How To Be A Leader

By Leo Gura - June 1, 2015 | 32 Comments

Leadership secrets revealed!

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Lisa says:

You did it. It’s a word I use very sparingly but really a great video.

Thomas J says:

Very cool stuff again Leo. Thanks.
I’m always looking forward to watching your newest video and sometimes after reading the title of the video I kinda judge it prematurely and label it as suitable, appropriate or whatever.
But every single time there is a lot of depth and I resonate with your message and then I realize how silly this is.

rufaro says:

You rocked as usual !
Leo , what’s your current read ?

Eelco says:

So confronting. Now I know why I struggle to be a good manager in my company. How can I expect people to have a clean desk if my own is a mess? How can I expect that my managers lead with sympathy and understanding while I use authority of leadership and anger to lead? How can I expect employees to cooperate while I tend to run away from conflicts? How can I expect or motivate my wife to be organised while I myself never keep things in the same spot. Can’t wait till tomorrow and start with good leadership: walk my talk and keep on self developing. Good thing is that I have been following you for more than 6 months now like a shadow so I have made some improvements already. cheers.

Kat says:

Terrific video. Great job Leo. I’ll be referring to it often in hopes to become a ‘Columbus or Magellan.’ Keep climbing!

UnleashThEnergy says:

I used to go to a lot of news sites (political) and read the comments, even participating in commenting myself. Fighting on the internet about the stupid stuff. And I also was a user on another site which was very negative and cynical. I wasted hours of my life there every damn they. And the time when I wasn’t there, I was thinking about it. There was whole lot of fighting and negativity in my life that didn’t let me do my own thing.

By using some of your methods like self control, being aware of the homeostasis effect and journaling (writing about how those sites have fucked my life for a whole year, will continue to do so and how it hasn’t contributed a single benefit in my life), suddenly I gathered all the willpower needed to turn away from those sites.

It’s been 24 hours since my decision, lol. My body is resisting. I feel like an addict, lol! But I have committed 100% to this cause. I wouldn’t go back there, never again!! Thanks man!

I think too much in my everyday life. I know meditation can help me calm my mind. But what else? Will you ever shoot a video on this topic?

Arik says:

I like your very modern definition of a leader, very inspiring. However, I also think that there exist a lot of leaders who lack in certain good qualities you mentioned even today.

For example leading certain cults, leading certain music genres and yes even leading certain political opinions. A lot of these leaders are very toxic personally but have a strong vision for a particular group (that’s maybe toxic in the same way).

So, to be a leader nowadays one doesn’t need to be all positive and qualified in every one of your points BUT and here comes the but

I think that making a lasting change, a fulfilling change and trying to create the future we are not even dreaming of needs a ton of more leaders that develop themselves and then

take this to the next level and develop others / make change with / for others.

Thanks for this nice video.


Arik says:

Sorry UnleashThEnergy, I didn’t want my comment to be a reply to yours but if you want to think less, do the following (it helps me a lot):

1. Don’t try to think less, try to think right (means positive instead of negative because there is no use in acting from a position of weakness) Leo has good videos on positivity etc.

2. Do not speak about meditation in comments but do it. Master it. Learn to love it. For me personally, my one hour meditation each morning is the one most fulfilling hour of the day because I am so much in the moment and as much out of my head as possible.

3. Keep up your journal. That’s good work.

4. Disidentify from your thoughts and feelings, tell yourself that they are not real but just real looking movies and inner talks and catch up on Leo’s spiritual work and take the journey. Helps a lot.


UnleashThEnergy says:

One hour man?! That’s great work! And thanks for your advice.

Elton says:

spiritual enlightenment, how to be mindful , what is ego , meditation …check out all these videos ..

UnleashThEnergy says:

I have started meditating since yesterday.
I have listened to a few of Leo’s spiritual videos. However I haven’t started the practice yet.

And thanks

craig says:

Hi Leo, how would you comment on the statements below, the sound contradictory no.. : ”

Craig says:

Sorry I couldnt copy and paste text from your article in this text box. Can you fix that.

My question was regarding the vidio on how to be attractive. in one para you say that we you should be happy by yourself without any sort of stimulation and then in another para you say “I want you to set up a nice life with good external circumstances”

Thats a bit contradictory, no ?

Leo Gura says:

Not contradictory in practice. Do both!

Karakondzula says:

Hi Leo! Great video! Can you do some video on Shadow Work please?

Yvesa says:

Intriguing video. I definitely think of myself as a leader and have been for a while because I think the freedom of making my own decisions, based on my core values, is what brings true happiness for me (the sort of peaceful happiness that comes from within).

I’ve been thinking about what you talk in this video for a while now. I noticed that leadership is what makes me happy. But is it applicable to everyone? Would everyone want to be a leader? Are most people even able to do such a thing?
Is it the only way to be happy? You mention in the beginning of the video how leadership is linked to happiness but what if it is only your experience?

Thank you for the video. I found it very informative. Though, I would like to suggest that the next time you talk in general, you should use “she” instead of “he”. (You were talking about the leader as a “he” in this video). It would help women identify with your video better, and I think women would benefit a lot from this kind of video.

neil byrne says:

great video

Sage says:

Very excellent video. I made sure to take notes and give this video my full attention. I loved the insight you gave and how you got emotional toward the end in saying your vision for the viewers of your videos. I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon your YouTube channel and this website because I feel like I learn and improve with every video that I watch.

Thank you for doing all of this Leo.

Flemming says:

Great video, thanks.
Why only one life. what about reincarnation?

Cesar D says:

Just insparing. Speechless.

jagvinder says:

Great Video!
Very inspiring and really brought to me the real definition who a leader is.
Please also release soon the videos talking the insights about how to study the system, 10 key qualities and failure points.
I am surely buy a new book to study more!

Thanks a lot!

MarianHJones says:

So inseparable. Keep going on, I like the video very much. Thank you!

Rosa says:

Talk about the laws of attraction. This is exactly what I needed today. This is the second time so far with your video posts.
I appreciate all of the information and guidance you’ve shared and I look forward to putting this into action. I have found my Mount Everest and thanks to this video I have a sense of direction. What awesomeness I am feeling right now.

Filip says:

I dropped a tear at the end of this video. You made me to want to conquer that Mt. Everest’s peak.

Alfonzo says:

Very inspiring, specially being the family leaders we are but ignore and neglect.

Would you consider making a video about getting a mentor? Do you have a mentor?

Terri says:

Great video. Do you have any videos about how to get people to rally around you?

Andre says:

Hope I liked it? I fucking love it!

Velina says:

I loved this! I was writing notes like crazy. Very good! I’ve been watching a lot of your videos for a few weeks now and I really see how much I have to learn. I’ve been meditating and working on being mindful of my emotions. This video really helps to see how developing and mastering my whole self is essential to becoming a good leader. Thanks Leo!

Jasz says:

Excellent, deep, inspiring work and video ! When you synergize personal development in the context of self mastery aligned with need to develop as a leader, you truly create a compelling reason to climb Mount Everest and life purpose… and beyond…godliness ! Excellent !

shriguru says:


Valeria says:

Great teaching!! Thanks. a video to watch and re-watch and to put in practice!

Jimmy says:

Or their cross to crucify with nine inch…nails

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