How To Do Self-Inquiry

By Leo Gura - December 24, 2018 | 7 Comments

Explaining the technique of self-inquiry and its common traps

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Daniel says:

Leo I play a lot of Snooker. Can the game of Snooker be a practise for meditation? I remember one episode that you said that you driver around Vegas at night as a way of doing meditation.

I self inquiry good also with the lights off, doing it in pitch black with your eyes open?

Mayur says:

This episode fits in so well with me.
Verry effective, it’s like a map that will help me to come back home.

I will take it as a X’mas gift
Thank you so much !

Tedens says:

Wanna enlightenment, detach excitement.

Deeets says:

You’re blowing up my mind Leo. Amazing! (BTW, I thought my answer to “What colour are lemons?”, “I don’t know. I haven’t observed them long enough” was going to give me a short cut to my certificate. Clearly, I have a long road ahead of me. Bummer!)

Diana says:

Hey, Leo. I really, like maaanny others, appreciate your work. It s very useful and definetly you seem pretty balanced. I observed that you have changed your facial expression, the way you look at the tone of your voice, compared to older videos I thought it might be helpful, just in case you haven t observed.

I just want to ask you a mere question. Most probably you won t reply. How can I start manipulate people for a higher good, of course? I think about a lot of ways and I know I m better that most of those around me, but when I deal with them, I just lose myself and become empathetic again…with their stupidity.

Anyway, thank you for the old warrior clip. A very good reminder. I just need to accept that, hope I haven t lost it…

Tridib says:

Saw a few of your videos. You are doing great work. These resources are useful for anyone wanting to pursue self development, spiritual growth etc. I admire your commitment to truth and excellence and your generousity in offering it freely in the internet.

david says:

leo can we combine meditation with self inquiry

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