How Modern Branding Exploits & Abuses You

By Leo Gura - June 3, 2021 | 2 Comments

The similarities between modern branding and abusive relationships.

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Jevon says:

I love how you ended it with silence this time instead of the usual ending taglines.
Really let the message sink in

Max Raoy Gron says:

Not being anti-pessimistic here but it’s absolutely disgusting how your favourite brands are replaced with brands since year 2000 with none of the material of the old brands (although similar), and as disgusting as this is it’s even more disgusting to wish for the old brand when the new brand took over, Sega is a somewhat atrocious brand exploiting/abusing you with mind-altering graphics instead of healthy, real games like a jewels match 3 game, yes it’s real, even though it’s not a conventional realness, to be even more honest reality is the exploitation of exposing you to non-fiction altogether together with playing jewels as above to move that mental muscle and absolutely becomes a lump in your throat (your Adam’s apple) when it’s interrupted by someone stupid enough to burst that bubble of yours, can you imagine an angry man coming in the room kicking your bed telling you to wake up? I would yell “get out you stupid wild beast” and go back to sleep, people have no idea how inconvenient reality is for others and not you, point being I like my games and I don’t want, without exploitative brands abusing me or in any case, someone kicking my ass over a mobile phone game, I dismiss them and I know who makes my games.

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