About Leo

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In Search of Meaning

It's been an interesting journey. I had my first mid-life crisis at 23. My second came a few years later.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted my life to be extraordinary. I wanted to accomplish amazing things, advance society, and attain lasting fulfillment and peace. I could never foresee then — and it's still hard for me to believe now — just how much territory would have to be covered to find the kind of meaning I was looking for.

There and Back Again

I've been where you are now. I've faced lack of motivation, laziness, procrastination, fear, doubt, worry, limiting beliefs, and destructive habits. I've had a purpose, lost my purpose, re-created it from scratch, struggled to stay on track, and evolved past plateaus.

Although my career was always the most important thing in my life, I also always struggled to stay on track. There were phases where I'd accomplish a lot in a very short period of time, and others where I'd be lazy, unmotivated, doubtful, fearful, and simply unfulfilled — for years! And even when I was motivated and on track, I would sabotage myself with emotional over-reactions, negative thinking, restlessness, overworking, and the inability to pace.

I got so tired of the inconsistency in my creative output and lack of direction that I became determined to figure this issue out for myself once and for all. The lessons I've learned have shown me that there is a real need to teach people the skillset of tapping into your full potential — it's a complex and fascinating area of research for me. Now, my entire life is devoted to this.


I picked up my first self-help product in 2007 at a Barnes & Noble in Fort Worth, Texas. It was a Tony Robbins audio program called Power to Shape Your Destiny. At the time I was knee-deep into bootstrapping my first online business and I wanted to optimize the way I functioned. Over the years, as I bought more books and programs I became addicted to the idea of improving my performance in every aspect of life. It just made sense that success and fulfillment could only come from personal growth and self-mastery.

Your ability to think is your ability to create the life you desire.

The only problem was that I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I struggled with self-help for 3 years, hitting points where I'd doubt whether it could work at all. I didn't want incremental change. I wanted a radical improvement in how I felt about my life.

After much trial and error I eventually broke through. I found what works and what doesn't work. I found why certain principles work and why others don't. Now I'm a self-development guinea pig — it's what I love to do most. I study tens of thousands of dollars-worth of self-development material every year: from books to seminars to watching my own behavior patterns and those of my clients. I do this first-and-foremost to achieve amazing results in my own life.

My Results

One thing I've never liked about the self-help community is the hypocrisy and cliched positivity — that sappy New-Age vibe. Sometimes it feels like a pyramid scheme: if enough people buy a product, the thing becomes self-justifying, at least to the creator, who then uses his own success as social proof to sell even more. I toyed with the idea of getting involved in self-help professionally for a long time. I held back because I wanted to see real results on myself.

My results have amazed me:

  • Gained total financial independence
  • Lost 65 lbs, hit 11% body fat
  • Completely changed what I eat and put in my body
  • Made several major career transitions
  • Designed a new life purpose for myself from scratch
  • Turned down lucrative opportunities in internet marketing to start my dream business
  • Went from shy nerd to socially confident and successful with beautiful women
  • Increased my creative output by upgrading my work habits
  • Greatly reduced negative thinking and worry
  • Increased my motivation, confidence, and happiness substantially

I did this through study, deep inner work, coaching, and taking massive action. It takes hard work, but the results are worth it. Let me show you how to cut your learning curve in half and double your results.

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