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By Leo Gura - April 10, 2014 | 15 Comments

An effective, bare-bones personal development plan that you can start using right now.

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Hey, this is Leo from, and in this video I’m going to give you a personal development plan.

The Core Questions

Let’s talk about personal development plans. What does this involve? What is a personal development plan? How do you do personal development? How do you actually do it? This is a super fascinating topic for me. This is something I’ve been researching very heavily for the last five years.

I’ve spent the last five years of my life doing a lot of personal development, and looking for the best ways to accomplish it. How do I actually get the results? One of the biggest challenges I found is that you start reading some of these books, going to some of these seminars, maybe buying some of these self-development products, watching some videos, etc.

What you start to notice is that you’re not quite getting the results that were promised. You’re not quite getting the results you wanted from yourself. You’re still stuck where you were. To get yourself unstuck, to get yourself moving forward and to get those awesome results, there are some things that need to be happening.

This is actually a very, very deep topic. It’s not something I can cover in one video. It’s not something I can even cover in five videos. All my videos are ultimately showing you how to do personal development, and are creating a very big-picture personal development plan.

The Answer

Ultimately, here’s the solution to this. I’ve been researching personal development now for five years, like I said, I’ve processed over a hundred thousand dollars worth of personal development material, from very expensive, exclusive seminars to hundreds of books, to audio programs, video programs, you name it.

I’ve covered so much of this stuff. I have a very big picture in my head of how this looks. How does this look from a ten thousand feet bird-eye view sort of perspective? I think it’s very important to have that perspective, because until you understand how it works, you’re not going to be able to get results.

You might have a little technique that you use, but then you’re going to fall off track. You might have a little strategy that you go and try to implement, and maybe it works for you a little bit, but then ultimately, your life doesn’t transform.

To get those transformational results, that’s where you need to see the big picture. That’s one of the reasons I founded My whole website, my YouTube channel, all of that is about giving you the big picture.

What I need to tell you is that this is a deep topic, like I said, and that you’re not going to fix that with one video. Really, if you want the ultimate solution, first of all, this is a bit self-serving, a plug for myself, but watch all of my content. Most of it is free.

I literally have probably close to a hundred hours now, maybe fifty to a hundred hours now, if not more, depending on when you’re watching this, of material, either for free, about very deep topics, that have cost me a lot of money and time to research and to understand and to bring those nuggets out into the open and share with you guys.

Literally, some of the gold I bring to you, I take from ten thousand dollar seminars. Ten thousand dollar trainings. Take it very seriously. I think the best way I would do it, if I was doing it from your position, I would subscribe to all this stuff that I’ve got, and I would watch it.

Binge Development

I would watch it again and again and again, and I actually have done this. Not with personal development in general, but in other areas of my life, when I wanted to master something, I would go and find a really good YouTube channel of someone who is very knowledgeable about it, and I would subscribe to that person and follow all their stuff, and look at it again and again and again until I drilled it into my mind.

I do that with the seminars I watch, the books I read — I drill and drill and drill in order to really soak it all in, to develop a mental model of how this stuff works. That makes it much easier to follow through on, because you know where you’re going, you know what the pitfalls are, etc.

That’s where I’m leading you to, to start watching this stuff. If you’re really serious about finding a personal development plan, then I’m going to give you a bare bones one right now. It’s going to be very bare bones, and you’re going to have a very difficult time understanding the depth of it and the profound effect it can have on your life.

You’re just not going to buy into it, you’re not going to be motivated to follow through. You’re probably not going to know the specific details. To outline all those takes a lot of time, and frankly, a lot of my videos already have outlined that stuff. In fact, if you’re really serious, I have the personal development blueprint that’s on my website at

That has been — I spent the last six months taking on the personal notes I’ve compiled from all this research and distilling it down. I wanted to find about a hundred of the most important principles and concepts for how to do personal development. What are the most critical, essential things without which you cannot be successful or fulfilled in life, in any area of your life?

I distilled those, I found those. A lot of research. I’m constantly updating that thing, putting in more and more knowledge as I’m doing more and more research. I’m going to be filling that thing up with videos and a lot of exercise file and other stuff.

Go ahead and check that out at That is my version of the personal development plan. Even that, you look at it, right now, it’s like a hundred and ten, maybe even a hundred and twenty points deep. Each one of those points is a super deep principle that can take you months, maybe even years to master.

