Subtle Addictions

By Leo Gura - June 27, 2017 | 9 Comments

Over 40 sneaky addictions you never even considered addictions.

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Patrick says:

I’ve been following this channel for over a year now and have listened to every video. One of the more impressive aspects is seeing how you have grown throughout the 3 years. I wonder if you anticipatied this growth when you launched actualized.

Either way, I am putting a hold on theory as I have a lot of problems acting. I’m admittedly an armchair philosopher. While my life is in order and perhaps comparatively doing well, it’s relative and I know I can do more. I’m sick of regressing and falling down the same hole. I deleted all my game apps and sold my video games. I’ve established a strong morning routine. It’s hard Leo, but I’m trying one step at a time. One of the things that has really helped is the 3 things to be successful at anything video.

Thanks for all you do


Arun says:

Another big one is people pleasing, but thanks for this brilliant video. Made my day.

Marcin says:

What about comfort? It’s much more deeper than you mentioned. All stuff around us is made for our comfort. It’s a shame we can’t walk 1 or 2 kilometers to grocery with backpack. And it’s even more deeper. There is a story written by Chuang-tse about a farmer who doesn’t want to use crane to draw water from the well just because it make a man mechanical and this lead to tardiness and laziness. And now think again about all stuff around us! You can record whole episode about comfort or even several episodes!
Thanks Leo!

Holly Young says:

Wow!!!! This is amazing
Thank you Leo!

I realize my “addition” is cleaning and keep my desk or house or kitchen or closet in order and neat fashion too much. It is getting in my way of reading and writing which is my bigger goal.

Also I need to tune down my quest and secret admiration for constant beaut, fitness and healthy diet a little bit, mentally adjusting. Image and appearance are important professionally, however don’t let those get in the way to the point of not having enough time for the main goal and task.

Life has competing goals…focus on the main priorities!

Lynda H says:

I will fight with armchair philosophier. I will set big goal and go do it. No over analysis. Balance toward more action than just reading and thinking.

Leo is super hero of mine. Thank you so much everyday.

Kirk S says:

Fantastic insight!
Never thought of additive to love, security, cheating, lying, and manipulating!

Great great wisdom and teaching!
This was my third time listening to this episode!!!

H says:

Thanks Leo
Don’t read books for the sake of reading!!!

Jim feiling says:

I heard theology can be an addiction too

Jim feiling says:

Like needing a conception or being obessed with the concept of god

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