, but also I am fighting with myself, because this life path is not detailed in any sense. Right now, it’s like an invisible pull that doesn’t allow me to sleep at night, or think about anything else in the day. But it doesn’t tell me what I have to do. That I have to figure out for myself by experimenting, and that is where I think all my resistance comes from.

From the very beginning, I was given a map with exact instructions, just like everyone else. Go to school, earn good grades, get into a good college, get a college degree, get a job, ideally settle on your first job, get married, have kids, make sure you give them the same plan of life. But somewhere between high school and college I ‘rebelled’ because I paused and thought about why I was doing what I was doing. Had my existence become a force of habit which I ran on auto-pilot, blindly accepting maps from people and living my life in a certain way just because everyone else was living the same way ?

I started pondering on the purpose of my life, and one thing was clear, the aimless life I had been living by borrowing maps from other people was mediocre, in fact in many ways it wasn’t my life at all.

In one of your videos, you talked about how the society was an amusement park for the ego, where businesses know what weak points to target in order to get our attention, like the food industry targeting our tastebuds, and social media targeting our need for self-validation.

Well, I believe that there is a product that is sold to us even before we are born into this world, which gets to us much faster than any of these industries : a life path. ( And I am using the article ‘a’ because our life path as handed down to us is not unique at all ).

Because it is so scary to face the uncertainty of a new life path, we just chose to remain in the life path that we were born into. Everything we function on is based on concepts, and the Truth has to pass through our perception and then through our concepts to form our thoughts, and both perception and concepts are programmed into us by the society.

Most people think that the society reigns us in by using the concept of fear, by telling us of all the bad things that could happen if we didn’t follow the conventional life path. But I feel that the concept of happiness that is taught to us is far more dangerous than the concept of fear, maybe because everyone wants to feel happy in the end. They teach us that happiness will be attained when we have money and security, where security means knowing exactly what to do next. And knowing the next step is something that the unconventional life path does not provide.

In order to counter this, one day I sat down and thought what happiness really was. Happiness did not equal money and security necessarily, atleast not instantaneously, rather it was what I was taught. Everything that my psyche was based on – feelings, happiness, fear, was taught to me, sold to me, drilled into me. I had come to associate my identity with these concepts, and although I knew I had to let them go, it scared me, because I would losing my identity along with all of these concepts.

I overwrote everything, from defining happiness in my terms, to accepting what feelings really were. All that was left was to take the plunge, and that is where I stopped dead in my tracks.

It’s worse than being alone in the dark. Actually, I am not even alone, because if I was alone , atleast I’d have myself. But now, I only have a small part of myself – the rest of me I am fighting against just like I am fighting against others. And for the sake of practicality , I have to make sure I deliver on my promises to myself , which is why I have to give up on everything and focus solely on building skill, for I know that only then I would have a chance at living the life I envision .

In the end, I guess it boils down to trusting yourself enough. I don’t trust myself completely yet, but regardless, I will have to make a decision soon.
I am done living in quite desperation, because I can see myself dying this way, wasting away my life, immersing myself in distractions, and the society helping me to do just that. I know I’d rather make mistakes of ambition than mistakes of sloth, but it’s just so hard to let it all go…

Widy says:

Leo why you curse so much in your video?

Kieran says:

Hey Leo,

Thanks for the ideas! I happened to have just caught a cold.

Jimmy Feiling says:

Ruin and regret and grief stem from what is dear and alluring is that not how it is?

Max Gron says:

I don’t wanna inspire others, I’m living my life, I’m not going to make a difference. Wanting so much more out of people is overrated, I’m enough just the way I am, I don’t need to be more. What I am is a stage blue person, I choose blue success and blue self-help. All the changes in my life I have to snap out of it, I’m not going to change my life, not anymore. It’s time to close the door saying no to the opportunity. I’m not taking risks, I just wanna be the perfect greatest person by being exactly the way I am, it’s over. My life’s acceptable as it is. The ordinary man isn’t a bad guy, be ordinary, do the usual thing, be a regular average person. No more no less, and accept people the way they are. Leo’s problem is that he can’t accept people. Well I’ll never watch his videos again no matter what, I’m taking action and I’ve changed my life enough, I don’t need to better myself, no one respects this.

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