Successful People Are Not Happy

By Leo Gura - July 3, 2017 | 11 Comments

The illusion of success

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jav says:

Cool video Leo, but how could you possibly know that success inherently comes with not being happy? And you could have just one of the two. Would appreciate your response.

I think he already answered it in the video. You can apply the idea of getting success but “to the right areas of life.” Doing this truly brings fulfillment and can bring happiness because you achieved your goals. However, Leo’s main point is that by solely chasing success, you become addicted and you start to misunderstand true happiness. For example, expanding your business is good, but will all the money you acquire go towards your mission? Or would it go towards, expanding more and more to acquire more money and a nice Ferrari? Questioning these motivations in yourself is what I think is needed to fully understand what Leo is getting at in the video. I hope that helps!

Dave says:

Well said. Your personal honesty made it convincing.

Ilone says:

Thank you for sharing that

Tom says:

That’s a heart warming video Leo, thank you very much!

Heather says:

Yes!!!!!! So much yes! Thank you, leo!!!

Harpreet says:

Very Very insightful

Mark says:

Career success and happiness sometimes are against each other: I asked my 80 year old dad why he didn’t become a manager leading the work unit after years of experience and seniority, he said he is not that kind of people ( leader). My dad likes having time for his music hobby. It is great one knows themselves and have peace w it!

My dad in this case may not be as successful as he can be,but he really enjoys the music that makes him so happy. He play several instruments almost daily

Brad Fisher says:

I have always wanted to be successful with money. I see what Leo is saying about celebrities, millionaires, and billionaires with the spotlight on them. They get there and somehow it isn’t quite fulfilling them. I watch the show Shark Tank and you see these entrepreneurs who have no need for money any more. But they do seem to be addicted to their money. Getting rich has the potential to do good for others, but we don’t see this happening as much as it should. If money is as addictive as cocaine, you start making lots of it, and no one has helped you your whole life. You probably aren’t going to be thinking about helping the poor.

Very Thought Provoking.
At the same time, not being able to pay your bills, being dependent on someone else, food stamps…or barely being able to save much money.

That isn’t happiness either.
There has got to be a balance Leo is speaking of this enlightenment.

Thanks Leo.
Thanks to the community!


Theresa says:

Hi Leo,

So much gratitude for your insights and perspectives.

However, it gives me a great sense of displeasure when you speak unkindly of our President. Perhaps, just perhaps there is a reason he is where he is and doing the things he is doing. The majority of his supporters, of which you also speak unkindly of, know he is crass and impolite to the say the least. That is not why we voted for him. We voted for him for one reason. He was the best person on the ballot to do the job at hand. For those that hate Trump as a man, I say go ahead, that is your opinion. But for those that say they hate Trump as our President, you might as well say you hate the United States. I believe that you will agree with me that we don’t know what we don’t know.


Serena says:

Hi Leo, thanks for your video sharing. One question: I value truth, beauty and goodness and see their significance more and more as I grow and think more deeply about self-actualization. How is one to find a career centered on these values in this day and age when pleasure and superficiality seem to predominate?? If you have time, would love your advice. Thanks so much.

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