The Mind Of God

By Leo Gura - July 7, 2020

This is a taste of what the mind of God feels like. It is pure, abstract, unstructured consciousness. Utterly impersonal and alien. Completely unlimited.

The above is how I imagine an alien hyper-mind might work. Completely beyond ordinary human thought or logic. It would be highly multi-dimensional, highly non-linear, beyond verbal thought or communication.

This is what I mean when I say Infinite Imagination or Unlimited Consciousness or Universal Mind. The Universe is capable of imaging absolutely anything it wants. It has no logical or physical restrictions. There is literally nothing which is impossible to for it to imagine. The power of unlimited creativity, unlimited intelligence, unlimited sentience.

This is the raw engine which created your human life. This is God. This is what you are when not limited to your human body/mind.

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