The Biggest Thing You Should Fear - Halloween Special!

By Leo Gura - October 31, 2014 | 32 Comments

Trick or treat!

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Jay says:

Life is short and Im so thankful that i found out about personal development, otherwise Im pretty sure that I would waste my life in the same ways that i see my friends and family are doing… Awsome Leo

Lisa says:

Thank you Leo – you just gave me the kick in my butt that I really needed. What you said in this one video woke me up more than all the other books, videos and “advice” from friends has given me in the past 6 months. Not too long ago, I asked God to pull the veil away from my eyes so I could truly start living my life after all these years. And within days, I found you and your inspirational videos on the internet.

Thank you Leo for what you do, for what you say and for what you give to each of us. You’re truly amazing and you’ve already made a BIG, BIG difference in my life.

It’s time for me to get those new goals going… time’s a wasting.

Leo Gura says:

Thanks Go do something big, while you’ve got some time left.

Asaiah Powers says:

Thanks for the insight Le0,(cool mask)

Raz says:

Great video Leo.

Raz says:

And Happy Halloween!

Sam says:

This is one of your best vids!

Aydin Erok says:

Thanks for the

Mitch says:

Just terrific. Definitely one of the most meaningful, inspiring, straight up no bullshit messages about this precious gift of life that we live and breathe every single second. This is a video for EVERYBODY I am shocked you’re not even 30 years old as you are quite obviously beyond your years. Well done.

Dan says:

I applaud you Leo!!!!
Thank you for opening my eyes

This morning (November first) I was debating with my self about where I should go with my life?

My first fear is to have a mediocre life.


Somebody says:

Excellent! I think everybody has the potential to achieve great things. Only problem is that I believe there are forces at work in our culture to prevent them from doing so. Men are told they should only care about beer, football, and women in bikinis. Women are told they should only care about being skinny, fashion, and babies. It takes a lot of anger and drive for a person to be motivated enough to step outside this prison our culture has put us in.

Carla says:

Scary but true, haha!! Leo, your vds are like good books to me, I think that I can watch the same video a thousand times and I’ll always find something new to think about.
Thanks, dear.

Monique says:

Hey Leo,

Such a powerful tool and thought that all we have is this one life. It was a little too preachy for me. The costume was awesome for the opening segment, but I think it detracted from the message after that. I really look forward to the day you’ve evolved from a fear-based motivator.

samantha says:

You may try instead of judging the words hes saying as preachy, and instead taking each fragment of though, and sectioning them as time either spent on good vibrations by listening to such wisdom or time spent wasted because your not focused enough on being a goody for each fragment of your life. each fragment you waste is time counted down in a negative way, while its still good your living, what kind of life is that? choose to always be good. dont try to fix yourself if your not broken because chances are your not. Not sure if that makes sense to you.. Lol. Sorry.

samantha says:

Thought, not though.

Michibi says:

Sorry, can anyone tell me what this costume is and what the hell is Leo doing at the end moaning like that???

I love the msg here and my petty petty life must be gone.

sandra young says:

It’s called “being creative”…. It’s called “trying something different”….. It says “Halloween” and Halloween is all about costumes. It’s all about the message silly. Yes, try to stop being so petty in life.

Sandra Young says:

I love your stuff, Leo! I can listen to you all day! Better than talk radio for sure! If I’m doing housework, you’re in my ears, and if I”m in my office, your words are bouncing off the walls. And I’m a truly happy person and already have a wonderful life. Thank you for your contribution to society. The world needs you, Leo!

brian berson says:

Leo i love mostly everything you say, However, you are way out of touch with what is going on in our political system. I am in the process of writing a book on how corrupted out system is. Also, and why every country hates America. I have done many interviews of secret Agents and took testimonies on how the world is. What nasa is planning and how illuminati runs the top 1 percent of everything. I want to be happier yes. But reality is our world is nothing that you seem. The government has done time travel. Every other country has admitted to aliens. Nothing is what it seems. I challenge you to reach the top 1 percent without devil worshipping. They all practice Satanic rituals. And we have the first transgender Michelle obama. Barrack obama real name is Barry Sotero

Leo Gura says:


Or, you should consider very seriously that all your enemies are a projection for your ego, and that in fact no one is holding you back at all but yourself.

Look inside you at what is really going on.

Brian says:

I guess in a way you kinda helped motivate me because i am not just complaining about how the world is i am actually making an effort to inform people and help to change it. It took me a couple minutes to realize this

Brian says:

I want to thank you for feedback so fast Leo. I respect the way you come across and you are very sincere. I look at you and think no wonder why you are so successful, and i am not talking about money. But you look outside the box and i plan on being a Dr i am in school now. But i dont want to just be a dr, i want to create a new way of not treating people by finding cures. I am so glad i came across your vids. I realized now that i have seen your vids not only do i see flaws in me but it becomes obvious that many people can not even admit they have flaws let alone work on then. It makes me so much more aware of not only my friends, family and potential girlfriends. I realize i am worth something and i deserve the best. Thanks Leo

Leo Gura says:

You bet

Dennis says:

Excellent video, Leo. Thought provoking!

Blayne says:

Great video. You sound just like Tony Robbins… a slightly ominous Tony Robbins.

Andre says:

Good video, makes an impact in a way that might not of happened without the costume. If I ever do a talk like this, I will get the same type of attire, maybe with yellow eyes and horns, whatever does the trick !!!

Mary says:

Great video! The end was really funny, loved it! LMAO

siddhant kapoor says:

hi, leo . i just wanna know one thing sometimes you say that we should do something big which can affect the humanity in a benificial way and sometimes you say that do something which can affect you in a benificial way.
i am in chaos right now . i just want to learn a foreign language but i dont know if it will be benificial for me or not . so what should i do . shall i go ahead and learn it or not ?

Robert says:

Are you familiar with Dan Brown’s novel Inferno? I just read it, and found out after finishing the book that a live action movie of the novel was released to theaters a few days ago; purely coincidence. The chances that I stumble upon this video on Halloween two years after its release, at the same time the movie is being released to theaters, and you’re wearing a mask that resembles the plague doctor mask worn by the antagonist in the novel is incredibly uncanny. Whether you’re familiar with the novel or not, I’m certain you’re aware of the exponential overpopulation crisis the earth is facing and perhaps should address it in one of your future videos, since it seems that most people are oblivious to the consequences.

Hristo Vrigazzov says:

My all time favorite video!

Max Raoy Gron says:

I suppose I better make something of my life, and make it more noble, the scary truth is some time I’m going to die.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Do you see the above comments were made in 2014? What’s necessary of my life is to not retire and go fishing, and do nothing noble of my life. I should do nobility in my life. True story: I should make something special of my life. It should be me saving the rainforests, and recycling. My life only gets good by doing something noble, big and special of my life. LatEr.

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