There’s so much depth here. This is not a bad thing, this is actually a really good thing. This means these are all tools, each one of these principles, each one of these bullet points is a tool you can use to revolutionize and transform your life.

It’s quite amazing. I haven’t really seen anything out there that’s this comprehensive. Go ahead and check that out. I’m going to give you an even more bare bones plan right now. Check out the blueprint, watch everything on this channel, watch all the free stuff I have coming to you. Watch all my videos, but then, here’s the bare bones plan.

Get The Big Picture

If I was doing personal development, here’s what I would say the low-level tactics are, the techniques you should be using. First of all, I think it’s critically important, if you’re very serious about personal development and getting results from it, is to have that big picture. You need to learn the big picture.

That’s going to take some time. That’s going to take you reading some books. That’s going to take you following my stuff. Watching all my videos multiple times. That’s going to take you reading other people’s stuff. Going to other blogs, watching other videos about personal development. That’s going to take you going out there and trying a little bit here and there.

Ultimately, just building a picture. What does this look like? Why are you doing it? How have people done it in the past? Are there principles to being successful and happy in life? If there are, what are they? What is the consensus?

You need to build a model in your mind. I’ve got a model in my mind, but that’s me. My model might be different from yours. Just because I give you my model, doesn’t mean you’re going to appreciate it the same way as if you build it up yourself.

You’re going to have to do a little bit of that legwork too. I can give you a lot of golden stuff that will shortcut that process. You don’t have to spend five years doing it, but you do have to spend some time doing it. Don’t think you can just slack off, look at that list and all of a sudden you’re good.

That’s not going to do anything for you. You need to look at that list multiple times. You need to go to other sources as well, and paint a picture in your own mind of how this process is going to look. Create a personal development plan for yourself, it has to be tailored to you, this is something that’s very personal.

Have A Vision

That’s where I would start. That’s part of your barebones plan — to understand the plan. The next point, I would say, is vision. You need to have vision. Vision and goals. What is your ultimate vision for your life? What do you want out of your life? What are some of the goals you have set for yourself?

You have to sit down and do some goal setting. You’re going to have to come up with a very powerful vision that’s going to motivate you, and push you through all the challenging obstacles that are going to come your way.

Why are you doing personal development? What is it really going to add to your life? How is it going to improve your life? You’ve got to answer these questions for yourself, and be very methodical about them.

Coaching is very good for this. I’m a life coach, I coach people on these topics professionally, because I feel a lot of people get stuck on this vision and goal setting process. It can be a lot more perilous than it seems on the surface, so coaching is great for that if you’re stuck.

Unhook From Distractions

The next one is unhook from distractions. Right now, if you’re struggling in your life, I would say I can pretty much guess that you have at least two, three, maybe five or ten major distractions in your life that are just robbing you of your energy, robbing you of your fulfillment, and robbing you of your time.

You might be saying to yourself “I don’t have time to study this and learn books and read your hundred-point blueprint multiple times and watch all your videos. I don’t have time for that.” Well, you do have time for it. The question is, what are all the bullshit things you’re doing right now, that you really shouldn’t be doing?

Watching television, hanging out with friends that are negative, people that are holding you back, all the different psychological crutches and addictions that you have, food, internet, all the time you’re wasting…

You have to start to look at those things and start to unhook yourself. Unhook from all the distractions. The video games, the internet, the porn, the TV you’re watching — all this stuff is just a huge time sink and an energy sink. Not only is it taking time away from the positive work you will be doing through personal development, it’s also putting you into low-consciousness state.

It’s making it very difficult for you to follow any sort of plan. Even if I gave you a perfect plan, you probably wouldn’t be able to follow it, because of those things. Get yourself off of those distractions and addictions.

Build Positive Habits

The next thing is build positive habits. It’s a very broad category of activity, but basically you need to start putting habits into place in your life that are supporting you, supporting your vision, supporting your goals, supporting your life purpose.

You need to — what is that habit for you, I don’t know. It’s going to be different for different people. Maybe for you it’s the habit of going to the gym. Or the habit of doing some yoga. Or the habit of reading every night for an hour. A habit of meditation, a habit of journaling, a habit of waking up on time or a habit of waking up earlier than you currently do. A habit of going to sleep on time.

