All Criticism Is Untenable

By Leo Gura - January 8, 2018 | 3 Comments

Why all criticism is delusion

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Daniel says:

Leo, been watching you for over 2 year’s now and never get bored of you. If you dont stand for something, you’re going to fall for anything. You are the paragon of Psychology, in my books. I watch you almost every day and think about your concepts while I’m going to bed. Been meditating, journalling every day while enhancing my consciousness. I know for sure what we dwell on, is who we become, and it’s the only thing going on in my mind, and thats searching for Truth (capital T) Its not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong, and right now I’m feeling stronger than ever.

Cristina says:

Hi, Leo

just want to wish you a great new year, you are such an amazing person, so deep and beautiful in and out. keep going on your awesome journey and let us join you along the way.

Pat says:

Just FYI the past 2 are not on podcast

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