How To Do Self-Inquiry

By Leo Gura - December 24, 2018 | 10 Comments

Explaining the technique of self-inquiry and its common traps

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Daniel says:

Leo I play a lot of Snooker. Can the game of Snooker be a practise for meditation? I remember one episode that you said that you driver around Vegas at night as a way of doing meditation.

I self inquiry good also with the lights off, doing it in pitch black with your eyes open?

Mayur says:

This episode fits in so well with me.
Verry effective, it’s like a map that will help me to come back home.

I will take it as a X’mas gift
Thank you so much !

Tedens says:

Wanna enlightenment, detach excitement.

Deeets says:

You’re blowing up my mind Leo. Amazing! (BTW, I thought my answer to “What colour are lemons?”, “I don’t know. I haven’t observed them long enough” was going to give me a short cut to my certificate. Clearly, I have a long road ahead of me. Bummer!)

Diana says:

Hey, Leo. I really, like maaanny others, appreciate your work. It s very useful and definetly you seem pretty balanced. I observed that you have changed your facial expression, the way you look at the tone of your voice, compared to older videos I thought it might be helpful, just in case you haven t observed.

I just want to ask you a mere question. Most probably you won t reply. How can I start manipulate people for a higher good, of course? I think about a lot of ways and I know I m better that most of those around me, but when I deal with them, I just lose myself and become empathetic again…with their stupidity.

Anyway, thank you for the old warrior clip. A very good reminder. I just need to accept that, hope I haven t lost it…

Tridib says:

Saw a few of your videos. You are doing great work. These resources are useful for anyone wanting to pursue self development, spiritual growth etc. I admire your commitment to truth and excellence and your generousity in offering it freely in the internet.

david says:

leo can we combine meditation with self inquiry

Max Gron says:

I now recognise what I am: instead of a thing, a body, a brain, a mind, a soul, a spirit, a god, other things, I’m an existing entity of behaviour I invented, mostly Australian inventions of mine. All my life I wasn’t the person I possess, I was a personality, nor am I a ghost, I’m actually a range of behaviours I invented, that’s what I am, I’m not one personality, one person, one style, no, I’m more than one thing, a Christian, a Puritan, an Australian, a Kenyan, a lover of the wrong people, a stranger, an animal, an ape, a man, a transvestite, a poofter, a non-poofter, everything I did is exactly what I am, and so are you, you’re a range of behaviours of your invention.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Wait a minute so that’s my false self? The personality (as above)? What I am is the perceiver, the subject watching these things? I just sit there merely being conscious? Not doing anything? Not even sleeping? I didn’t know, Leo has a true insight.

Max the shithead says:

This is what I’ve been doing, scratching myself in want of having shower, what I am is my awareness of what I’m doing, yet I am, not I am doing it, that is, I’m just me without originally having an essence, there’s a lot of me’s, there’s way more than 7 billion of us, including animals, rocks, primates and plants and trees, it’s called us, I’m only me to myself, therefore we’re me and you all, referred to as us, that’s my mind, it’s not individually wrapping a thought, it’s thinking collectively, that’s why people say “you guys”, not pointing to me specifically or individually, that’s because I’m not an individual, I’m a pair, the point being you’re not the only consciousness that exists, there’s trillions of us (including rocks), there’s even less minds, there’s thousands of billions of minds, that means with such complication of my comment, it needed to be edited to make more sense.

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