Positive things you could be doing to push yourself forward. That’s ultimately what your personal development plan is going to consist of: various positive habits you’re working on.

Find Your Purpose

The next point, I would say, is life purpose. This goes along with vision and goals, but deserves its own mention. What is your purpose in life? If you don’t have a purpose in life, then what is your plan going to lead you towards? It’s going to lead you around in circles.

You’ll have no direction. You’ll have no sense of direction. Your energy and your thoughts are not going to be concentrated on anything. Life purpose is a deep passion of mine, this topic of finding your life purpose. I’ve really struggled with it a lot myself and in my own journey to find my own purpose, which I’m now very solidly on track with, I’ve discovered a lot of tricks and secrets about how that should be done.


Life purpose is very important. The next one is journaling. This is more of a little tactic I can offer you. You need to journal more. Part of your personal development plan should involve journaling. Journal all the time, journal every single day. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, just for five or ten minutes. It could be enough.

Just start to get your thoughts out. Start to be more introspective. Do it in a way where you can refer back to it, since it’s on paper. I have other videos that talk about journaling, so I’m not going to get into all the details here.


Meditation, that’s the next point. I think that any solid personal development plan must include a daily habit of meditation, whether it’s for ten minutes, thirty minutes or an hour. I personally do an hour every day. Maybe you want to start off with something like twenty minutes, that’s what I recommend. I have other videos that talk about meditation, but that’s a really important element.

Program Your Subconsciousness

The final element, which is super, super critical is to start to learn and to work with programming your subconscious mind. This is such a powerful idea. I really discovered it only about a year ago, and started using it in my own life to get some ridiculous results. I don’t even know how you could do personal development without this.

This is just the idea that you need to understand what you subconscious mind is, and use various techniques and strategies for reshaping it, reprogramming it, finding the negative beliefs that you’ve got, the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, start to work those out, introspect about them, psychoanalyze them, pull them out, rip them out and then reprogramme yourself so that you’ve got positive beliefs instilled in you.

This can be used. This can be done with various tactics, from affirmations, visualisations, other stuff I really can’t go into here, because that’s such a deep, deep topic. To do that properly takes some training and, again, seeing that big picture that we talked about.

That would be my personal development plan. Bare bones. If I had to pick just the top ten things, this is it. Learn the big picture, have a vision, goals, unhook yourself from distractions, build positive habits, have a life purpose, journal, meditate and reprogramme your subconscious mind.

If you do those things… wow. Your life will be so different that you will be shocked. It will be hard for you to believe where you came from. You’ll literally look back a few years later — it’s not going to happen in one day. It’s not going to happen in one week or one month, but over the course of a couple of years, you’ll look back and you’ll see and your life will be so different that you’ll do a facepalm kind of thing.

That’s incredible. I can’t believe other people aren’t doing this, other people aren’t following personal development the way I’ve been following it. That’s going to be a profound moment for you. At that point, you’re really going to be bought in, and you’re going to keep growing and growing and growing, and your potential… wow.

You can go really high if you do that. You can go really high in business. You can go really high in career. You’ll go really high with your personal relationships and your whole life. Your satisfaction with your whole life will just skyrocket. It’s quite incredible.

Wrap Up

That’s it. I’m going to be signing off. That’s what I had to say about personal development plans. If you’re really serious about it go ahead and check out the blueprint (, it’s free.

You can start taking action on some of these points on my bare bones plan that I gave you here. If you’re really serious about it, then talk to me about coaching. Check out my coaching page at, because I love to coach people on this stuff. We give you action plans, go through all these points, tell you exactly all the pieces you need to get into place so that you’re not fumbling around.

So many people out there are fumbling around. They try this, they try that, but they don’t stick with it because they don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t know if it’s going to lead them anywhere. They don’t have the confidence to follow through, and they don’t get anywhere.

Coaching is for people who are really serious about getting results very, very quickly. What will take you three years on your own, with a coach you can get in three months. It’s quite insane. Consider that as well.

I’m signing off. Post your comments down below, leave me your feedback. Like this and share this — click the like button right now if you like this. Then go and check out, but specifically, subscribe to our newsletter. It’s free. I’m releasing new videos, articles, other goodies, for free, every single week, exclusive to my subscribers.

