What's Your Spawn Count?

By Leo Gura - October 19, 2022

So… A random psychic guy contacted me recently with the following story:

He told me that he was born with the ability to see and “smell” people’s souls. He says that souls among humans come in many degrees. The degree of a soul is based on how many times it has “respawned” — his terminology. He said that some souls are newer and some older. The newer ones have only spawned 1-10 times. Other souls have spawned 20-50 times. And old souls have respawned 100-500 times.

The more a soul respawns, the more mature and wise it gets, the more abstract and unique skills its develops. Souls in the 1-10 range tend to be naive, foolish, shallow, selfish, materialistic, and manipulative. Souls in the 10-25 range tend to be deeper, reaching into the Spiral Dynamics Green stage of development. 25-100 become wise if they grow up in a good environment. 100-500 become really nuanced, wise, and skillful if properly developed, but even without development they have an innately deep character.

He said my spawn count was over 1,000,000.

I asked him if he could read his own soul’s spawn count. Interestingly, he said no.

I’m not claiming any of this is true. I don’t even believe in souls. I identify myself  as INFINITY. I just wanted to share this as an interesting story. Make of it what you will. I found it deliciously self-serving.

Funny enough, a few years ago I had a different psychic tell me that I had an “old soul”, whatever that means. But then again I’ve had psychics tells me all sorts of BS that never panned out. But also I’ve had psychics tell me specific things that did pan out. I’ve gone to about 7 different psychics in my life, just to test them out because I was curious. Although this psychic randomly reached out to me.

Oh… he also told me that most souls to him are easily identified as human while a few others are “unidentified” or what he calls “alien”. Guess which one he said I have?

Again, this is just for fun.

Or is it?

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