State Of Consciousness Is Everything

By Leo Gura - May 18, 2022 | 9 Comments

Changing your state of consciousness will change your life

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Max Gron says:

I can use my consciousness to solve problems, then stop learning the teachings. It makes me sound, appear and feel wise. Given this infinite state of consciousness I can do anything. I’m aware I’m at stage blue, and as such follow a moral code. Thanks Leo for awakening me. I do, however need to read more books. I’m hyperaware.

Joel says:

I became very upset after hearing of the murder of 18 children yesterday in Texas. I came to two conclusions: 1) If I am the source and creator of the events, I have not yet learned that it is possible to have a world in which aggression and assertion need not be dangerous to anyone. 2) the events were not the cause of the upset. If I had the bias that murdering children were no more significant than washing my car, I would not have become upset. My bias made me upset. But the chances of me becoming so evolved that the murdering of children=washing my car is remote, and if only truly evolved people have no biases, I am not sure I want that. Joel

Joel says:


Harish says:

Thank you for your invaluable insights!

The loss of information you have noted on the transition from the temporary “higher” state back to the “baseline” state seems to be a hardwired limitation of any lower state. It appears the lower state can never fit (your term being “bandwidth”) much of anything from the higher state, except attenuated remnants. While the temporary peaks are doubtless valuable to appreciate the fluidity & existence of higher states as you have mentioned, higher baseline states, and corresponding embodiment & development of new models, seems to be an exponentially harder task than attaining the temporary peaks.

Anuj says:

These all concepts are present in Sanatan Dharma(today,called as Hinduism).The word conciousness is not appropriate word in english language for this most fundamental,all prevading substance which is substance of everything.The right word we use for it is “Chetna”. Because when a patient lose it’s senses, doctor say he is unconscious but Chetna is still there.
Here,there is no concept of God in Sanatan Dharma.Here we talks about “Brham” meaning Chetna which is the final aim of every human(Moksha).
In Bhagwad Geeta,krishna says Arjuna,”you are also Brham like me”.The difference is that you have not realised yet.Like Leo is saying, we have to be concious about conciousness.
God being some superhuman being is concept of western world.We say,krishna,shiva etc. are manifestations of Chetna.This world is Maya(manifested world).
Even today,in india most people don’t read thier scriptures.But these words Chetna,Brham are the part of language.
Search three YouTube lectures on hinduism where these concepts are explained with reference of ancient books.
1.defining god by sarvapriyananada
2.the Real and the apparent by sarvapriyananada
3.Maya by sarvapriyananada

Max Gron says:

Yeah, it makes perfect sense that you’re up to these useless things, it makes absolute sense that self-immolation makes you God, that this is what the ordinary man wants, well you get away with it. Further down the line a death from Leo’s at the ready, imagining how evil this is, evil’s a thing, it exists, and you bloody well will get blamed for it! The rest of us want to stay alive and not do stupid shit, e.g. avoiding coffee and not playing computer, video or phone games is stupid shit, I get the blame because it’s uncommon!!

Anuj says:

Have my respects,
You are absolutely right and i totally agree with you.It’s ok if it’s not your field of interest but you don’t know how useful is.A book is useless for an illiterate.Is it the fault of book??From the very beginning,humans are longing to open the secrets of cosmos.

:::: playing video games,etc ::::::
Who said you that physical life is not important for us.There are four pillars of human life i.e.,Dharma,Artha,Kama and Moksha.The second term Artha means living materialistic or physical life.We also play video games,watch computer.I think you have misunderstood something due to lack of knowledge about Dharma.

Most of the people don’t understand science it doesn’t means science of the objects doesn’t effect them.the same way,these concepts are not useless whether we get them or not.

But it’s okk.There is not any compulsion to be interested in such things.The main thing is that we live this life with happiness

Thank you Brother.

Max the know better says:

This is what I think of consciousness, I think there are other things besides consciousness, and I think I can go outside of consciousness and discover the truth from there, you modifying the original truths, the original beliefs, fuck that, I don’t believe in modifications of the truth, I want the truth as it has been before, not a belief that contradicts that, you’re starting the wars by trying to change the truth, well you can’t change the truth, by changing the truth you’re lying and your spirituality is false, truth isn’t a competition, truth isn’t modernised beliefs, it’s old and dead beliefs, stupid, the way it was since caveman discovered a barbaric reality, all I want is original, primitive truths, not twisted or modernised beliefs! I don’t want modification of the truth, I want the truth! Exactly the way things are, and always have been. No more inventing your own religion, no more inventing beliefs, I’m not following you anymore, I want old truths, not new ones.

Jim says:

You younger folks are so lucky to have Leo as a resource. Wisdom typically comes with age, trail and error, mistake and success, and can be recognized by others with wisdom.

Leo has wisdom and at a very young age. I don’t believe he’s 100% right on everything and his views do shift over time, but both of these are completely human traits.

If you’re here on his site, you are awakening and I’m happy to walk the path with you all.

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