How To Escape Wage Slavery

By Leo Gura - September 10, 2018 | 11 Comments

How society is a pyramid scheme

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Ben says:

I’m curious, have you been laying the foundation since first grade? What six year old is conscious enough to start laying the groundwork to escape wage slavery? That’s a ridiculous claim/expectation, even if you’re describing some hypothetical ideal.

When did you “wake up” and begin doing this work, by which I mean personal development and actively working towards discovering and actualizing your life purpose?

I originally posted this on YouTube,but I figured you’d have a better chance of seeing it here.

Eerik says:

Conscious Tier 2 (Spiral Dynamics Yellow) parenting?

Carrie says:

Hey Leo,

I’m really glad you made this video. As this topic will push a lot of buttons and trigger people’s emotions and insecurities. It unfortunately does need to be said, because there are way too many people that are completely oblivious of what’s going on. However angry people will get, there will be others that will greatly appreciate your message and be highly influenced by it, such as myself.

As a hypnotist and energy healer I cannot emphasize how many clients come to see me for weight loss, addictions and depression, which are really symptoms of a bigger issue. The issue of not living the life they really want, not living their life purpose, and having a meaningful career. And they use the food and addictions to cover up and numb their unhappiness and pain. Most people will settle for good enough, or do not believe they can actually obtain what they want because of some type of negative subconscious belief created by their ego. Which a lot of the time usually stems from something childhood related. As in parents, piers, etc. telling them they aren’t smart enough, good enough, or their business ideas are stupid, etc.

The truth is everyone deserves to have a meaningful life where they can give back, regardless of their situation and who they are. But that inner journey starts with the realization of self love and shedding all those negative beliefs, and of course most importantly defining their life purpose.

I think many people don’t realize how good and enjoyable life can be. I finally escaped the pyramid scheme last year when I quit my part time job working an art store as supplemental income as I was building my hypnosis practice. Now I have plenty of free time on my hands to focus on health, exercise, and spiritual and personal growth. It really is obtainable. And never in a million years would I ever go back! I’m so glad to help and influence others on their life journey.

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to teach the masses. It is not going unnoticed.

Much Love and Light to you,

Marcin says:

Most brilliant musicians are unknown to the world. Most best selling music is a piece of shit. That isn’t so simple. It is still depends on your position within the pyramid. See. Also, it is really not so hard to escape wage slavery, especially in decent country. The real thing is to escape from the pyramid or at least minimize your participation in it (for example not using credit cards, bank accounts etc).

Daniel says:

Hey Leo, what do you think about investing through the stock market? I plan to invest money but not too sure if this is the way to go to be financially secure. I’ve seen friends become wealthy with the stock exchange that I thought I could give it a shot

Rexas says:

Thanks for this. I don’t yet know if i will make it, but i’d rather die than be a wage slave. Let the greater fire of the spirit burn hotter than the lesser fire of the ego!

Carlos says:

Hey Leo thanks for the video! So I generally feel there could be some real life examples in what you talk about. Would I need to stick to wage slavery to support myself and work my way out of it by becoming self-employed (I.e. my own business)? Is that the only path?

Ilan says:

Hi Leo, I noticed you never talk about athlete, can’t athlete provide value to the world? isn’t that possible to be highly creative being an athlete? Can that be a life purpose for a young boy or even a 21year old young man to become a master in one sport? Do you consider Michael Jordan someone who went on what you talk about here, do you consider he passes the “hero’s journey”? (Sorry for my falts, I’m french, I’m also 21years old and very confused about life and before idolizing you, I used to idolize some athletes like Michael Jordan telling myself that they are the best possible forms of human beings nowadays, when I see at him, it seems that he’s so authentic and so driven that it makes me feel that way)

Jimmy Feiling says:


Squirtin some buns?

Tomatoes and even katchup have lycopene which is a disease preventing thang its also good with vit k and a place of potassium

Ferdinand says:

So I don’t think this applies across the board. Also comparing all labor to slavery is pretty ridiculous. Slaves knew they were slaves. Slavery was pretty obviously slavery. Also, creative work isn’t the same for everyone. Being a creative type isn’t what everyone wants to do. Yes we need affordable healthcare, but we also need to reallocate a lot of other government funds. Maybe the wealthy should have a wage cap.

The world is fucked up and things do need to change but to consider jobs with a grind meaningless is awfully childish. We need those people. At least a good number of those people need to work, whether part time or full time. Not everyone has an undying passion that they are hiding from the world. Perhaps that is your personal issue.

Carlos says:

Your argument is sound but I detect some misunderstandings from the video. One is that Leo was referring to “slaves” more so in the context of “wage slaves.” And even though I don’t believe that creative work is right for everyone and that we need people to do the grinding work to keep society running, I do believe in the power of creative work. Creativity can work in different ways. What is your definition of creative work? Really question this.

I think that Leo did enough research to be aware of all the points you mentioned. Even if you don’t agree with some things right off the bat, carefully consider its implications in your own life. To Leo, being creative contributes to a life well-lived. How can you make it work for you?

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