How Society Evolves

By Leo Gura - February 24, 2020 | 6 Comments

Introducing the World Values Survey

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Jimmy Feiling says:

But Leo I listened to all your videos and I listened to the ones I didnt want to hear even More Leo I did me leo I did Me lol cuz i wuv u man

Radioear says:

Concerning ‘the nature of time’, these may prove interesting questions:

Can you prove to me that TIME still exists when ‘I am’ dead or vice versa?
Why is that impossible .

Probably because time is created by each one of us from the moment we are born. We are during life like ‘time-generators’ and thus together we create this ‘grand illusion’. Time comes in many frequencies (in the body, out of body, …).
The only condition is ‘I’.

So the precondition for time is to still have an ‘ego’.
That what is attached to the ego creates even ‘more time’ and ‘more space’, until we die. Together we keep the illusion alive that we are many. Yet we are all ‘alone-together’.

Now go enjoy the illusion. That’s one of the reasons why you are here. And if you have some ‘time’ left. Use it to evolve and grow in time. So much so that you don’t need ‘time’ anymore. And then you collapse into ‘enlightenment’.

Have fun!

Jimmy says:

A moralizing human is more to be feared that a pride of rabid lions

what rabbit lion says:

hey jimmy,
you know what a rabbit lion is? its a guy telling you you can be woke and own 5 racing cars. maybe in the 80ies, that is so old, today no one needs status symbols to establish a conscious community. why do you think the rabbit lion is so backwards, sth like woke chauvinism? have you ever heard about that? a woke chauvinist thats a rabbit lion.

Jim Feiling says:

leo you should have gotten your survival by now lol

Max Gron says:

This’ll really change my life, cleaning up the environment and it’s not up for the things that you want. I have to admit that without my housemate causing problems I wouldn’t need any psychology.

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