All Criticism Is Untenable

By Leo Gura - January 8, 2018 | 11 Comments

Why all criticism is delusion

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Daniel says:

Leo, been watching you for over 2 year’s now and never get bored of you. If you dont stand for something, you’re going to fall for anything. You are the paragon of Psychology, in my books. I watch you almost every day and think about your concepts while I’m going to bed. Been meditating, journalling every day while enhancing my consciousness. I know for sure what we dwell on, is who we become, and it’s the only thing going on in my mind, and thats searching for Truth (capital T) Its not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong, and right now I’m feeling stronger than ever.

Cristina says:

Hi, Leo

just want to wish you a great new year, you are such an amazing person, so deep and beautiful in and out. keep going on your awesome journey and let us join you along the way.

Pat says:

Just FYI the past 2 are not on podcast

Harcharan Gill says:


Blayne says:

Leo, I am looking for a little bit of clarification. Considering criticism and praise are two sides of the same coin I was curious what your feelings on praise are. Is praise “good” and therefore acceptable? Or is praise just another form of criticism and is also untenable? Or something else?
Thanks for your time.

Leo Gura says:

They aren’t really two sides of the same coin.

Praise, in the sense of gratitude for a thing, is fine, and even encouraged. That would be a variant of love.

But what is untenable is if you think your praise is somehow “justified”. As in, one thing is worthy of praise but another is not. That is untenable. That never holds water under a holistic consideration.

So you can selectively praise, but just as long as you understand that EVERYTHING is worthy of praise, and that your selective praise is subjective.

There is no such thing as: this thing X is good, that thing Y is bad. It’s all infinite perfection… from the perspective of the highest levels of consciousness.

The ego-mind loves to be selective precisely because that’s what helps the ego-mind advance its self-agenda.

As you become more conscious, you will just become in awe at the marvelousness of everything, good and bad alike.

Don’t overthink praise too much. If your heart feels like praising someone, just do it and move on.

selfdeception says:

thats selfdeception. and its like telling every person who creates shit or trash that its basically good what they are doing, every producer of contaminated food and cloths, every exploiter of workers, you tell every nazi he is praiseworthy and its ok to praise them. you tell every nature polluter, every war lord, every fascist, every child abuser, every chauvinist every drug producer, every human trafficker, every murderer and rapists that their actions are praisworthy. that criticism is untenable.
i always thought it was about awareness, but truth is you just dont like it to be criticized, thats the only reason for this video. you cannot stand critiques regarding yourself, you yourself do not have a problem with it, you just try to make yourself free from conscience.

Sara says:

Even listening to you talking about how criticism is untenable makes me angry at all the criticism pointed at me

Sara says:

And also you right here you made me want to start the most successful and the greediest pharmaceutical company ever or maybe a biotech company to hurt people and to do evil just because there’s no real practical end to evil then let’s do more of it why stand against it and do as much evil as I can I really want that right now cause I’m just so angry at everything and this video just made my day to act on my evil desire, thanks a lot. now I’m like a hulk and I’m not joking

barbara says:

hello leo,
i’m not exactly sure if i can agree with all what you are saying, i mean in the sense of compassion for yourself and others. of course i understand the principle of non duality, but in my understanding this principle is the non duality of the yin and yang – that means it is dual and still dual even if it is flowing and intertwined and one and the causes are maybe not dual but multiple or the same. i think your teaching might work out for blind criticism in the sense of political criticism only by speech but what about actions against mad autocrats all around the world in the past present and future, like demonstrations, are they not also criticism?
or is protest not criticism?
actually i don’t want to be a hyena but i also don’t want to be as cold as a manthis touching nothing – i really want to be more of an elephant or any other animal, that lives in a social environment not harming for living but still protecting.
i think you fell in your own trap, in sense of black n’white: the hyena is one side and the manthis is the opposite or was that intentional?

barbara says:

oh mh manta fish, hahaha. i’m not an english native speaker.

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