The Varginha Incident - Brazil's Roswell

By Leo Gura - July 31, 2023

Skeptics often ask me, “If UFOs are real, why do they only seem to occur in the United States?” Well, of course UFOs happen all around the world. In fact, one of the best documented cases of an alien crash and recovery happened in Brazil in 1996. Here’s the full story (skip to timestamp 1:14:30):

I recommend watching James Fox’s full documentary on this incident. It’s very well done. Below is just the trailer, you can buy the full thing on Amazon.

It’s amazing how similar this incident is to the Roswell incident, including the cover-up.

“But Leo! You said you don’t believe in conspiracy theories.” I generally don’t. However, I think it’s highly likely that if the military ever found an alien spacecraft or alien bodies, they would cover it up as they clearly did in the case of Roswell and Varginha. The way they do the cover-ups is pretty sloppy, which is why rumors and myths about UFOs have circulated around for decades. It’s not that people are making up stories, it’s that these incidents actually happened but covering them up is almost impossible so bits and pieces inevitably leak out because otherwise you’d have to kill a dozen eyewitnesses, which would be monstrously psychopathic, highly illegal, and draw even more attention to the story. The military is not ruthless enough to kill some 12 year old girl just because she saw some alien foot. But they will intimidate and discredit her, and they will bullshit the public. Bullshitting the public is what PR folk excel at.

To me, the idea that all these eyewitnesses are lying or delusional is a bigger conspiracy than a military cover-up. You have to understand that intelligence agencies like the CIA recruit sociopaths on purpose to fill their ranks. So for them lying is business as usual, especially if the topic is alien spacecraft and bodies. You just have to accept the reality that the government is not going to be honest with you about aliens because this topic is way too heavy. However, the eyewitnesses have no reason to make up such detailed, consistent, and outlandish stories.

Sometimes life is just stranger than fiction. But if you think about it properly, it’s not that strange that aliens crash-land on Earth if life is abundant in the universe. It will only seem strange to you if you assume that life is impossibly rare. But that assumption contradicts basic science.

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