Go ahead and check that out. Sign up and you’re going to be getting all those updates, you’re going to be set. If you’re serious about personal development, then you want to be following that stuff. This is something that has to become a habit, something that you’re immersed in.

This is not some video you watch, you need an onslaught. Watch all my videos, and all the new ones that are coming out. That’s what I’m doing, I’m hammering you, I’m hammering your brain with what it needs in order to start to making changes, big changes in your life.

Sign up, you can’t really miss out there. In fact, when you sign up, you get some exclusive bonuses. Right now, you get a nineteen part video series, just for signing up, about how to bust your top limiting beliefs. You also get a chance to win two hours of free coaching with me, which I give away to one of my subscribers every month.

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Cyril says:

Hello Leo,
Your ideas and ways of dealing with those different subjects feat well with my own way of seeing things. It’s great for me to find someone like you who talks truly and frankly. I encourage you to continue on this track and I’m grateful for your awesome work. Again, great thanks Leo!

Leo Gura says:

My pleasure

Kiesha Michelle Falchenberg says:

I LOVE that I stumbled upon your website!!! I have been looking for something of this nature for a couple of years now. I am one who believes in personal development but have lacked the habits and pervasiveness of keeping it up.

If I can afford it I will see about hiring you as a coach and if not I will start my journey now that I have found!!

Thanks Leo….I am sensing there is changes ahead!

Leo Gura says:

Great. Well… there is a lot of free content in the videos (50+ hours worth) if you can’t afford coaching. But yeah, coaching is super-powerful, especially if you’ve been struggling to get results by yourself.

Kiesha Michelle Falchenberg says:

By the way the color of the ocean is not blue hehehe…I know it’s a captcha thing To make sure the comment’s arent spam…

Just had to point that out!


lior says:

I saw your video while ago in youtube, you were talking about The Secret and the Law Of Attraction, but i didn’t find any more videos of you since then, till I’ve wrote down “I want change in my life” in Google and find your website.

I just start to watch the videos few days ago, and i wanted to say thanks for this website.
I’ve been searching the web for information about self development for while now, and nothing really talked to me but your website… so thank you for that!


Ashray says:

It has been some time since I came here again, I have finally build up some good habits, I have a schedule but I am still changing it bit by bit, all in all I believe I have changed and I am continuously changing. The best change in me is that I am all time positive and can control my irritation and anger I am still reading Six pillars of self esteem, it’s very extensive.

Anna says:

Leo, I do watch your videos. Thank you for letting watch them for free. As a teacher, I cannot afford to pay. Thank you again and yes I watch again and again. Every minute I wish you whatever is good to wish. Thank you. You ar above and beyond.

Best, Anna.

Bade says:

Thank you.
You changing human destiny.

Tommy says:

Leo, i’ve watched your video on mastering emotions and i started to understand the concept, but i just want to ask on how to deal with anxiety or other negative feelings that are undefinable that come when we just wake up from bed in the morning. Sometimes it just happens even i have no external stimulus, or i have no dreams, just directly when i wake up. Thank you.

Christopher says:

Hey Leo, I purchased your 140 Self-Help Book Program about a week ago. Deeply insightful stuff, great recommendations. However, I didn’t see a book listed that I’ve had on my radar lately. It’s called the “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. Would you recommend it?


Leo Gura says:

Haven’t read it, but I’ve heard of it.

Dimitar says:

Hey Leo, Best regards! What I’m afraid of is that one day i will visit your site and it will be gone. Please, tell me that all the gold you have laid here will last for long?

Roey says:

Hi Leo,

FOA a transcript to this video is much needed. Do you do it yourself or do you need volunteers for that?

Secondly how do I know that I’ve reached rock bottom motivations of my neurosis behaviour ?
I don’t uderstand the sentence: “what about you do you have to believe? what about reality do you have to believe that’s motivating you to be neurotic?” please give some examples.
The Wikipedia article for neurosis states that the core pathology comes from childhood/parenting/genetic (my addition) (Horner’s Theory). Will I found these conclusions there? I cant remember exactly what happened 25-30 years ago.

Thank you very much

Leigh says:


I’m incredibly grateful for all of the work you’ve done and what you are sharing with us.


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